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YouTube suspends monetization on Shane Dawson's YouTube channels after he apologized for racism

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This guy made at least one annoying video about Britney and his conspiracy theories about Mona Lisa :parisok:

I've had him cancelled since he tried to act as a psychologist and assigned mental illnesses to people he has never met for millions of views, allying himself with star was also **** :brityawning:

bougie ***** who's been on youtube for forever should also have some thicker skin

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Update: Shane Dawson had a meltdown on Instagram Live after Tati revealed some damning allegations against him and Jeffree Star. Basically, for them trying to ruin James Charles. After he p

Jeffree Star is the absolute worst and looks like an actual UFO. The fact that he has fans still is beyond me. He’s one of the most racist people in the world 

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12 hours ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

Before people come In to say “we need to cancel cancel culture” please just know

he has painted his face black MANY times in order to make fun of black people 

has said the n word so so so many times 

used offensive slurs against transgenders and other racist/xenophobic remarks against minority groups like Asians etc

has made beastiality remarks 

and so disgusting but has made pedohpillic videos like pretending to ******** to 11 year old Jada smith 

and has defended being attracted to children and said it’s the “same thing as having a foot fetish”

i don’t know about you but I find all that stuff DISGUSTING and y’all should too

Video links please :disbelief:

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The Trending page on YouTube in the past 24 hours looks like this: 

1. Shane apologizing AGAIN! 

2. CREEPY AF Ace Family filming the birth of their child

3. Jenna Marbles cancelling herself

4. Blackpink trying to prove they have some stage presence on Jimmy Fallon

5. Jimmy Fallon doing a challenge with Blackpink for the clout

6. Doja Cat new music video (she pretends like she wasn't cancelled)

7. some youtubers breaking up again 

the only thing missing is a new reggaeton music video 😂

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This is going to be a long post....


Whoever has said that just because the videos are old and were accepted back then really needs to learn his history and educate themselves. It has NEVER been ok to make racist comments or slurs at anyone white, people of color or from any other nationality. I do however see the video as campy not really trying to offend anyone. We have seen drag queens do the same impersonating someone at local bars and clubs and see it as a form of entertainment. 

Black Live Matter is a movement that really is trying to portray the injustices within the black community. However the United States has not been kind to people of color (black, hispanic and immigrants) we all have been somewhat racist or have been called names at a point of our lives.

Oh I dont like dating girls or dudes because they are asian, or black or hispanic is one way of putting it.  However we dont call it racism we call it having a preference.

 I am hispanic from Puerto Rico,  and each country has their own racism. I also thought being gay was a one way ticket to hell, because I was taught that it was wrong to love someone from the same gender, but when questioning teachings in the Bible it also says God is love, so if I love a man how can God be wrong, needless to say I no longer believe in religion but I do believe in God. BTW before someone comes at me for saying this lookup the Council of Trent (they decided which books go into the Bible). While in the military I saw a lot of racism as well. Some even claiming I was not American because I was born in the island.

EDUCATION is key. There is no point of cancelling someone if you do not educate them, people can grow and mature.

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1 hour ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

honestly jenna is one of the few people who genuinely learnt without someone forcing an apology out of her. some people that i am friends with (POC and black people), obviously not representative of the entirety of maginalized communities have expressed recognition in her growth. I cannot speak for everyone, but I do think she has grown up a LOT. 

I think she's right though, she's talked about how people referring to her as unproblematic always irked her because she felt very human. While I don't think she ever did ****** and honestly just had a bad tan, (however she did mock asians and admits to it) she was VERY quick to learn without anyone calling her out. I love jenna and I know a lot of people are willing to move past this.

 i am grossed out that Shane and Jeffery are still going to make videos. I am sad about Jenna because I know the kind of person she is and what she stands for. Growth is possible even though it's not my place to speak on behalf of others


She is my favorite YouTuber. I’ve been watching her since the very beginning (I’m old.) I hope she decides to come back eventually.

I think it’s a shame she felt that she needed to delete her old videos about “things guys to” and “things girls do”. I will never get behind people who are butthurt over that. They were innocent parodies about stereotypes of men and women and they were actually very funny. Part of what makes a joke funny is the sense of inappropriateness, imo. There are definitely lines you don’t cross though, but to me that wasn’t one of them. 

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Just now, deadcrocodiletears said:

i agree, those honestly didnt have to be deleted. i also watched her at the start! my favourite video at one point was what ppl wear at the airport or something. so funny ugh, i hope she does come back.

Her videos with her puppies and her doing those 5-minute crafts is super funny tho :enigma:

"Is it the type of disco, I like? :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:"

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27 minutes ago, deadcrocodiletears said:

yes, kermit is so cute i remember when she got him. he's 10 now, right @C0CKy?

Yeah he’s 10. I would pull all my hair out strand by strand if I had a dog that cried constantly like that. :mhm:

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6 hours ago, giorgiorafael said:

EDUCATION is key. There is no point of cancelling someone if you do not educate them, people can grow and mature.

This point is exactly what every one needs to hear. Without learning from our mistakes, it becomes normal for these entertainers to make an apology video for the sake of, well, apologizing. I am not completely familiar with YouTube culture, but it seems like more attention is on them when drama occurs.

While I do admit that Shane Dawson's Controversy videos were fascinating to view, I can't stand him as a person. He doesn't come off as genuine, and needs some time to grow up and learn from his past actions.

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