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In late September on 21st anniversary of BOMT. Britney can put a countdown til October 25th. During then, every week she gives us snippets of the 1st official single of her next album by posting 10 second snippets of the music video. Similar to Hold It Against Me. When October 25th arrives. She does a deal with Spotify and promote it LIKE HELL on adverts, main pages (ect..) and finally release the song. A week later she releases the music video. Since the AMAs are coming up she could promote the song there and go on talk shows during October - November talking about her future plans, her sons, and her new music.

Since there are Xmas music festivals coming up in the UK and US it's a perfect time to release a 2nd single with a music video released in the beginning of December. To promote it she could go to these festivals and perform the 1st and 2nd singles and a medley of hits.

When Xmas passes by on the 1st of January she announces her new album "Uprising" and a new world tour that is based on domination (but less *** theme). The Album gets released on Januray 3rd so it's kinda like a surprise album, and it's a visual album to represent her past, like how it shifted from being a child to a teen to a woman who went through **** and her Uprising from the blackout in her life.

(I had a concept on what the track listing will be like)

1. Britney's Intro - Britney explains about the album and what it's a represents about her, while dark strings play.                            

2. Accelerating - A representation of her life propelling fast from her experience from life from home at the age 14 to 17 being the American Dream

3. The Game (feat. Micheal Jackson) - A song based about how the media, fellow competitors are in the game to put Britney out, Michaels vocals would be from an unreleased song (they both went through similar situations So I thought this was suitable, if Drake did it so can Britney :smokney2:. She was his friend after all)                                             

4. Strength - Based on how powerful she is to the world and she can't go away.                   

5. Prerogative - How she can't stand the lies told in her life and how the world views her. (Dark-Pop) *2nd single

6. Life - A piano ballad, she sings about her boys and how that they are her everything and how they saved her. *3rd single

7. Rebellion - The secrets about her management, family, and the people that got close to her. *The Original Song but remastered

8. Blackout - Another ballad, she sings about what happened and her feelings about how she was lost, lonely and sad during 07-08

9. Glory - A classic dance track, which explores with R&B and is about her uprising and Glory from the dark side.

10. Evaporated Love (Feat. Maluma) - About the singers past loves and how they never work out (A mid-tempo reggaeton) *4th Single

11. Lilies for Jamie Spears - A song about her father about how she loves him but she doesn't want him in her life anymore. (A mid-tempo)

12. Just Yesterday - A remaster of the leaked song from 2006. This song is about how she feels like she let down Jamie Lynn.

13. Control (Cover from Janet Jackson) - Remastered by Danja and Darkchild.

14. Roses - A fast tempo track about Britney receiving Roses from her lover (Sam) and how the relationship grows from there. *1st single

Bonus Track:


Radar:jj: jk.

  Each song has a video representing each topic.

When she releases this she has tour bundles with the album, so she ca  promote it more. The next week she does another countdown til 20th January. She'll announce that She will perform "Life" Live at the Grammys and at the Superbowl with a medley of new album. With Maluma as a special guest. During January to February she will continue with talk shows and televised performances of Life as it'll be her 3rd single from the album. In March Britney will take a month break and In April she'll start tour rehearsals, in May the tour will start in North America and perform at the Bbmas for another medley of the new album. Then when the leg finishes she heads to Europe in July and Release the 4th Single "Evaporated Love" and promote it in Europe aswell becoming a summer smash in Latin Charts During in the summer Britney will promote the song with Maluma at the VMAs and also perform Toxic. When the Europe tour finishes Britney will head to South America her 1st tour there in 9 years following an Asia Tour in October with a re-release of the album including 3 new tracks. After the tour finishes she will take a 10 year break. Hope you liked this concept :tiffsniffle:

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7 hours ago, Dynasty said:

Honey I love your idea and everything, but seriously? It's like you haven't read any of the news on what's happening with her life :gloria: Her life is pure MESS right now, and I doubt she has the time or the strength for B10 until the ccship situation resolves. She's on life's crossroads right now, either remain a slave or become free. I wouldn't  expect B10 before some more important things get settled first. 

Thanks for the appreciation. But of course I'm aware what's going on. It's been my dream era since Femme Fatale and I needed to share with fellow exhalers:rlynow:

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15 hours ago, @britneys.glory said:


3. The Game (feat. Micheal Jackson) - A song based about how the media, fellow competitors are in the game to put Britney out, Michaels vocals would be from an unreleased song (they both went through similar situations So I thought this was suitable, if Drake did it so can Britney :smokney2:. She was his friend after all)                                             

idk if a collab w Michael would be a good idea at this moment in time with everything being exposed about him...

also drake stopped performing that song because of the allegations

great and creative work overall tho!

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Replacing track 3 with "Phoenix", a song where she tells everyone that no matter what happens, she'll always rise like a phoenix.
And track 10 with "Suck my toe" a song where she tells all the men who want only a piece of her (money) to suck her toe.

But your concept is really cool :)

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