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In a controversial post. Future declares. Snitches deserves to die.

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In a recent Instagram post.


Baby mama rapper Future shades 6ix9ine.


Without saying his name he basically said snitches deserves to be dead. 


People also speculate this is also aimed At Nicki.  Cos in Trollz. They both slam people who are against snitching and rather take the fall. 


In reality if he didn't snitch. He was looking at 40+ years in prison or life. 


But either way. Things can get interesting.


It's well known. He has several people that want him dead. I would have taken the witness protection deal. Cos honestly as soon as his house arrest is over. 6ix9ine is literally a dead man walking. 


But hey that's the life of the streets he signed up for. 

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You’re out here making foolish threads.
A whole grown *** man who obsesses over a forgotten nostalgia act with one hit from the 80s or whatsoever. :tiffcackle:

Future is friends with Nicki and the fact that her peers understands her move while the rats on the internet are having meltdowns here and there, speaks volume. :tiffcackle:

They keep hating, but still watching. :tiffcackle:

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