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The Death Of Pop Music (The Next Decade)

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As a positive fan, I believe Britney will be settled free from her cship, and within a few time, not so soon, probably but within the next decade she will do a comeback that will snatch everyone's wigs, she'll probably have minor effect on younger generations but I believe she will still make an impact in Pop Music, this is just me assuming on my hopes and what Britney has shown to us during her carrer. She might have lost her full passion on her career, but you still see her joy on stage, and we know the drama she has on personal level, I think when all of that gets established she will come to Pop Music on her own terms and give a pretty good slap on all who mistakebly predicted her end once more. 


Meanwhile I'm just stanning and hoping for Kim Petras to save Pop Music and become the new it girl. 


Sure we have Miley, Selena, Ariana... They are all amazing, but they are not legends as Britney or Madonna... I'm hoping on Kim Petras who is starting her career with freshly sounding bubblegum pop infused with inspirations from all corners. 

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I read an article somewhere online that stated that pop music peaked in 2010, i think. The article didn't mention Britney specifically but was more about how pop songs dominated the charts and airwaves ect. And my first thought was that the Princess of Pop hasnt had a truly successful era since. We had FF (but tge promos were a mess) and S&S (only a single). So i guess it was true :receipts2:

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1 hour ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I can’t wait for her to bring her Confessions moment someday.  


omg she would snatch if she comes back with a disco inspired album a la Confessions on a dancefloor.

It would take Europe! I think she should focus on Europe so she can tour, they always goes to her shows she's always better there!

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It's hard to tell what'll make a splash and what will trend. There was a time when pop music made the trend and put rules for the rest of music genres. But now it's agenda pop it seems. What's in? Rap because all that kids listen to is vulgur music since they have access to it on youtube. And that's why we see Ariana whom was pushed and the industry couldn't believe a small girl who has a big voice exists. The look is pop the songs/sounds are more hip hop/rap dependent. 

Even Billie seems a little pushed , that's only my opinion . I enjoy some of her songs , but the whole dark image is highlighted and is on key with the rap culture ( vulgur , out there , dark and different) .

The pop scdne had a huge chance in 2019 though but the industry completely ignored it. In 2019 people and mostly millinials were very drawn to 90's fashion and nostalgic 90's sounds and eadly 2000's. That was in my opinion, the music industry's chance in pushing and advertising pop music once again in a big way , like financing and spending on acts like Britney backstreet boys , xtina , pink , avril etc. But they just kept pushing those acts into vegas . 

I don't know if 2020 will see more people 90's influenced , if yes , which there might be a possibility as "Friends" the show is getting a movie ....then Britney has a huge chance in 2020 onwards along other popstars. 


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to keep an open mind i think every generation has its favorite mainstream artists. I dont like any of the new mainstream artists and im only anticipating Britney to release something cause she is from my generation and i grew up liking her but that doesnt mean its the death of pop music just nowadays artists dont appeal to us anymore. 

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I can understand why he is uncertain about Britney’s because even we don’t know when she will return, her career is basically in limbo until the cship gets resolved and we know her team is gonna keep prolonging it as long as she keeps fighting back until she caves in and they book another 4 years in Vegas and pretend like nothing happened.

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I stopped listening when he said that early 2000s pop music was taken over by a more R&B sound, which wasn't true. Britneys original 'teen pop sound' of Baby one more time was really mid 90's pop/R&B sung but sung by a white girl. When Britneys 'pop sound' started to fade out, it did so due to pop/rock becoming more popular, not R&B.

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On 11/13/2019 at 2:17 PM, F r e e Brit said:

I really had high hopes for Camila Cabello, she's such a natural on stage. Her new material though... I don't like any of it.


I love Camila's music, but her single choices and her need to be so artsy clashed with her management. This lead to her career and singles not selling as much.

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