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MTV uploads 'It's Britney, *****' 🌟 Best Britney Spears VMA Moments | VMAs ICONIC!

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Enjoyed myself watching this <3 hope you do ! 

The issue with VMA's is that they don't make any sense anymore, since MTV isn't what it used to be to begin with. Back then it all made sense, because throughout the year there was this connection thr

to this day the 2000 VMAs is my all time favorite Britney performance, I don't think she ever topped that energy (imo) I still remember when it aired originally, I was mind blown

11 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:




The issue with VMA's is that they don't make any sense anymore, since MTV isn't what it used to be to begin with. Back then it all made sense, because throughout the year there was this connection through the channel between the artists, the music and the fans. There was TRL (10 + Pedidos in Latin America ;) ) there was the Making the video, there were MTV specials featuring a certain artist, countdowns, the videos themselves were important, more than just the songs. Everyone tried to do their best, now videoclips are just like some dressing on top of what the musicians do, and if they have any importance it's on YouTube / social media and not MTV anymore.

So they do the awards show, but who are we supposed to be seeing, if there's no one following the channel. How are the nominees and performers chosen? Based on YouTube popularity? The BBH100? Like what does MTV have that separates it from other award shows? They let it die what used to make them original, which was the worship of the music video.


The only thing I could think of would be something based on social media / YouTube but the YouTube awards weren't that popular. And they would have to be focused on just the music aspect. But a live show just doesn't work on social media, I think. Like, everyone would just watch it once it's over, but I don't know as a business how profitable it is for whoever was in charge of doing it.

I just feel like the music scene in general, every artist has become so independent thanks to social media, there is no connection between them. There's just weird friendships that don't make much sense, or there's feuds started by stupid reasons.

There will never be something like this again




But most importantly, I think the main reason why awards show suck these days, it's because there's no audience actually. I mean, the biggest consumers of music of these days, which are the young people, they didn't grow up with this kind  of shows or performances/performers, so they're not asking for them. They weren't forced to watch the music videos of other artists they don't like, while waiting to see their fave's video.

So awards shows should get people that we, the older guys are interested in, Britney, Eminem, Christina, Backstreet Boys, etc. But they're not dominating the music scene anymore, so why would they go, why would they win an award or what would they perform?

I mean vma sort of still works because we all still watch music videos whether it’s on MTV or YouTube the idea of an award show for popular artists and their videos is still valid.. but the VMA are getting stale.. they should turn it into some sort of competition for best performance there and including (like u said) YouTube categories, Instagram categories etc 

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My thoughts on it:

  • "Slave" live at MTV VMAs 2001 was obviously gonna be #1. I mean, yeah, it IS an amazing performance, certainly MTV's best, but it's just this super-obvious, safe choice.
  • Why, how, when, and due to who was the VMAs 2016 performance put 3 places above VMAs 2000?
  • Did they really put a not-that-iconic tribute to Britney and Brit's Beyoncé tribute of a speech above VMAs 2000 and 2016? :watrusayin:
  • I didn't even know that this emoji: :tbh: was from the VMAs! :o Also, her dress and look that night were great, it's my second-favourite VMAs look after the 2016 one.
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MTV is so desperate trying to create hype to get as much viewers possible using Britney again...

But I’m not mad, not at all. I actually enjoy so very much the speacial they did for Britney!!

I can only imagine if 2004 Boom Boom/Outrageous performance wasn’t canceled there would have been another iconic VMA performance ...

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43 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Unpopular opinion, but I think the VMA 2000 performance is miles bater than the 2001 one. Love them both though. 


it's hard to decide for me tbh. I love the Oops Performance , but Slave is better in terms of visuals, choreography ... both performances are so different that it's actually hard to compare them. Oops has great energy, the ending is epic, but what bothers me a little bit is the middle part on that rotating platform (don't know how to call it lol), she spends too much time on it. it feels weird to criticize that, because I loooove the performance. 

I think "slave" deserved to be on Nr. 1,  but oops deserves too.. :mattafact: both should be on top...

MM should be on 10  :gimmemoar:

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I think I would've done something like this:

  1. 2001 - I'm a Slave 4 U
  2. 2000 - Satisfaction / Oops!... I Did It Again
  3. 2003 - The Kiss
  4. 2008 - Receiving the awards
  5. 1999 - BOMT + Choosing outfit
  6. 2002 - gives MJ the imaginary Artist of the Millennium award 
  7. 2016 - Make Me... / MM&I + red carpet clips
  8. 2000 - Britney and Christina introduce Whitney
  9. 2001 - Red carpet interview along with Mick Jagger
  10. 2008 - Sketch with Jonah Hill
  11. 2011 - Britney introduces Beyoncé + best pop video
  12. 2015 - Red carpet + presenting award (just because she looked stunning)
  13. 2009 - Britney accepts Best Pop Video from the Circus Tour (with that little dancing)
  14. 2006 - Sketch with K-Fed + announcing the winner of best R&B, you guessed it, Beyoncé
  15. 2007 - Gimme More
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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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  • Exhale+

I know that it’s still kinda taboo, but I wish they would mention Gimme More more wit her other performances. MTV acts like it never happened. It’s definitely not on the same level as the others, but it’s such a huge pop culture moment that I think it still deserves the artistic attention and conversional analysis. It’s still a good performance that fit the time she was living through. 

Did MTV ever air her full 2007 performance again?

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If you can't say I LOVE YOU, then say nothing at all...

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