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Lady Gaga joins Eminem as the artists with UK No.1 in every decade of this century

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We are now in the third decade of the 21 century and it gives a new flavour to an achievement count. When Eminem reached the top of the charts with “Godzilla” in January, he became the first ever artist to earn UK No.1 single in each of the last three decades.

He topped British charts in the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s:
The Real Slim Shady 2000
Stan 2000
Without Me 2002
Lose Yourself 2002
Just Lose It 2004
Like Toy Soldiers 2005
Smack That 2006
The Monster feat. Rihanna 2013
River feat. Ed Sheeran 2017
Godzilla feat. Juice WRLD 2020

This is the privilege nobody could share with him. Until recently. Now Lady Gaga can claim the same achievement after scoring No.1 with “Rain On Me” shared Ariana Grande this week.

This is the list of her UK No.1s:

Just Dance 2009
Poker Face 2009
Bad Romance 2009
Telephone 2009
Shallow feat. Bradley Cooper 2018
Rain On Me feat. Ariana Grande 2020


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Two of my faves (asides from Britney) :crying3:

Here's hoping Britney will magically get a UK number one single this decade and she can join them! 

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But...but..why not Britney too?? :crying3: Even after 20 years of hard work...why?? :crying2:

Ok, Neyde Spears will fix that fastly:


We can say, Lady Gaga had her success too fastly but :flop: thanks to Neyde.

Just joking. :haha:

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This list shows how 2010-2019 was "dry" for Lady Gaga in terms of hits compared to her first two eras. :tbh:

(But this is a great achievement, especially for a pop artist!)

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Musically I'm no longer interested in Gaga And haven’t been since born this way - and isn’t that impressed with that album... I feel it was over hyped and a different musical direction we all fell in love with :)Sorry Taylor Swift GIF

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