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Why they didn't release "Feel Free With You" and "Hey Ma"

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So it's really weird that there were rumors of Brit & Pitbull collabing & even Pitbull spilled the tea that they would collab soon.

So do we know any possible reasons that they canceled everything? He even was her opening act in Europe. 

So "Hey Ma" was initially for Britney but they passed the song to Camila Cabello & I think they wanted to make up for it & produced another single with Britney. 

When they had the song "I FEEL FREE WITH YOU", they recorded it. Maybe the timing wasn't bad because this "FREE BRITNEY" movement started and they didn't want to push the agenda. 

What do y'all think?

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It just didn't work 

Britney should collab with artists at her same level...Not the flops she usually collabs with like Vegetable Soup, G-Eazy, Tinashe, etc...

"Hey Ma" was a decision from Universal since they replaced Britney for a younger act (and one-hit-wonder)  Camila Cabello  "I feel so free with you" was just a very bad song so I'm guessing her t

"Hey Ma" was a decision from Universal since they replaced Britney for a younger act (and one-hit-wonder)  Camila Cabello :whatitellu:

"I feel so free with you" was just a very bad song so I'm guessing her team realized it was a mistake to release it so they scrapped it :whatitellu:


Not so much mystery here imo :whatitellu:

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Because they realized how awful it would be to have a collaboration between Britney and Pitbull. So it's ok if she wants to record with him for fun, but just never officially release whatever comes from that 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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5 hours ago, rik said:

is it possible that they were about to push her to ready a new era

i mean, pitbull going on tour with her knowing that they had already recorded 2 songs together

plus,  danja (with his 'out of the jungle studio/britney candle posts)and justint tranter both hinted that they were working with britney. it's very interesting to me. during the 2018 tour she was crying uncontrollably on stage and was rumoured to have been looking at a wall and trying to get it together throughout those meet and greets. 

something just seems off, she really does appear to be a circus animal

According to Unbrokeney, take this with a grain of salt, **** started to hit the fan during the tour. This part I believe, something seemed off. Where it gets very conspiracy-like is when they said team B didn’t like the “fighting for freedom” lines of the song. It sounds like a conspiracy, but then again these are the same people who are suing fans for just poking fun at them.

The song is generic, yes. But it’s not horrible. I do wonder why it was scrapped

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45 minutes ago, Barajas said:

because those were not international hits I guess..

I dont get why they could make her work with somebody as J Balvin who literally has worked with EVERY OTHER ARTIST, and its the current latin hits maker.

If only her team was as good as marketing her music as good as they are at marketing’s  her as unstable

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I think we'd be really stupid at this point to not acknowledge that something was definitely up during that 2018 tour, but I think it really hindered the whole 'Free With You' release, that and also the fact Pitbull went and blurted it out months prior.

I don't think Team B would have ever cancelled it for being a bad song, they approved Pretty Girls after all.

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Britney needs to be much more choosy like she used to back in the day when it comes to collaborating with other artists. 

The likes of Iggy Azelia and Tinashe just don’t cut it for me. First and foremost I prefer solo Britney BUT if she does collaborate I want the likes of Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Lana Del Rey and Justin Timberlake. 


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I think Hey Ma was good. I feel so free with you was awful. She doesn't need a flop right now, she should wait till she has something great to be on. Like look at what Dolly Parton just did with her Collab, now that is a great way to expose yourself to a younger demographic (laughs to myself about exposing*). 


I think she needs something like that, a dance heavy collab that is radio friendly to get attention again. 

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