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Tinashe: the general public rejected me as a pop artist

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14 hours ago, QZeusLiquorQ said:

I think Britney still has stage presence , she just want to do things differently. she has proved time and time again that she can also be fierce (like the **** Clark's new years and Make Me performance 2016 VMA

I hated the 2016 VMA performance. It wasn't fierce, to me it was tacky. In my opinion her connection with that part of herself that brought the fire, is lost. 

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beyoncè,whitney houston, aretha franklin, rihanna, mariah carey,  and the list can goes on,  are all black female singers and  they are so popular and talented and people love them. Don't use your ski

I totally support the BLM movement. That said, the reasons I don't vibe with Tinashe have 0% to do with race. The fact that she's speaking out about this from a race angle is trashy imo.  

Rihanna is a main pop girl, what are you talking about. Some of her biggest hits are all pop songs like We Found Love, SOS, Only Girl (In The World), and S&M. 

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On 6/19/2020 at 9:41 PM, PuertoRicosFinest said:

Her arms are too long and her talent is too short.  Reinvent yourself with a hit and a new marketing strategy or please join Iggy in the bargain bin. This girl has been complaining about not getting put on since “Two On.”


Now, now. Let's not compare her to Iggy. At least Iggy has like 5-6 hits, and is still consistently supported by her fanbase. I literally never heard of Tinasha until she collabed with Britney. :ehidk:

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56 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

Now, now. Let's not compare her to Iggy. At least Iggy has like 5-6 hits, and is still consistently supported by her fanbase. I literally never heard of Tinasha until she collabed with Britney. :ehidk:

Two on was a major summer hit in urban gay clubs.  I really thought she was going to get bigger than she did.  I think there was too much tension between her and her label with album delays and lack of promotion.  But what it comes down to is the hits.  The market was already saturated at the time and her label didn’t go to bat for her hard enough.  She’s the loudest of any of the one hit wonders though.  

And you’re right I shouldn’t compare her to Iggy.  I was stanning Iggy since Ignorant Art debuted on Perez Hilton and she went Viral.  Then T.I. put her on the map but she’s another one who messed it up by publicly arguing with her management and higher ups.  I’m seeing a pattern. If your a pain in the *** with your industry boss they’re not going to want you to succeed when they have the power to make you.

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I emphasize with Tinashe but the industry is hard for EVERYONE. Look at how Britney was controlled. It’s a sad business but it’s a business and they are focused on sales. Tinashe wouldn’t have a platform to be independent without the help of her label promoting her. At the end of the day it is us as a public and unfortunately people aren’t ready for multiple black pop females. She’s right on that point. Very sad.

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Not all these white people telling her how to feel about her race. She’s absolutely right. How many black females are big in the industry versus white females? You have Beyoncé, Rihanna (who has been absent for too long), Nicki Minaj, ... and at this point I have to think and stretch to find more. Stop telling black people how they’ve experienced segregation. Her voice is amazing, her song writing skills are stellar, and her choreography is fire. Absolutely no reason she shouldn’t be bigger. Y’all white people just wouldn’t embrace her cause she’s not B or Rihanna. STFU with all your “she’s cute but bye girl” ****. Respect her perspective. 

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On 6/18/2020 at 5:30 PM, ExXL said:

I agree she should have been bigger by now , because SHE IS TALENTED . But gurl calm down and to use the word traumatizing .... It's out of proportions people die in Yemen from malnutrition , I get her frustration it sucks that people sleep on her but calm your rich *** ....:gagasmile:

she's allowed to feel traumatised though as an artist, she was heavily involved in this

I hate this kind of comments it feels like those people who's always "oh you're rich you shouldn't be sad"  just because you're rich it doesn't mean you don't have emotions, and there will always be someone who is more hurt or in more critical situation than you but that doesn't mean you can't feel what you feel bc you're this or that. 


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i love her songs I'm a stan but she lacks something, it feels like she's like all this black pop artists in the early/mid 2000s like cassie, amerie, christina millian, even solo kelly rowland, they had bops but that's that the only one who got bigger is ciara and even rihanna cause she was on that category with those girls in the beginning, i agree that she come across as too ****** but hey that's the standard right now like doja etc, i feel like she needs to go out more and be more edgy for the millennials  

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I feel bad for her. It's not easy to gain a following as a Black pop artist, especially since she had to compete against Beyonce and Rihanna.

But they're both taking breaks right now so the charts are wide open. Go for it Tinashe sis! :bparty_piece_of_me_pom_britney_clubbing_blackout_2007_dancing_dance:

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  • Exhale+

When labels give more of the Budget into white acts, that's the problem right there. The money and budgets are bigger for white acts. .


Black acts have to fight. Hell Joyride was literally cancelled but Tinashe fought with RCA to issue that album. 


It's still a major hidden issue. 


Most record labels have their black artists go to the Urban side of the label for A&R and marketing and that Budget is cut 75% compared to the country and pop divisions of the label. 

I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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On 6/20/2020 at 3:51 PM, PokemonSpears said:

I mean, I like her, I think she's a nice girl, and she's a huge Britney fan and just being able to collaborate with Britney on the last single of her career, and be with her on the video and perform live with her, that must be the ultimate dream and I think no one can take that from her. But seriously I have no idea of what she's done before or after Slumber Party. Yes, I don't follow any other artist as I follow Britney, but even if I don't like them, I keep seeing articles about other artists on Facebook, and all those pages dedicated to music, so at least I know them or their songs by name. Literally, I've never seen anything about Tinashe outside of Exhale, I don't even know how people found out about her :idkney:

Educate yourself. Her artistry is top tier.

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This is what happens when a label gives up on you and you don’t have the financial footing to make a major push. I’m not going into another tirade about the correlation between talent and success. But as I’ve seen other artists get thrown around in the comments here let’s be real. This ***** can wipe the floor with Rihanna in every facet of her music career. And she can dance circles around Beyoncé. There’s no logical reason she’s not bigger. 

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