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New photo's of Britney driving around in Thousand Oaks

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Got me driving around in circles over youuu~


🦄 💛🧡💜

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11 hours ago, applehead said:

She made the bodyguard sit in the back seat 🤣

LMAO i'm surprised they even allowed that knowing how they always keep such a close eye on her every move and words.  She could literally bolt off right now in that car and it would be too late for the bodyguard to do anything about it lol.  But it seems she's on good terms with them now, or at least her bodyguard, and they're loosening it a bit, because they know her c-ship is [supposedly] being investigated and if she were to do anything wrong that would jeopardize her being able to see her kids again or her freedom and future.

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9 hours ago, Itachi said:

somebody gimme my truck

so i can ride on the clouds

so i can turn up the bass like



also dis is from the other day when we saw Usain Boltney but homegirl is stacking dem up water bottles :surprisedney:

are these to clean up Sam before topping him :orangu::jj:

It’s probably where her inbred father and his employees pee. :tiffdrink:

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Queen of masks :makeitrain: public health queen! :whiteladydance:

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