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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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2 minutes ago, Shaned said:



So idk how to post an actual pic in this but everyone is right about that church being homophobes. I googled calvery church homosexuals and most of the thinks are about conversion 


Crazy how Lou and Jamie are tied to it. Makes me wonder if britney is literally working to only make money for this church. Wouldn't be surprised if they "allegedly" did electroshock therapy or hypnosis to turn gay people straight and use the same techniques on Britney to fall back in line. Sorry if ap

THIS! That's enough confirmation right there. https://web.archive.org/web/20180816130657/https://www.comingoutagain.org/


Coming Out Again Network is a network of churches who are partnered with the Coming Out Again Ministry. They either help those who contact them get connected to a Coming Out Again ministry team, or actually have a ministry team themselves. Each one of these churches are redemptive churches. Anyone who desires to follow Jesus will be met with his love and mercy through these church families. 


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I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail 

Do you guys remember that blind item from August last year?  This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has

Her case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to these official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by th

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1 minute ago, NotBuyingIt said:

Yup. My mom was just asking me today why I don't have more gay pride flags or buttons or whatever around my home. I'm just not flashy about it (no judgment toward other people who do like to jazz it up a bit more!). Brit is the same way with her support. I relate to that.

Who knows she might be more flaShy if she wasnt in the conservatorship. If all the stuff is true and Lou and Jamie are huge homophobes then they might prevent her from doing it 

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2 minutes ago, ifuseekamy_ said:

Is everything blocked with Britney in it? To bring light to David lachapelles statements  How about #uncagebritney ? #setbritneyfree 

#makemefree / #makeherfree



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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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4 minutes ago, Shaned said:

But in all honesty, are we positive britney isn't anti gay also? I'm not making accusations but so we have any proof she isnt? 

Back to the ITZ era and till she got into this cship, she always showed some support to the LGBT community, also Lance Bass has spoken only nice things about coming out to her, apparentelly Take Off was also about supporting LGBT community.... Even post cship, if I'm not mistaken she was bridesmaid 4 a gay wedding, she appeared on the cover of out magazine.... I deeply believe Britney supports the LGBT community, I do think when she firstly appeared coming from a Baptist background that she might have had some issues about gay people, but I think the business, the people she meet, world traveling, Madonna, I don't know, growing up in that world have opened her mind... What I'm pretty sure is that she is being exploited by this cship, and this satânical witch named Lou is laughing all the way to the bank while the gays are supporting Britney, and she is using that money to sacrifice gay people at conversion camps... Off the record but those camps just make me shocked and scared, how they are not ilegal in America!?!?!?! 

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Funny how he says "even in 1999".... I have told this story on the forum several times before but the guy that I knew from Kentwood told me that when he and Bryan were kids, Bryan would always brag that "one day his sister would be rich and famous" and their family would be outta there or something like that.  It all seems so planned, like they knew Britney would be pushed to stardom by the machine from a very early age.  But how? 

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1 minute ago, HarajukuGyal said:

Everyone, remember if you are going to tweet out anything do NOT  use hashtags as they tend to get mistaken as spam most of the tim, just stick to tweeting Britney or Britney Spears and hopefully we can make it trend this time over the Game of Thrones tweets 

From what I heard, tonight's episode of GOT was insane so that'll be trending for a minute. No one post spoilers though I'm still on season 6

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16 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

He’s posted on several accounts the same comment and slightly modify including onyx hotel commercial info. Hope he doesn’t regret this and tries to claim he was hacked 

Wow, something must have happened. He didn't seem to care about the leak at first, but now he's going all out spreading what he knows and his suspicions in support of her (even though we all thought she was against him).  This whole situation is getting crazier each day.

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Coming Out Again is a ministry resource for all churches throughout the United States who are looking for help on the topic of homosexuality, transgender behavior, and same-*** attraction. Locally, we minister to those among our community who are looking for hope and freedom from the gay lifestyle, and to their families. For more information on our discipleship program, family support, or our guest speaker, visit our website.



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21 hours ago, ifuseekamy_ said:

omg SIS knew the facts at the very beginning. What she says does somewhat correlate with what Sam is saying. He said that Britney never met with Ingham because she had hired her own lawyer and turned Ingham away and never spoke to him, as far as he knew(I assume up until 2009 at some point) When Ingham went to court he testified she didn't have the capacity to hire counsel, Dr. Spar cooperated this in the legal doc saying she doesn't have the ability to attend the hearing. THESE TWO TAUGHT FREAKING SEMINARS TOGETHER WITH THE JUDGE. Carmela Kelly says that they used his 'evaluation' of Britney from 2008 in both the 2008 and 2009 proceedings. How is that fair? How would NO ONE question that she hadn't been reevaluated a year later? This whole case disgusts me

Here's the doc by the way: https://ll-media.extratv.com/archive/images/news/0207spearspdf.pdf  go call the governor. 

We ALL let Britney down. My biggest fear is that she'll never get out of this. We have to raise SO much hell. 


21 hours ago, lilhennythings said:

I hope you get a response. Her digging into this is wild. Here's a comment she left responding to a comment on one of her posts, the one about TMZ's fabricated shopping spree:

Hi, Daria. I have lots of questions.

Why would anyone believe Harvey Levin at this point? He’s lost credibility to me over the year. For example, I read a story that Britney is going to the crazy side and that she’s been showing signs of craziness through her frantic, compulsive shopping. I make a few calls and find out it isn’t so and that Harvey’s tale is false.

About permanent c-ship.

There’s no motion to terminate. There’s no “continuing” what a judge has ruled to be permanent: no more regularly scheduled conservatorship reviews.

We were told by the media that Britney could terminate it at any time. So… it’s permanent from the sense of reviewing the c-ship to see whether to continue it or make other arrangements.

I would like to see someone who doesn’t have a monetary interest in Britney be the one to determine capacity. How can Britney have a voice when her court-appointed voice continues to have a job that rewards him to be “without capacity?”

Why in 2008 and 2009 did various lawyers from the conservatorship continue to use a ruling from Feb. 4, 2008 to prevent Britney from either hiring her own attorney and/or to testify in a court of law?

It was b.s. that her defense lawyer, Michael Flanagan, asked her dad “during the proceedings” if he would allow her to testify during the driver’s license case. That was a sham as court records reveal. I have signed documents as well as the actual court transcript “from the proceedings.”

Which lawyer involved in the conservatorship would talk to the likes of Harvey Levin about such a sensitive matter as someone’s mental health and what the plans are?

Harvey’s site is loaded with ads and Britney had been a gold maker for TMZ since its inception. Google Harvey and CNN transcripts and you will find him saying so repeatedly. He could drag out this c-ship thing over this year which I guess is what he intends to do. He got all of our hits to his site and generated ad revenue by being near the only one to breathe any trace of information regarding the conservatorship or Britney’s mental health.

There are still enough nuts out there to disbelieve my interview with two witnesses from the boutique where Britney was shopping was mislead because the sales assistants saw an opportunity to build business for the store? Those nuts want to believe and willingly promote across the blogosphere that Britney could snap at any time.

Ultimately it’s up to your own observation about TMZ to determine who might be telling the truth.

I’ve been researching and writing an article to expose or prove the lack of a court appointed investigator looking in on Britney and being able to talk to her without her being intimidated or influenced by anyone. Those conservatees that are under professional, trained and certified fiduciaries are visited once a year by a court appointed investigator. What about Britney?

Being manipulated by the media is a large part of why I began this column. I wanted to know the truth and I wanted to know if she was okay.

We’re in to what appears to be four attorneys she has tried to hire now. Blair Berk herself testified in April that Britney was constantly asking her why she couldn’t represent her and Berk old her to see her psychiatrist and that she should listen and talk to Sam Ingham. In short Berk admitted that Britney complained about her both to her and to others.

I think the public would be happier if information came from sources outside of the tabloid world. Harvey can pretend to walk among us as an ethical journalist but he is not simply because he doesn’t uphold the truth or hold others who are in power accountable. He’s a tabloid journalist and so is his team of writers. He could try to sue me for libel in saying that but he would fail. Also, if he did try that I could expose him for everyone to see: my articles are easily fact checked. TMZ by the way is only the tip of it. They just never had anyone dog them before quite like this in so public a case: a worldwide superstar.


No matter how you slice it, it's hard to deny something going on.


I just read this article from her blog. I ignore if AP.

It’s about Courtney Love and her daughter’s case and how she got Reva Disqualified based on the case of Jamie molesting Britney, citing Jessica Spears, Jamie’s niece and witness of the molestation.

Courtney seemed very familiar with Britney’s case because she claimed that “Britney is in an illegal hell,”  

Jamie never denied neither accusation.

Here it is:

California judge disqualified, challenge of prejudice Courtney Love gets new judge in guardianship case

Update:Courtney Love Cobain retweeted this story today. She offered no corrections or additional comments. Be sure to check out Misc. Court Docs. There’s a document at the top for you Love fans.


Update II:Feb. 19. Love says Judge Mitchell Beckloff recused himself but she waived it.


A new judge has been assigned to the guardianship matter of Frances Bean Cobain and a related temporary restraining order against her mother, Courtney Love.

The case was transferred to Judge Mitchell Beckloff on Jan. 22 in Los Angeles County.

Commissioner Reva Goetz was disqualified by a California Code of Civil Procedure Section 170.6 challenge, said Liz Martinez, a public affairs office representative.

Section 170.6 provides that no judge, commissioner or referee shall try any civil or criminal matter when it is established that there is prejudice against any party, attorney or the interest of any party or attorney appearing in the action or proceeding, says the state’s Web site.

The challenge may have been based in connection to Britney and Jamie Spears.


Last Thanksgiving weekend, Love publicly accused Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, of having molested his daughter. Two weeks after posting the claim to her Facebook, Love lost legal control of her 17-year old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, to the guardianship of Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister.

Commissioner Goetz, who has been the commissioner on Britney’s conservatorship case for two years, ruled on Love’s case on Dec. 11, according to court documents. Goetz also approved a temporary restraining order against Love that bars her from seeing or contacting her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

The lawyer representing Frances Bean also works for Jamie Spears case and represents him in the conservatorship case before the commissioner.

Since last November, Love has continued to be vocal in her accusations against Jamie and she has also said that Jessica Spears, a niece of Jamie’s, was an eyewitness to the molestation. Love said that Jessica passed a lie detector test at Radaronline but wanted to be paid and no financial agreement was made. Jessica has also been put in touch with media based in the United Kingdom, said Love over the weekend on her Twitter account.

Love has also offered some insight as to why she decided to speak up about Jamie.

“I decided as a Feminist the only honorable thing to do was after I spoke to Jessica at length about penises and vaginas, 10 year olds, etc. I would, while my daughter was at Wendy’s (grandmother,and now temporary guardian) … house post on Facebook the truth that Britney is in an illegal hell,” Love tweeted last night. (Some punctuation added by Fair News Spears.)

Jamie has never directly refuted the accusations.

”We’re not commenting on Courtney Love, or any aliens who might come to Earth to impregnate people,” said Lou Taylor, a Spears’ family spokesperson told celebrity news site New York Daily News shortly before Courtney’s daughter was taken away.

Meanwhile, Judge Beckloff is trying to disqualify himself from Love’s case. The public affairs office could provide no details as to the basis of the action, but Love indicated on Twitter that Judge Beckloff is a decent commission but he was once her lawyer. Public affairs could not say when the next hearing would be as the guardianship case is sealed, but TMZ, newswire City News Service and others report that Judge Beckloff extended the temporary restraining order on Friday until April 9.

Love is currently in the United Kingdom on a short tour to promote her new album, “Nobody’s Daughter.”




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