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Foxes - Love Not Loving You

Bop or Not?  

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Foxes, British singer-songwriter, is finally back after having disappeared for more than 4 years since her sophomore album "All I Need":whiteladydance: I've seen some mixed opinions on Reddit, but, personally, I absolutely love this song. It sounds a bit jarring on first listen, but it's a whole bop. :praisega: Also, the video sets a real good example for creative quarantine MVs: 


This is somewhat of a new sound for Foxes. I mean, usually she does 80s revival synth-pop / dance-pop (in a similar vein to Carly Rae Jepsen), but this is a slightly different direction. It's still retro, but it's not as on-the-nose 80s. Tbh, it could easily fit in with the rest of the songs on "Future Nostalgia", IMO. :lizzie: Also, I'll never stop plugging her album "All I Need". IT'S SO GOOD!!! Go listen to it RIGHT NOW!!! :runga:




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A bop! :prettyney:

Nice thread, Singy! And welcome back! 💛🧡💜

Featured! :barbie:

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🦄 💛🧡💜

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I’ve been WAITING for her return!!  I almost started a thread the other day about her.  I can’t wait to listen.  I was too excited and had to comment first!

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11 minutes ago, Mattyj7883 said:

I’m back and it’s a bop.  Definitely a bop.
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we stan so hard :praisega: now I just need an album announcement :fakecry:


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i wish i liked this more than i do. I really needed the chorus to be more of a moment than it was. Idk what its lacking, but the transition from the verses to the chorus feels very... lacklustre

Otherwise the song is great and I will be giving the good sis her streams regardless! Excited for new music FINALLY:katybelt:

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Someone hit me up on FB today to write about her, but today was so insane for me I didn't get a chance to. SUPER excited to see this topic!! Awesome taste @iAlwaysSingLive

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