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Lady Gaga "Chromatica Ball:" Your Dream Setlist

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Well 2021 would be a iconic year for gaga, because she's got a lot of success back with #Chromatica, 13 Years from the fame ORIGINAL , 12 From the Fame Monster, 10 From Born This Way, 8 years for Artpop and 5 From Joanne. So Its one of the most  expected shows, we know Joanne world tour not finished as we wanted, So I Think the setlist would be into this very GP Setlist + Fan Favs + Mixing the 4 Past Albums , I know may look as a cut show, but Gaga shows aren't than longer 


Chromatica Intro "Looking 4 Wonderland"  Marry The Night

1. Alice 3m

2. Dance In The Dark 2m 30s

3. Sour Candy 3m

4. Scheibe/Judas 4m 30s

Government Hooker Video Intro

5. Born This Way 4m

Chromatica 2  "911 interlude" 

6. Aura 4m

7. Stupid Love 3m

Medley 11 Years Of Fame Video Intro "Beautiful Dirty Rich"

8. Telephone / PokerFace /Alejandro 4m 50s

9. Bad Romance 5m

Vogue Video Intro


10. Babylon  2m 45s

11. Dancing In Circles 3m 30s

Inside a Chromatic Heart 

12. Joanne/Shallow 5m

13. Million Reasons 3m 30s

14. Replay 3m

The Fame Video Intro

15. LoveGame /Perfect Illusion/ You And I / Ayo 5m

Chromatica 3 "The Last" 

16. Sine From Above  4m

17. Artpop / 1000 Doves  4m 30s

Encore  "The Edge Of Glory"

18. Just Dance 4m

19. Rain On Me 3m

Outro Free Woman 



Studio Concepts (Not Mine but uploaded by other users)






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Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Alejandro, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Telephone, Monster, Judas, ScheiBe, Hair, Heavy Metal Lover,  Dancin’ In circles, Shallow, Always Remember Us This Way, Applause, Born This Way, Rain on Me :mattafact:

                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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14 minutes ago, Midnight said:

I wouldn't go to a Lady Gaga concert even if it were free and I used to call myself a 'little monster' :haha: how maturity opens your eyes.

You have turned into a little monster Eartha :haha:

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Chromatica l


Dance in the Dark


Poker Face




Chromatica ll



Plastic Doll

Love Game

Sexxx Dreams

So Happy I could die

Sour Candy

Government Hooker




Fun tonight




ARTPOP (instrumental) (l)


Marry The Night



Electric Chapel

Bloody Mary

Heavy metal lover


Scheiße (Mugler Remix)


Free Woman



Judas (Remix)


Money Honey

Mary Jane Holland

Beautiful Dirty Rich


Do what U want ft. Christina Aguilera

Rain On Me

Telephone ft Beyoncè



Chromatica lll

Bad Romance






Born This Way

Sine From Above


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- Part 1 - Telephone Kitchen set

1) He ate my S-Sour candy (monster x sour candy mashup)

2) Teeth

3) Cake like Gaga

4) Body Ache cover

- Say my name Destiny's Child interlude 

- Part 2 - Therapist office 

5) Joanne (skrillex remix)

6) Do What U want ft. Emily Osment

7) I like it Rough

- Madonna American Life interlude 

- Part 3 - Bedroom 

8) Sour Candy (except the black pink parts have been taken out and are replaced with military sounds)

9) Dragula Theme song cover 

10) Hollywood (Madonna cover) featuring Landon Cider 

11) Replay 

12) Replay

13) Replay 

14) Replay

15) Replay

16) Replay

17) Replay

18) Replay

19) Replay

20 til the end of time) Replay




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I tried to be realistic with mine and to create a sensible cohesive setlist.

Act 1: Opening
1. Rain On Me
2. Enigma
3. Just Dance
4. Telephone
5. Fun Tonight

Act 2: Radical Acceptance
6. 911
7. Dance In The Dark
8. Alice
9. Born This Way

Act 3: Bops
10. Poker Face
11. LoveGame
12. Sour Candy
13. Alejandro
14. Monster/Replay

Act 4: Stripped Back/Piano
15. Sine From Above
16. Love Me Right
17. Million Reasons
18. Shallow
19. 1000 Doves (Piano Demo)
20. Marry The Night

Act 5: Female Empowerment
21. Judas
22. Free Woman
23. Paparazzi
24. Scheiße
25. Plastic Doll

Act 6: Finale
26. Applause
27. Babylon
28. Stupid Love
29. Bad Romance

30. Edge Of Glory

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Intro (Chromatica 1)


Just Dance // Poker face



Act 2 (Chromatica 2)




Plastic Doll

Act 3 (ARTPOP interlude) 

Love game

Stupid Love

Free Women 


Act 4 ( Dance in the Dark interlude )


Fun Tonight


John Wayne

Act 5 (Aura interlude) 


Born this way

The edge of glory 

Sine from above

Act 6 ( Chromatica 3 interlude)

Bad Romance

Rain on me 

Million Reason // Shallow










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1. Chromatica I - Alice

2. Stupid Love

3. Babylon 

4. Medley: Venus / Gypsy

5. Love Game

6. Plastic Doll

7. Medley: Fun Tonight / Enigma / Replay

8. Telephone

9. Free Woman

10. Dance in the Dark

11. Alejandro

12. Chromatica II - 911

13. Sour Candy

14. Paparazzi 

15. You and I

16. Just Dance 

17. Million Reasons 

18. Shallow

19. 1000 Doves

20. Born This Way

21. The Edge of Glory

22. Poker Face

23. Rain on Me


24. Chromatica III - Sine From Above

25. Bad Romance 

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In no particular order. These are the songs I would love that she would perform

1) Stupid Love

2) Rain on Me


4) Free Woman

5) Sour Candy

6) Babylon

7) 1000 Doves

8) Perfect Illusion

9) Million Reasons

10) Joanne (Where do you think you are going - piano version)

11) Applause

12) Venus

13) Aura

14) Born this way

15) Judas

16) The edge of glory

17) Scheibe

18) Bad Romance

19) Telephone

20) Just Dance

21) Poker Face

22) Love Game

23) Papparazzi

24) Shallow



Whenever I post or read something on Exhale I feel the way Britney felt on Xfactor every time she gave an opinion.A whirlwind of emotions :o

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Act 1:

Chromatica I Interlude


Stupid Love

Just Dance / Poker Face




Act 2:

Chromatica II Interlude


Sour Candy / LoveGame 

Telephone / Paparazzi 

Plastic Doll


Act 3:

Dance In The Dark Interlude




Fun Tonight


Act 4 (Piano Set):

1000 Doves (Piano Version) 

Million Reasons / Shallow (Piano Version)


Act 5:

Chromatica III Interlude 

Sine From Above

The Edge of Glory

 Born This Way


Act 6:

Free Woman Interlude 

Bad Romance

Rain On Me




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