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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail 

Do you guys remember that blind item from August last year?  This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has

Her case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to these official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by th

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44 minutes ago, Dream With In a dream said:


the comments on this.. all dragging her fashion

its clear she still dresses from 2000s because her dad proberly dosent even let her buy new clothes.

Daily Mail is “journalism” at its worst. And the comment sections are full of women who love tearing down other women (especially if they’re beautiful, rich, talented, or dating a handsome A-lister). They should be disgusted with themselves.

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16 minutes ago, SDBRITNEY said:

LOL at the homeless lady at 00:33: "Who was that?" :gloria:


Damn, all these flashes... An epileptic person's nightmare. I can see why she used to wear sunglasses at night back in the day.

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5 minutes ago, Nels64 said:

Wait James is “on top” now? Why? 

After his latest video, he’s being vindicated. Just like the psychic predicted. He’s just been honest and open. I had no idea the guy was just 19.

Now if this upcoming tour actually gets cancelled, the psychic would have been 100% on point. We’ll just have to wait and see...

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1 hour ago, Uric Fernando said:

Guys, can we talk about how the psychic that was posted here last week has fully predicted the entire James and Tati scandal even down to the latest reverse movement after the video James released a few days ago. In the James psychic reading, the guy predicted the scandal, but also what’s happened in the last few days with James coming out on top. This only further validates him and possibly his reading of the #FreeBritney movement. Don’t know which spirits he’s bff’s with, but they’ve got the reals so far!!!

no we cannot, we are only talking objectively and with actual evidence 

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Recap for pages 1300-1350 (May 10th)


On the start of the pages from the 1300 mark, the event of the hearing is a very heated topic. It was then being held as a peaceful protest outside the court. Instagram @Bryhuerta was hosting the protest live on his Instagram. As few exhalers didn't have Instagram accounts to stream live, those that were streaming the protest constantly reported all that was happening there on the thread so that those not streaming live were also updated. 

Eventually, a securit came out from the court to ask the protesters to back down because they were blocking the stairs. 

Everyone expresses their happiness at the turnout of people, which was a lot more than what was expected. The Gram Girls were also present at the protest, which gave some people more hopes. No one had spotted Britney yet even though it had been confirmed she would attend it.

Amidst this, What You Need throws slight thirst comments but it gets drowned among the 10 posts clouding the thread per minute. 

To give you an idea of what the protest looked like, enclosed below are pictures:


VAKatkb.jpgJJ2N74s.jpgnqa0VJJ.jpg luyh6Pu.jpgjpt7ciR.jpg

Most prominent and mentioned figures from the protest are listed below:

  • The Gram Girls, for obvious reasons.
  • A guy who looked a lot like Troy Sivan, well... because he looked like Troy.
  • A little girl, Moxie, about whom we will go into detail later.
  • A girl called Ivana, who was supposedly being too loud and aggressive. She receives heavy backlash from Exhale, as everyone agrees she should stay away from media.
  • Wukemon, a very informed person who is diplomatic in his answers to the media and is the ideal example of a peaceful protester, basically the complete opposite of Ivana.

It is shortly reported that Britney and Lynne entered the building. TMZ and E! News starts interviewing people on the scene. CBS also was present there.

The Blast releases an article that Britney and Lynne has officially went in: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-conservatorship-hearing-fans-protest/. They reported that "Spears was wearing an orange skirt, black top and heels and looking calm and composed as she walked into the courthouse."

A new Blind Item is revealed in between this:


FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4



May 1, 2019

The PR team leaked what was obviously misinformation to the big online tabloid. They are fully on board with publishing it though because they are not on the side of the permanent A list "singer." They like making it look like she is doing something illegal or questionable even if she isn't. It gets clicks and it helps those who can help them.

Britney Spears/TMZ/Britney was not driving while on a cellphone. The car was parked, but made to look like she was driving."  

The fact that no one actually saw Britney opand that there was no pictures of her going in although it was reported makes some people sceptical. 

Some of the protestors enter the court room, including Tess Barker from The Britney'sGram podcast. It is hortly reported that the media were also let inside. The Blast also updates that at 1:44 PM PT — Lynne Spears’ attorney, Gladstone N. Jones III has just entered the courtroom.

At 1:48 PM PT — Britney’s attorney, Sam Ingham, said on the record that Britney was the one who wanted the hearing to address the court regarding “issues with medical care,” minor children and trade secrets. Because of the sensitive issues, the reporters in the courtroom have been cleared out.

New sudden The Blast article about the protest:



Shortly after, the fans who entered the courtroom were kicked out along with the reporters. 

In the middle of the ongoing drama, Courtney Love decides to speak out about #FreeBritney in Instagram. She trashes TMZ and expresses her support for Britney and her fans as she joins the fray of celebrities who are supporting us



The media presence there at the time included coverage from ABC7 KABC, Billboard, CBS9 KCAL and E! News.

At 1:55 PM PT — Britney is now in the courtroom speaking during the closed hearing.

Ending all the speculations, The Blast gives report that Britney entered the court through a private entrance and that she was spotted inside but pictures were not taken as the courthouse didn't consent to photographs:



A random fan girl on Twitter claims she saw Britney, she receives lukewarm reactions as no one is convinced. But she is later believed as she gives a clear depiction of Britney's looks:



TMZ release an article that claims Lynne and Britney was estranged for 15 years, which is obviously dismissed as fake. A thread about Lynne and Britney gets merged adding more posts to the already existing mess.



At the same time, Tati Westbrook airs her video "BYE SISTER" regarding James Charles which goes trending eclipsing the hashtag on twitter.

Instagram @SCLRK takes over the live stream.

On the live stream, Gram Girls said Lynne and Britney were petitioning and the court was set up so it was Jamie and his team vs Lynne and Britney.

This is when the afore mentioned little girl at the protest, Moxie becomes popular and attains legend status at the protest. Moxie, being a minor at a protest full of adults alone was amusing for everyone but her attitude is what drawer people in to like her. Picture and Instagram of Moxie enclosed below:



Moreover, Moxie's favourite Britney song is If U Seek Amy, which intrigues more people to know more about her, given her age and the content of a song like If U Seek Amy. As the movement progressed, Moxie started displaying leadership qualities and a sassy attitude which other kids her age definitely lacks. She becomes a source of joke upon the thread as Brenda was once, as hashtags like #MoxieForPresident2020 becomes popular. Moxie showed more enthusiasm for the whole thing than many protesters.

A bailiff claims he spotted Britney and Lynne smiling outside the court. Suddenly, as the protestors were relaxing with all their signs down, they witness a black SUV with police ****** going past them at a very high speed. Everyone assumes that it was Britney and suddenly goes into deep meltdowns over the fact that they just missed Britney. Britney probably wouldn't have noticed them as the signs and charts were down. This wasn't confirmed at the time given it could have been anybody.

The Blast updates at 3:03 PM PT — Britney Spears has left the court hearing. She walked out with her mother and looked “a little anxious” according to our reporter at court. This is contradicted by people claiming that The Blast is lying because the court was still in session.

EntertaimentWeekly, New York Times. People Magazine and The Washington Post were also spotted at the scene.

Later on, it is confirmed she has left the building as we finally get a paparazzi shot of her leaving although the picture didn't reach Exhale yet. It was leaked eventually, read further.

Jamie Lynne tweets a picture of Britney with Glitter emoji.



This would have been a very talked about topic had Britney's picture from leaving the court hadn't leaked by TMZ:



Exhale servers crash down and the site goes on a temporary break.

The August hearing is reported to be postponed/removed. But later, it is confirmed that the hearing is still present although it did cause some controversy for the short time it was absent from the website.

Britney being barefoot causes concern among everyone as they think that her team is trying to portray her as crazy by making her appear barefoot. On a positive note, many conclude that Britney was probably wearing some really uncomfortable heels and that made her take the footwear off. At the same time, many others are concerned that the media will spin off this situation of not wearing heels as her being crazy.

Britney's *** is widely appreciated, and by widely, I mean a LOT.

Cortney Love continues her support on Instagram:



Britney's friend Jansen posts a new Instagram story which was inferred as a cryptic message:




It is reported that the August 15th date will be the deciding date for the conservatorship, although some are still concerned. This was never officially confirmed.



The very controversial Twitter account Britney's Truth comes back after being deactivated for a week:



Urban Outfitters releases the Britney (self-titled) album vinyls for purchase: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-britney-limited-lp?color=010&size=000

Jamie Lynne responds to a hate comment on the comment section of her Instagram account:



This comment is interoreted as a subtle shade to Jamie and Lou.

At this point everyone sees the fact that we had no news as good news because had a mistake been made from Britney's part, it would have been all over TMZ and The Blast. Their silence is a good sign that things might have went Britney's way.

Dayvindazone makes minor thirst comments on Dream With In A Dream on page 1345.

After being deprived for news for so long, it is finally confirmed that a status hearing was set for September 18th, and till then a third party will conduct an evaluation of Britney and her mental state.

Everyone suddenly turns against Brenda as #BrendaIsCancelled party begins. What concerns everyone is that the third party has to be appointed by both Jamie's and Britney's attorneys, who is Samuel Ingham, a person who has never worked in Britney's favour. Everyone suspects the third party might turn out corrupt as Lynne's attorney is not to be a part of this evaluation.

TMZ, to no one's surprise picks up on the no shoes issue, but Courtney Kove in th either hand comes to Britney's defence on the same issues on an Instagram comment.

The thread hits 1350 pages.


Thank you, Hope I Helped! :kiss:

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18 hours ago, summer2summer said:

I really doubt that ***** can be "psychologically" affected ,EVER . She tweeted on behalf of britney for the past 11 years and has been single handedly stealing Britnry's money and handing them to her surroundings to shush them . She's probably thinking of a way to reclaim her position through SOMEONE else. 


A religious snake is the worst one . And lou taylor ? Worse than ****** trust me. 

Lou Taylor might be an evil witch but please don't compare her to ******. He killed millions of people. That's really not a comparison you should be making.

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1 hour ago, Uric Fernando said:

Guys, can we talk about how the psychic that was posted here last week has fully predicted the entire James and Tati scandal even down to the latest reverse movement after the video James released a few days ago. In the James psychic reading, the guy predicted the scandal, but also what’s happened in the last few days with James coming out on top. This only further validates him and possibly his reading of the #FreeBritney movement. Don’t know which spirits he’s bff’s with, but they’ve got the reals so far!!!

Let's not use "psychics" in this thread please, lol

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