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Rapper 6ix9ine might have the #1 single thx to two stan bases.

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Rat 6Ix9Ine GIF by HipHopDX


Rapper 6ix9ine is expected to have the #1 single next week. Which is expected. However the reason why is basically petty and it involves two stan bases who have bad blood against justin bieber.


The selenators and swifties are making sure stuck with you will not go #1. Despite the price discount of 69 cents. The selenators and swifties have been streaming the audio and video for rapper 6ix9ine. An artist they wouldn't listen to. Just to prevent a #1 single from biebs. 


Though the tactic of the discount price and autograph cds on the last 24 hours of tracking have been called out as foul and desperation from the barbs and the hive alike. As they don't want their reign of artists of color to be ruined by whiteness.

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Why are Basic Swift fans so pressed about the song? I’m confused! 

Also I have never in my life heard a single song by this 6ix9ine dude, when I heard he was in competition for the #1 spot I was like who the f is he? 

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So dumb. Now they’re supporting a convicted felon with a history of abuse in general and more specifically, child abuse. :jlostare:


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