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Approaching racism from within the LGBTQ+ community

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My experiences with the gay community have been very similar. I remember when I started coming out I was more so afraid of how the gay community would accept me rather than how my family would accept me. I’m a biracial gay man, and I find the gay community to be extremely racist to be honest, at least in my area. I have a few really good gay friends, but as a whole, I’ve learned that some do not like gays of color and it’s sad. The gay community is tricky in every way. Some think you’re old once you’re thirty. Some are super conservative which is the biggest contradiction with this current administration. Some think you must fall into a category (twink, bear, etc). It’s honestly such a mess and I hope it gets better everywhere. My final words are that you’ll find your group one of these days and they’ll be the most amazing people you’ve ever met! 

Friendly reminder that Election Day in the US is November 3rd. You can register to vote here: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote

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It always baffles me when there's racism within the gay community. Like why would you ever treat someone like shyt over their skin color when you know just how much it hurts to be treated poorly because of your orientation?

It doesn't make any sense, yet here we are...


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12 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

I have had men ask me if i am Mexican then when I respond w/yes they block me :zoomzoom:


MIND YOU these guys are the ones with Torsos as their profile pics but state having a race type isn't racist :shadelaugh:

This is horrible, really sorry that you've had to deal with this.

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