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Do Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande try to outsing one another on "Rain On Me?"

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I don't think so at all. They actually complimented each other well on this track :rihclap: It's not what I was expecting (I didn't listen to any of the leaks beforehand) but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Gaga & Ari really have contrasting vocal styling but I think they let each other have their moments and when they sang together it worked.:lollipop: bop!

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Sounds like an angry reviewere who simply dislikes both artists.


In another note, the song is meh and Gaga's new songs seems consistent with meh. I though it would be better. But hey,that is just me

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Um it’s a duet no? I think their voices harmonized well together. 

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21 hours ago, JordanMiller said:


Alexa Camp from Slant ( :teigen: IDK who that is but she mad) published a scathing review of "Rain On Me." If it bleeds, it leads. 

In her review, she says Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are "two overzealous vocalists duking it out to see who can outsing the other over the course of the track’s three chart-maximizing minutes." :rupaulslap:

 She also shades Gaga and her past trauma. :slamga:

Look at this:

"The song is reportedly about the singers’ shared public trauma, and while it’s unclear which of Gaga’s myriad traumas the track references, it ostensibly addresses the PTSD Grande is said to have suffered following the terror attack at her Manchester concert in 2017."
Do you think Gaga and Ari try to "ousting" one another on Rain On Me? I personally don't at ALL. They actually have a pretty stellar contrast despite both being powerhouse vocalists. They complimented each other very well, and trust... I recognize there was real potential for a singing match. But it didn't turn out that way.

Sorry that you're wrong, Slant. :tiffcackle:

Thoughts? Agree? 


I don't like the song. The reviewer has some points (especially about Gaga traumas) but... Outsing each other? Absolutely not. They try their best NOT to oversing and not to Outsing each other. That's just stupid 

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