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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail 

Do you guys remember that blind item from August last year?  This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has

Her case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to these official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by th

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I just commented in the other thread a while ago  how amazing this would be. :pumped: Seriously, if this is real and her shitty team -including her father ofc- is fighting against its airing must be f**king burned



2nd thought:  smells bullshit and fake af:nochillbrit:

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4 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

Wow he truly is a f**king *******...Britney needs to find a team that cares about her person first than what they care about the money. This is just f**king sad at this point. He should have never gone to the media without first speaking to Britney. I hope she never works with him ever again. 

He also told TMZ that he is not interested in Britney working again until she's mentally and physically ready, adding, "If that time never comes again it will never come again. I have no desire or ability to make her work again. I am only here for when she wants to work." Spears appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday along with both her parents to discuss her ongoing conservatorship, with the singer ordered to undergo a 730 evaluation, a comptence exam typically issued for children in divorce cases.


I haven't actually thought about her music career in all of this, like at all-- whatever she decides is fine-- but if she does decide to take a break and come back, or plunge back in, whatever, I think she should seriously consider bringing Johnny Wright back. He CARED-- the things we've said today as proof against Larry, them rushing her back into work in 2008, he was saying back then. He gets it. He gets her, or he did. They can work on that. I know they had a lawsuit, but I think it was settled and I know he was rooting for her back when that stupid Britney Ever After was happening, so like--


(If the music's even a thing.)

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@Larry Rudolph is trying to distance himself haha. Sorry man. When **** hits the fan it will be better if you provide full disclosure as to all the sketchy things Loucifer, Jamie, the lawyers, doctors and you have done or allowed to happen. Pretending you didn't see or know in this case will be considered wilful blindness. Those cockroaches better start snitching on each other and throwing each other under the bus to the investigator, the media and Lynne's team to try to save themselves first. Otherwise the last to do it will be ****** and will have all the blame and dirt thrown on them. No way you can claim you didn't know what was happening to such a high profile allegedly 'legally incompetent' figure who you allowed to be paraded around in shady deals, tours, commercials, interviews, meet and greets, performances etc. 

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23 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

We still don’t know her diagnosis. She could have like schizophrenia or BPD or a combination of different things going on. It’s important to remember that.

But I agree with you. I think she probably has mild bipolar or something and whenever she tells her team NO to something, they flip out and tell her to take her medication and dangle her child custody in front of her face.

What started off with good intentions turned sour. That’s what I’m gathering.

We’re all speculating. That’s all we can do.

Main problem is she doesn't know what her diagnosis either.  But one thing for sure she has mental problems cuz of conservatorship. If they keeps away her children's  I'm afraid that we will lost her. 

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16 minutes ago, Meaner03 said:

How Britney Spears Lost $290 Million

If Spears earned almost $700 million by the age of 34, where did it all go? Why is she left today with “only” $63 million? Nobody actually knows. Some online sources claim the Britney Spears net worth number is actually a lot higher than her 2014 court documents let on. Those sources say not all of Spears’ money is in conservatorship, and that she has over $100 million in “other assets.” This is doubtful. If a court places an estate in conservatorship, the idea is to protect the estate’s assets from their owner, who is deemed mentally incompetent to handle them. If someone is deemed mentally incompetent to serve their own needs, a judge isn’t likely to let the person handle 75% of his or her estate. That’s not the point of a conservatorship. It’s more likely that the judge placed Spears’ entire estate in a conservatorship and that any “other assets” are negligible.

One way Britney Spears might have lost $290 million is by overspending. It’s hard to spend down $290 million in 10 years, but not impossible. Spears doesn’t have any major business deals to point to, aside from her perfume line, but that’s financially successful enough to keep running even now. In other words, it’s unlikely she’s losing millions on her perfume business, yet keeping it afloat for 13 years. She may have spent the money on the business of Britney Spears, overspending on concert production. She has been quoted as saying it’s easy to spend $20 million on a stage if you’re not careful, then you wake up and wonder where your money went. We’ve already figured in costs at 30% of her earnings from concerts, so it’s hard to imagine Spears spent more than that. Even spending the money on lavish cars and houses wouldn’t do the deed, since those assets can be sold again, often for a profit.

So where did the $290 million go? Possibly Spears had a massive entourage and showered them with gifts like cars and houses. If so, it hasn’t been reported. The truth is that the Britney Spears net worth figure is $204 million lower than it should be and we may never know why

Full article , very interesting


Written in 2016

Her current net worth according to the most accurate sites including this one https://www.google.gr/amp/s/www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/singers/britney-spears-net-worth/%3famp=1    Is 215 million. No way she has only 63m. However, the amount of the actual money which she can really spend and enjoy is another story and a true mystery.:whatitellu:

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Lipstick alley have good tea... 

IF true, so Jamie agreed for Britney to do the interview? Lynne must know how to stand up to him. 

If she can be interviewed then she understands what is going on. End of c-ship. :crying2: 

I also thinks it’s good to be nice about K-Fed. She wants her 50/50 custody when the c-ship ends so its the right thing to do.  

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:bthink: Yeah, like.... it's exactly what we want, and.... I don't think it can be true. I don't think she can talk right now? I'd love it so much if it was true, but I don't know. I'm scared she could get into trouble within the law?

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“Britney doesn’t care if Jamie is left in control of her finances with the conservatorship of the estate remaining,” a source exclusively tells Us. “However, according to Britney, the conservatorship of her personal life needs to end. She is finished with Jamie having control of her personal life and wants to have her own control over that.”

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