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[Unpopular Opinion] Britney's 2007 VMA's Performance Is One of Her Best

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UNPOPULAR OPINION -- BRITNEY'S 2007 VMA PERFORMACE IS A SLAY.... DISCUSSION. Now, I  realize I'm probably in the minority where this is concerned, but in my personal opinion, Brit's 2007 VMA open

I can’t watch it! I cringe every time, not necessarily because of performance but what she was going through at that time. Is was not a good time for her & I remember hearing she cried after the p


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6 minutes ago, dr35 said:



Now, I  realize I'm probably in the minority where this is concerned, but in my personal opinion, Brit's 2007 VMA opener of 'Gimme More' is an iconic slay. Hear me out.... 

There's something magical about watching prime Britney perform. In today's pop music landscape (with the exception of Lady Gaga), there really isn't much originality. Pop stars are moody, quiet and dull ------------- or overly ****** ------------------ or they're just a hip/hop / POP infusion straight out of a bottle. There's nothing 'iconic' anymore. Back in the early 2000's, watching prime Britney was something of a spectacle. Each and every performance was visually stunning. To this day, performances like 'I'm a Slave 4 U' from the 2001 VMA's,  'Oops! I  Did it Again' from the 2000 VMA's, or even '...Baby One More Time' at the 1999 VMAs are all instantly memorable. There was a sparkle in her eye, she never missed a beat, EVERYTHING was TIGHT and perfectly executed. So when 2007 Britney steps onto the stage, missing some steps, or missing that sparkle, most people instantly trashed this performance, and tossed it aside. 

In the 2008 documentary Britney: For the Record, Brit said something that has stuck with me. "Sometimes you have good performances, sometimes you have GREAT performances". I  love that Britney didn't dismiss this performance like the rest of humanity, because despite that spark not being 100% there... I  think this performance WORKS for a lot of reasons. 

1. The shy and **** introduction 



2. Still slaying the iconic hair toss



3. Grabbing a handful of that man candy.



4. That breakdown...



5. The body positivity. 



For me, this whole era for Britney was about proving a point. It was highlighting her behavior and the head-shaving.... a deconstruction of the image of perfection she'd become associated with. I'll never forget those documentary interviews in 2008... She was like Rose, from Titanic ---------- standing in a crowded room screaming, yet nobody even looked up. 

For me, Britney looked great in 2007. She wasn't a twig anymore, she was a mother. I  love the curves, I  love the grungier side of this performance, and the sparkle that I  see in her grin at that end..... I  truly believe, whether she was ready to be back in this particular moment or not, that Britney loves to perform..... and whether or not critics agree, I  SEE THAT in this performance. 





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THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! :ahhh:

I find the VMA 2016 as the worst VMA ever did by Britney to be honnest. :brityes:

She did smooth moves on this 2007 VMA, there's a choreography*, the song is just amazing, she is smiling to the public, she cameback too early and wasn't ready but proved that she CAN do it! :gimmemoar:

She transformed her performance "considered" failed as iconic. :nonono:

The "It's Britney, B***h!" was everything. :fu:


* = The choreohraphy is the major point that the VMA 2007 clearly win for me against the 2016. On the 2016 VMA, it seems more like random moves, not consistent.


That intro was gold:


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that was indeed an IDGAF performance by Britney, and even that performance ****s on any performances we've seen for the years to come. i mean wtf was Ariana thinking when performing a cycling routine, or Katy Perry in a boxing arena, or Beyoncé rubbing her fake baby bump, or even POMney bringing her zumba moves to the VMAs :imok: Gimme More >>>>>

that being said, she was in a very bad place when this happened and i don't want her undergoing the same experience and humiliation again :katycry:

iconic, yes. but absolutely not her best and not one of the best in history. it will only be remembered for all the wrong reasons. :rip:

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  • Exhale+

I see what your saying and I agree with some of it but, for me all this performance did was to make the haters happy, they finally got to see the #1 star fall off her pedestal.

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<<<Magic Begins At Midnight>>> 

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I looooved it, she had thick thighs, a thick booty, natural big boobz, beautiful cheek bones, and a perfect smile and the flattest tummy. I loveed it :makeitrain:

But during that time it was cool to just diss and tear her apart. Even when she was converting oxygen to carbon dioxide  :notfeelinit:

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22 minutes ago, Toxic.Latin said:

Actually... i like it because it's entire Britney's vision. That Elvis Presley intro has totally her idea.

And the fact that was the song Elvis performed at his comeback.. its kind iconic. Also, check the backdrop. its the same from gimme more.

Maybe it wasn't well received because expectations WERE HIGH AS ****, but queen always delivers.

Actually, this performance is way better than some new acts.


Wow :fakewow: I didnt know about the backdrop

And stop sayying that 2016 VMAs is her worst :slowdown:

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It was too disappointing in so many ways. I think expectations were high, it was a great song, it was Britney's return to the stage. It could've been decent without the ratchet hair, losing her nail, tripping at the beginning, looking dazed and confused and the super unflattering angles that made her look bigger than she was - it's impossible to look past these things. Aesthetically, in terms of the stage setup, background dancers and how the choreo was supposed to go, sensual and seductive like the above clip, it would've been hot.

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I STAN Britney and a proud member of the Britney Army hence why I'm here. Although I can't with the missing fingernails, the bad hair extensions, the bad lip sync and that epic fail of a lift then Britney smashing the back of her head on her dancer. The original outfit idea with the corset and I think hat was stunning! Britney immediately ran off stage and left the building after the performance!  

sad cry me a river GIF

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I admired her IDGAF attitude, but I can't re-watch that performance. It brings back bad memories, and I can't help but critique all the little imperfections. The worst part that I remember was the audience reactions. :yesokay:

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  • Exhale+

Was it Iconic? Yes. Was it the highlight of the 2007 VMAS? Yes, However was it one of her BEST? No.

I live for the blackout era, but that performance was a mess. However @MSTAR wasn’t wrong when he said that brits 2016 VMAs was her worst VMA ever :imok::imok:

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Stream MATM (Desi Remix) For Clean Kidneys :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

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