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Perez drags Lady Gaga for not helping her father with his restaurant

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Perez Hilton dragged Gaga for not helping her father at this desperate time.

Gaga's dad posted a Tweet asking for people to donate to a GoFundMe - the proceeds would go towards his employees at his restaurant in NYC named Joanne.

The Tweet is deleted, but it said: 

"I'm doing the best I can but we had to close Joanne for the month. Our staff needs some help financial. Any help for our employees will be appreciated."

Perez posted this:


Lady GaGa is worth hundreds of millions of dollars AND is part owner in her family’s restaurant.Yet her also wealthy father has just taken to Twitter to ask the public to help financially the workers they have stopped paying. What the ****???? https://twitter.com/germanottajoe/status/1243671481835573249

But at the same time drags Gaga's dad for being so rich. How he got so poor that he can't afford the rent and now is begging help from twitter to get money. To pay his employees.



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I don't like Perez, he's an ******* obviously.
And I don't like to look into someone else's pocket, since it's none of my business. 

But when I think about it, in this specific situation it's kind of unfair to ask people for money, we all have unsure financial situation now, we all need money.
And it's true Gaga's finances are on so high level she could help.

It's not random helping, it's her father and a restaurant called by her name... :mhm:

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Gaga's dad is getting a lot of heat for this. 

Should Gaga step in? Hmm I don't know. It's his business. And say Gaga did come to the rescue, how long will this go on for? It's unlikely restaurants can open in the near future . 

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5 hours ago, rik said:

Honestly, he should stay out of business that doesn’t concern him. He has a weird obsession with her and her family. Like he’s a father, stop acting like you’re 17. Don’t move into an apartment building where you know someone lives there who is uncomfortable with you. 

On that note, I think that gags doesn’t have to pay for anything because she technically doesn’t have to. It is kind of sad that she isn’t helping out but we don’t know what their relationship is like 

Exactly. Perez needs to stay out of this, he's so weird. And Gaga might be helping him, but we just don't know about it.

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I don’t think it’s right for Gaga’s dad to do a gofundme. I don’t want to say that Gaga should pay or help out but she does have the money and I’m sure she probably helped financed the restaurant (it’s not like he had the restaurant before she became famous, it was like a hobby for him). This is his problem, not everyone else’s, all restaurants are suffering and he’s gonna rely on his daughters fans to help him out? He knows even a dollar from each fan would more than cover it. people have said the place is terrible and food is bad so obviously this isn’t something he’s passionate about.

All fathers of popstars seems to be trash. 

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Oh look, Perez is still sticking his nose in things that don’t concern him. Gaga’s family situation and financials are not anyone’s business but theirs. Mind your business Perez and everyone else!


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Y’all don’t know the behind the scenes of things and **** I takes to run a ******* (Business:demi:)restaurant

The place is probs huge with lots of things to pay for Gaga can’t just automatically start paying for EVERYTHING 

Perez is so gross and now he’s infiltrating gen z and picking on random 15 year olds on TIKTOK for wearing bikinis and ****

he is truly scum 

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