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What would you rename each Britney album?

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I was wondering about this, because all of Britney's album names seem really spot on and it'd be a challenge to try and improve on them. With that being said, how would you rename each of Britney's 9 studio albums? 

My opinion:

#1- Britney (BOMT) :cutebrit: I think having her first album be self-titled, ala Madonna, Cher, Dolly Parton, etc. would've been a cool introduction for her to the world, and would've introduced the central irony in her career - that everything we think is "her" according to her brand actually isn't her. 

#2- I'm Not That Innocent (OIDIA) :yeahhh: At this point, people were already starting to pick up on her developing sexuality as an artist, so why not go right out and make a tongue-in-cheek reference at it for the album overall?

#3- Slave 4 The Music (Britney) :quirkney: Again, by this point Britney was pretty far-developed as an artist that performed provocatively and had lots of innuendo in her music, including the lead single from this album, "I'm a Slave 4 U." However, she said in one interview that she was referring to being a slave to "the music," so titling her album as such would overall set the tone for how *she*, at least, viewed its music.

#4- Exhale (ITZ)  :brityawning: Honestly, In the Zone was such a good title for this album, and it was hard to think of another! Thinking about the era as a whole, though, this was when she fully matured into her sexuality, both in her music and in the Onyx Hotel Tour. Breathe On Me, which was full of vocal "exhales," is a standout track from this album, and exhaling in general can be used in a ****** way. When people/comedy shows were imitating Britney around this time, I distinctly remember them always exhaling excessively ala Slave 4 U, so... her most ****** album, Exhale!

#5- It's Britney, ***** (Blackout) :sassybrit: Again, Blackout was the PERFECT title for this album and contextualized the era as a whole. The first three words she uttered in this album, though, "It's Britney, *****," are arguably her most iconic to date. Naming her album after them would parallel both the sense of control she had over this album, to where it really was "Britney, *****," and the way her personal life was unfortunately spiraling, to the point where she'd curse in her album title. Just an idea!

#6- Superstar (Circus) :britannoyed: Also the first word she sings in this album in Womanizer, and at this point, it was pretty indisputable that she was a verified superstar. This was her comeback era after 2007, and it was a complete success. She played the role of the seductive "ringleader" in a nearly sold-out tour. Superstar is the best word I can think of to describe Britney, and thus the title of her album, during this era.

#7- Electricity (FF) :awks:  This one was hard! The album is very thematic, revolving around her being a "femme fatale." Thus, I wanted to focus more on the actual music when thinking of another title, and what kind of music is this album full of? Dance pop, EDM, etc. There's also a double entendre with this title as well, namely the "electricity" between her and the man she is seducing.

#8 - Myah Jean (BJ)  :zoomzoom: I don't want to explain this one, let's move on...

#9 - Do You Wanna Come Over? (Glory) :cinderellaney: I always thought Glory was a weird name for this album - it evokes this deep spirituality, when the album is full of songs about hooking up and ***. Thus, with songs like Slumber Party, Invitation, and Private Show, I get this image in my head of Britney inviting a guy over to be seduced in numerous different ways - thus the title, "Do You Wanna Come Over?"


What do you all think?

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Love this idea! :saycheese:

#1 Britney - Your biggest album being your debut self-titled album just screams iconic, introducing the world to one of the biggest pop stars that has ever graced the Earth. No background, no further details, one name that will be long remembered ... BRITNEY

#2 Stronger - I think it fits with the overall sound of the album, and it's also shorter.

#3 Come See About Me - Britney is no doubt her most personal album lyrically, and she's adressing various subject matters that have been falsely debated in the public, which makes "Come See About Me" even more of a suitable title.

#4 Metamorphosis - In the Zone was a whole new direction for Britney, it truly can be considered as some kind of rebirth into a grown up confident woman. :bootyney:

#5 Rebellion - No need for details, one word that perfectly depicts the entire era.

#6 If U Seek Amy - What's better than having a controversial song title? Naming the whole album by it! :bwink:

#7 Dangerous Woman - Kind of the English translation of femme fatale, but still works very well.

#8 Party - A title as basic as the album. :chershade:

#9 Private Spice - Borrowing the title from the p0rnographic television channel :riri:

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1st album - Britney Jean (BOMT)

2nd  stronger than yesterday (oops)

3rd breakout (Britney)

4th either onyx zone or love & heartbreak (ITZ)

5th Wings of the dark (blackout)

6th ringmaster (circus)

7th lioness (femme fatale)

8th call the police (Britney Jean)

9th yours sincerely (glory)

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  • Exhale+

“Britney” - obvious for a debut album

”Oops I Did It Again” - too perfect to change

”Overprotected” - fits what she was (and still is) going through. Plus the song and video are a whole mood

“In The Zone” - LOVE this title. “Outrageous” would be my other choice if I had to choose. “Me Against The Music” is another option. Not only was it the lead single but Britney was also beginning to rebel against the industry here

“Blackout” - Iconic now but “Piece Of Me” could have been fitting at the time 

“Kill The Lights” - A play on the constant paparazzi frenzy Brit was the center of. Obviously “Circus” was chosen to brand the “comeback”

“Hold It Against Me” - A fitting controversial title... in true Britney fashion 

I’m opting out of Britney Jean - you could name it anything you want and it still wouldn’t have helped the album 

“Glory” - I wouldn’t change the album title (I personally like it), but instead I’d change the album cover. A real photo shoot instead of a screen grab from a video. I do like “Private Show” as an alternate title though 


Edit: if you’ve made it this far I apologize. This was way longer than I intended it to be :embarrassed:

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💋 French fingertips, red lips, ***** is dangerous 💋

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5 hours ago, BabyBabyBay said:

3. Hoe But Make It Cute

4. **** But Make It Hoe

6. I Was Forced To Make This Album

8. I Didn't Record This Album Lol


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  • Exhale+

My Loneliness  - always thought this would make a good title with the alternate single cover as the album cover

STARGAZER - It sounds so cool.

Her Name Is...:queenflopga:

PULSE - Iconic **** club vibes  :gelis:

TABLOID - Even though Blackout is a cool title I always thought Tabloid would have been better fitting, it’s what that entire ‘07 era was.

Ready For The Show - Ready for the comeback

Lady Prestige - Kinda just another FF but with better wording  :awks:

In My Own Words - ironic & iconic. :jackk:

The Diary Of A Modern Woman - I’ve always wanted britney to have an album title with the word Diary in it. 

If you can't say I LOVE YOU, then say nothing at all...

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Since I'm in the mood of procrastinating, I'd give several options. First I have to say BOMT and OIDIA are amazing and iconic, but since I have to change them, I'll do it just for the sake of it.


The first list is if all the names had to be based on a song of the album, being the first one my main option:

  1. Thinkin' About You
    From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
    Deep in My Heart
  2. When Your Eyes Say It
    Girl in the Mirror
  3. Overprotected
    What It's Like to Be Me
  4. Me Against the Music
    Breathe on Me
    Brave New Girl
  5. Piece of Me
    Heaven on Earth
    Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
  6. If U Seek Amy
    Out from Under
    Lace and Leather
  7. Seal It With a Kiss
    Trip to Your Heart
    Till the World Ends
  8. Alien
    Don't Cry
    Now That I Found You
  9. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    Mood Ring
    If I'm Dancing


If the album titles had to be something different than a song title, I'd pick phrases from the songs:

  1. Up All Night
  2. I'm Not That Innocent
  3. Not a Girl
  4. The Things That I Dream
  5. It's Been a While / It's Britney, *****! 
  6. All Eyes on Me
  7. When the Light's Out
  8. Our Last Goodbye
  9. Something Sensational


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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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1. Britney Spears (or keep it ...Baby One More Time)

2. Stronger 

3. Me (The album showed how she was feeling at the time... and there are many track titles that have "me" in it)

4. Breathe or Me Against The Music

5. Piece of Me or Flashing Lights (paparazzi craziness)

6.  Ringleader 

7. Hold It Against Me

8. Work *****

9. Slumber Party or Private Show

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