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It leaked! Edited by @breatheheavy: We have to remove the download links because of copyright. Sorry about that. 

Now leak the original Perfume, and my life will be complete 

Thanks B team...you know how to calm us all down for a while 

5 minutes ago, lustwecantcontrol said:

The video is just a mess, non of it makes sense and yeah you're right the kiss at the end was so awkward.....she seems super uncomfortable when she's walking him into the house too! 


I think what happened is team Britney/Britney herself didn't like the video and wanted it to be edited/changed and David as offended and said no and it got canned. Then they had no time/budget and we got the the 2nd mess that was released. 

I agree. They made the right decision by scrapping it. Makes me think that we shouldn’t hate on Larry. Proof is this video as well as it was true she went to the salon so it wasn’t a made up story by him. 

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Ok. First of all... IT'S WAAAAAAAY BETTER thank the official video. That's a fact. :well: And there's no stupid girly screams so that alone makes it better :bedtime:

Having said that, the storyline doesn't make sense at all and the effects and the advertisement are terrible. We can't deny that lol I don't know if it's because it wasnt finished or idk, but I don't get the story.

BUT... The cage scenes and the ones where she's dancing... God. Amazing :wontcry: She looks gorgeous. I still can't believe they wasted those amazing scenes for the stupid official video they released. 


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2 minutes ago, Goku said:

Unprofessional cause they filmed an entire video for 3 days knowing exactly the bad storyline since the start.

Then scrapped the entire thing after weeks of pre-production, losing millions, time, ads and most important: the Glory era.


The damage has already been done tho. Fans already know about the mess.

theres a saying in business/politics... “never let a good crisis go to waste”

better to leak the video years later and have huge social media engagement (while also distracting from a scandal) rather than let it collect dust.

or maybe some random blew Lachapelle, got the video, and leaked it. We don’t know.

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9 minutes ago, Chuts said:

You know nothing. This is all solved lol

All I know is what I said. You can potentially get yourself into trouble for leaking things and revealing your identity as the leaker. 

I did NOT say that this guy was in trouble or getting sued. It’s not that deep. No need to reach

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1 minute ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

I think the bulldozer scene was meant to be longer, but Britney started losing her **** and screaming at David LaChapelle so it didn't make the edit :gloria: 

We're also missing a proper introduction to G-Eazy.

The video doesn't make sense because it feels as if a few scenes are missing which would have set up the rest of the story.

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1 minute ago, BringTheAction said:

All I know is what I said. You can potentially get yourself into trouble for leaking things and revealing your identity as the leaker. 

I did NOT say that this guy was in trouble or getting sued. It’s not that deep. No need to reach

If a video has a watermark on it doesn't mean it was the leaker. I can own the video and I don't want anyone to fnd out it was me. Would I put my name on it? Knowing I can be in trouble for that? I'd rather put your name on it, don't you think? :schoolingtime:

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This doesn't seem finished like others have said (where's that bulldozer seen where Britney and the dancers are all on it?, Britney looking unedited, the TV still have tracking dots on it, etc.), but still, where would they fit the rest of the plot line? It makes sense that "it just didn't work." All of this was edited taking up the whole song and more and, still, the storyline makes no sense. They probably couldn't figure out how to fit the plot line in while not chopping up the song more. I don't get how they shot the entire video without planning that out first though.

Also, there was a body double for Britney throwing the TV out the window. Glad that wasn't released.

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