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3 hours ago, Goku said:

Why would they? The video makes them look more unprofessional and stupid than ever.


then it was definitely them :airpls:

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It leaked! Edited by @breatheheavy: We have to remove the download links because of copyright. Sorry about that. 

Now leak the original Perfume, and my life will be complete 

Thanks B team...you know how to calm us all down for a while 

5 minutes ago, theKARATEkid said:

I get the Adam & Eve references, but I see a profound introspection into Britney's journey as well:

[1] First scene is Britney the performer at her best, the Britney we all know and love, the public persona. Britney at her prime, ******, confident.

[2] Then comes suburb's Britney, behind the closed doors of her home. Whatever happens inside the house is her personal life. Leopards in the living room representing her  "crazy side", her artistic side shown from the dancers, her fitness side from the TV.

3] She's getting evicted because of her public persona took over her personal side, as what happened in reality. She then rebels by throwing the TV (representing the media) outside of her house (representing her personal life).

[4] The electrocution of her lover represents how in reality her fame and her relationship with the media cost her her love life.

[5] The cage by the pool represent how control she is now, Britney the performer (in red) is controlled by her team and is still under a conservatorship, literally in a cage.

[6] The video ends with the destruction of the house, representing her personal life collapsing. You then realize that she’s partly responsible for all of this when you see her in the bulldozer. 

what do you think?

Yeah no I think yours a more spot on and realistic, if we’re talking about what David was trying to say. The whole media thing and her persona taking over can make sense. I sometimes look too hard into the spiritual aspects of things, don’t think think I would’ve seen what u mentioned if I didn’t read it. 

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22 minutes ago, nels64 said:

GIRL yes. But also they needed to edit this a few more times. This cut was not the T. 

I mean it's not the full vision of what David LaChapelle was going for and we may never know. There might be other scene's that were supposed to be included.  Maybe once LaChapelle finds out it's been leaked he'll share what his full vision was and we'll know more.

The only thing I really dislike about the video is the G Greasy scene. I love this version though and can't stop watching. Something the official released video failed to do...

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4 hours ago, BringTheAction said:

It’s not wise to leak something and watermark something you don’t own :xfactorlook: especially with your full name :demi:


exactly nnnnnn why would anyone do that? To me, it seems that whoever leaked the video wanted to get someone else in trouble...

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HAPPY 20 ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! :tear::tear::tear:

This is the only gift we would have in a while apparently; btw IT TOTALLY NEED SOME EDITING ADJUSTMENTS but its has potential to be a VERY GOOD VIDEO... in another dimension this was a hit.

BTW that in the beginning.. its her? or a boddy doble? JUST ASKING, cause we never see her face in that shoot, she looks AMAZING in all the other shoots. 

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1 minute ago, PokemonSpears said:

t's just a video. :idkney: We have been asking for Controversialney for years, and now ya'll don't appreciate this. Well, I hope next era you get all your Ooh La La and Pretty Girls kind of videos, which I'm sure you'll love :cooltshirt:

OMG :haha: I love you:orangu:

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Actually the video is great 

the only thing that I don’t like is the mistakes in the cheetah scene... the invisible arm killed the video for me :umok:


also, the power point effect when the tv is under the water :wontcry:


the body doubles shouldn’t have been there 

the *** scene was risky but cmon Britney that would be amazing for glory (something people would have talked about) , it’s a music video nothing else  :heresthetea:

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