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Do you ever wish you could go back?

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I used to miss it but I watched some 1999, 2000-2004 award shows that are now almost all on YouTube in full! And at first it was cool but then it felt outdated. I mean, yeah I get you. Pop music was very, very eventful. But now the events are everyday on social media and then we move on to the next. Time goes by way, way faster now. It's just a different time. You will enjoy better if you accept it. Although, I can't believe how bad Britney's management has been since 2013. The song choices (Perfume, Pretty Girls, Private Show), album covers + titles (Britney Jean, Glory). The music videos...where she used to excel! Sigh...that's something I do wish was different. Oh well. 

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Britney is still remembered in that way. When she toured Asia for POM it felt like the way it was before when she was a pop sensation. She's not done yet. She can still command an audience and do what she did before once she gets out of the cship.

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i'd go back  to the In The Zone era. everything was so perfect that era apart from her hurting her knee on the Outrageous video shoot, only bit I'd change. Other than that, I was 12,  1st year at high school [im in the UK mind] and I was loving it - went downhill from 3rd year. I loved MATM instantly, got ITZ for Xmas 2003 and fell totally in love with it instantly. played it nonstop for months. Toxic and Everytime were #1. I recorded Onyx Hotel Tour from TV to VHS and watched it constantly and I still think that was her best tour. Everything about that era was perfect until her knee injury.


…………………..then she met bloody Kevin :badthoughts: 

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I have so many amazing memories from my childhood because of Britney.

The excitement I got watching TRL and seeing Britney’s video come on. Or Britney making a guest appearance.

I remember watching Making The Video and the famous “and now the world premiere of Britney Spears ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’” Those were the days. 

Britney was f**king everywhere back then... I remember getting a CD with a 12 pack of a Pepsi that had a Britney song on it but I can’t remember what song. This was in 2004. I also remember seeing her on Pepsi billboards in Puerto Rico.

I recorded Britney and Kevin: Chaotic on VHS tapes so I could go back and rewatch it. I loved seeing Brit be so open and normal (I look back and see how it can be viewed as a little messy but what 22 year old isn’t?)

Ugh. The good ole days.

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I'm always living in the past, and yes, I'd love to go back and have a peek to how things were back then.

But it would still be very frustrating to see the bad things again. Or things that didn't happen, like songs they could've released as singles, or whatnot. 

Just like her, I hate to put myself as a victim, or us as fans, or Britney herself, but it is impossible to feel like the universe has been kind of unfair to us. Like, what did she do to end up in this direction her life and career have taken? What did we do to have this "fan-idol" thing, our relationship with her and her music and her legacy, doomed to always get the worst, the least, or simply nothing, when other artists and their fanbases just seemed to have evolved throughout the years and moved to a better place.

Again, I hate to feel as a victim, and I hate to compare ourselves (Britney and her fans) to others, but why couldn't things just be normal, for her, for us? :idkney: Our conversations should just be about "Which is her best album, B27 or B35?" lol or "Which should be the 7th single of B15?" or "Britney rumored to appear at the Super Bowl for the 5th time" and so on. 

She should be living a normal and happy life with her kids, her friends, doing whatever she likes, still doing music because it's her passion and not because her conservator asked for it. 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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I was just thinking about this the other day. In only a few months, the 00’s started 20 years ago. Wtaf:wow:

I’d never go back permanently, but I’d love to visit certain times just for a day. I miss the big events, I miss Britney being that ***** and I miss the culture and music of the time too. 
However, I couldn’t do ‘07 again. That’s too much. 
I live in hope that I’ll enjoy another decade as much as I enjoyed the 00’s, but so far my 20’s has been brutal and the culture of baboon lips and everyone sporting a face akin to the kardashians just ain’t my thing :ehno: 

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Might I freak ya out, 'magine if I work ya out 😛

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I just wanna say that I just heard my sister, who has stopped acknowledging Britney Spears since the Radar video, and have pretended not to like her all these years, singing out loud to Sometimes in her room. 

I knew she still liked her :tifftear:

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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I just thought about how f**king cool Britney was in 2001

She was everything when I’m a Slave 4 U came out

It was the new Britney

**** and confident and an incredible performer (as always at that point)

She really influenced the music that came after that tried to be **** and edgy like Dirrrty TRIIIIED ITt

What a great time to be alive 😭

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