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MEGARATE: Britney Spears - Glory (GAME)

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This would've been my ranking:

1. Invitation - 8
2. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) - 8
3. Private Show - 7
4. Man On the Moon - 8
5. Just Luv Me - 8
6. Clumsy - 3
7. Do You Wanna Come Over? - 10
8. Slumber Party (without Tinashe) - 10
9. Just Like Me - 11
10. Love Me Down - 10
11. Hard To Forget Ya - 8
12. What You Need - 8
13. Better - 4
14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - 10
15. Liar - 5
16. If I'm Dancing - 10
17. Coupure Électrique - 9
18. Mood Ring - 10

Average score: 8,1666666...

I wish I could give "Liar" more points but the vocal production is such a mess compared to the rest of the album

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Welcome to the Glory Megarate Hi Guys, I don't know how this will go or whether my thread will flop but a lot of other forums have fun games like 'Megarates' and I though i'd start the

Hi guys,  I just wanted say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all 37 of you for playing!  I really hope you all have had fun and enjoyed this game! I'd LOVE your feedback! 

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT Hi Guys! The deadline to send the rates is NEXT Saturday - 3pm British Summer Time  (7am Pacific Time) - So you still have time to send your rates if you haven't

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Well it seems obvious to me that Mood Ring is getting the "Single Hype" effect. Mood Ring is great but if iit wouldnt have been re realeased recently by demand, people wouldnt be so crazy about it. Mood ring has never been so popular since the by demand movement. Same with make me, make me its BAD, but people would consider it for the same reason.. my thought

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