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Is 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' Madonna's Most Overrated Album?

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I recently re-listened to COADF and I'm starting to notice that it's not as good as I originally thought. It's a very front-loaded album, as all the best songs are at the beginning ("Hung Up", "Get Together", "Sorry", "Future Lovers"). Right after that, though, the album gets worse. "I Love New York" is infectious and energetic, but the lyrics are AWFUL. Going forward, the lyrics also aren't very good and, at times, even basic and generic. The only two songs I'd consider great after the 5th track are "Forbidden Love" and "Jump". Aside from those, the other songs are anywhere from really good to average.

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I'm fully prepared to be dragged for this but I think we should have this conversation.  Confessions On A Dancefloor is an album that has aged very well, the production is amazing, and it was coo

Where in my statement did I discredit the album? Please. Also, how can you say you believe True Blue and Like a Prayer are in her trinity while also admitting to not having listened to those albu

I have the Limited edition box set with a 48 page photobook, a 50 page journal with Madonna's journal lyrics of like it or not.   Plus the Bonus track now considered rare since this version

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1 hour ago, HuffingAndPuffingOnStage said:

Ray of Light is a spiritual masterpiece that requires an elevated state of mind to appreciate :miley:

Ray of light is about the Kabbalah and it's profound impact on her. If anything she has even said  it's the best thing to happen to her besides her children. 


Though for Guy Ritchie it also was a factor for the divorce as he was an atheist and many disagreements happened. Even Rocco found the Kabbalah way of living to strict. Friday's day of rest and spiritual self isolation. Rocco didn't like he couldn't hang out with his peers. 

I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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I couldn’t disagree more! This album was a gift to me when I first was able to listen to it and it’s so cohesive it’s sick. Maybe I’m delusional, but it’s one of her best work (and she has a plethora to choose from). I don’t recall hearing good or negative feedback, I just let the singles do the work. Plus the Confessions tour is by far my favourite tour of all time!! She’s at her prime physically and sonically sooooo pleasing!!!!!


its refreshing to hear everyone’s honest opinions of the album. 

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I love all of madonnas albums honestly besides MDNA and Rebel Heart:chrissy:. But I understand what you’re saying about confessions being her creative decline in a sense that it was a much more safe album compared to American life. Nevertheless it is a great album and definitely in the top 5 for me and I think looking at her whole discography it feels safe in 2020 but in 2005 it was very different and fresh compared to other pop records. I think the era itself is bigger than the album for me the tour was amazing (I didn’t go but the videos are everything:duadance:). My holy trinity tho are Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, and Erotica. 

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absolutely. i think it's a great album but it's not even top 4. ray of light (why is it underlining this), like a prayer, bedroom stories, music, erotica are absolutely stronger. american life is arguably better too, even if it had more missteps.

to me confessions felt like a great album that was meant to be great music that sold well. it was madonna proving she could still get relevance and it just had to be if she wanted it. it's like she had opened up w erotica, got trash, was pissed for all of bedtime stories, finally came to terms with stuff and became a mom and shared her growth in ray of light, continued to show vulnerability with music and then american life she really really exposed her soul, it's incredibly personal and genuine i think, and it got her eviscerated. i think that's when her desire to push boundaries for herself died. confessions was meant to be a middle finger to critics that **** on her most sincere work, and a public that trashed her yet again when she opened up the most. it was a victory lap and because of it, it has a certain soullessness to it despite sounding much warmer than AL, which has a lot of soul and heart.

she should've used more of input from bloodshy and avant and lesser extent mirwais imo. i liked how their two songs + mirwais' songs broke up stuart price's production. mirwais is more sharp and abrasive, blood & avant are more energetic and youthful, so they're nice offsets to the really glossy and smooth production from price. i would've loved to have heard what she did with the bloodshy and avant instrumentals she passed on. it would've spiced the album up some, it needed a little jolt of sumn and it's stuck at like 97% without it

also i love new york is my favorite track on the album :jj:

also the b-side history that no one seems to like :gum:

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I respect your opinion but COTD was her saving grace after the controversial AL. How can I hate COTD when it give us GET TOGETHER!!!!! I live for that song!!! 


Off topic: Why y'all been sleeping on Hard Candy? It also has some bops like Heartbeat, Beat Goes On, and Give it 2 Me

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I'm sorry but how could you not mention Isaac :chrissy: This song is a feckin masterpiece :chrissy: Just like the album though :chrissy: How the songs are connected :chrissy: Every single song is a masterpiece (well, maybe except Push):teigen: I adore this album and it can have allnthe praise in the world and it still wouldnt be enough :chrissy:

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