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J.K. Rowling likes Tweet opposing a bill that will criminalize conversion therapy

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25 minutes ago, kdub87 said:

Also can we pay attention to the fact that it was a child that was being counseled? I wanted to be Cher Horowitz up until the age of 12 but obv the majority of us grow out of that stuff. I’ve seen parents who allow kids to transition and I don’t believe that’s right at all. You don’t know your arse from your elbow at those ages.  

I knew i was Gay at 5 so who i am to judge other people!

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57 minutes ago, monkeystar88 said:

you're off topic now! we are talking conversion therapy

Im off topic? I was literally referencing the tweet that the thread is about

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54 minutes ago, monkeystar88 said:

I grew out of that stuff because society and my parents told me it was wrong to idolize women and wear their clothes and try to be like Selena or Britney! I think you should be true, humble yourself and let god lead the way to your kids and nurture their soul to whomever they are.

So parents in similar situations should let a child choose to take hormones and permanently alter their bodies before they're even old enough to drive? ok. Think you missed my point entirely.

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