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7 hours ago, Catalin said:

So.... If "she has gotten worse and can’t work anymore", then why Wallet asked for ( and got) a huge raise just a few months ago? And what makes you thing she's now in worse condition than she was in 2011 or even 2013-2014?

I don’t know she is in a worse or better condition. I was just offering a theory is to why he resigned. Ppl are making up their own theories but they act like Britney was perfectly fine last year and she wasn’t. 

Numerous ppl said she seemed off and her appearance and tour was a huge step back (not talking about cheap) from previous years. Maybe she finally decided to deal with her problems. Which is a great thing. 


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Why is everyone freaking out? Taking care of your mental health is a good thing ppl. Kudos to her for noticing something is off and wanting to fix it. There’s been something visibly wrong for awhile. 

First. Good luck to you Britney!! I wish you well!❤️ Secondly. There have been too many questions asked about where she is so team Britney must’ve felt forced to admit what’s really going on. May

This is a good thing. We’ve been saying ever since last summer something hasn’t been quite right, now she’s working on her issues and getting help which takes a lot of strength. I wish her the best. 

5 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

The reality is she probably shouldn't have been working over a lot of the past 10 years.

The only difference now is that Jamie isn't there to force her to do it.

His illness may be a huge blessing in disguise for Britney. Sorry to say.

Britney was trying to go forward with a brand new show in the midst of her father's illness and that's probably a contributing factor to what she's going through right now.

She never been given a real chance to recover or deal with what happened to her. This is the first time she's been allowed to prioritise her health and wellness instead of being catapulted into another career-related project. I believe this was necessary regardless of Jamie's health and I think only good things will come from this. It's a bit sad to think that it took Jamie's illness to end this pattern.

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

Yet she dressed up like this on her latest show.


I think the opposite. She always looked and felt older than her age, like those precocius teenagers, which is totally normal. I don't know about rural places in the US but at least in Mexico that's where teenagers start to be ******** active even at younger ages than in the cities.

In general it just depends on the person, despite their social status; some people keep acting like kids till their 20's  (I might be guilty of that :embarrassed:) or they're already ******** developed at 14 so their behavior and appearance will be different. 

I don't think her team pushed her to be ****. They just saw that aspect of her and didn't do anything to stop it, and maybe even highlighted it. Or actually they did try to stop it, weren't they against that little crouching move she does on the Stronger video, that she ultimately ended up doing? 

I think it wasn't until her kids were older and the "I'm a mom now" excuse came that she started to feel conscious and embarrassed about the ****** aspect of her performances and looks. And even then, by 2015 she started to be comfortable with her body again, till we arrived to the 2018 shows were clothes were barely there lol

That’s true because her MMC castmates said that she was very flirty in a innocent way but still very flirty almost borderline ********. Like she would have her bra strap slip and it would stay that way until someone pointed it out and she would giggle and go oh I didn’t even noticed :ehidk:

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4 hours ago, marioh said:

That's what I thought too. So sad if true. :pensiveney: But yeah, she basically has no rights so they can do whatever they want with her, as scary as it sounds.

wat do u even mean sad but true its not even true! n its not rehab shes not recovering from alcohol or drugs shes just taking care of her mental health thats not sad thats being responsible n knowing urself n ur own limits shes self aware a lot of people cud benefit from taking time for urself from time 2 time 

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1 hour ago, Rob_ said:

This is the definition of a britard. Delusion. You can tell Britney hasn’t been well for some time now. Just wish her well and move on 

This is the definition of not being able to read.

Where did I say that Britney is well? :snooptoya: Where did I say that Britney doesn't need help? :snooptoya: Where did I say that I don't wish Britney well? :snooptoya:

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1 hour ago, BKSTYL3 said:

Not really. She didn't seem well during FF Era, but she's seemed fine since 2016. It's not far fetched what @Lukass1896 is saying

it's kinda like Britney's damn if she does and damned if she doesn't . If Britney seeked help on her own then I am happy for her, but what is concerning is that there is a chance that her team could have placed her in the facility against her will and possibly use the media against her. She literally has no voice.


That's exactly what I meant :) :makeitrain: Thank you for understanding me :tysm::kiss:

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Yea the "taking care of her dad " nerrative is fake af. 

Jamie Lynn “has been taking care of” her dad, Jamie Spears, amid his serious health struggles, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “She and her husband, [Jamie Watson], have been helping Jamie as much as they can. She’s a caretaker, even though she’s the youngest.



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1 minute ago, G-unit said:

Omg I can’t at some of y’all saying Britney doesn’t like to be **** and was pushed into it.  She grew up wanting to have a career like MADONNA.  She pushed to naughty up the school girl outfit.  Toxic, where she is NUDE, was HER idea.  SHE co-wrote a song about ************.  You can’t convincingly pull off ****...otherwise it LOOKS forced and awkward.  Britney dominated the stage being ****...see BOM promotional performances.  This fanbase has gone completely down the *******. 

Shut your ***** mouth, "Sammi Sweetheart"

Jk i agree with you sis... exhale is cray

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This is probably not the right time, but I feel like we ha e nothing to do so when it comes to her career so.. lol

couldnt we kinda "pressure" mgm to tell us at least the current situation about domination?

we have no updates about britney, so would be nice to have any kind of update  about domination

even if they just say it's still postponed, at least it's something 

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6 hours ago, PrettyGorl said:

CL was one of he first celebrities to publicly shade Harvey Weinstein for his ****** abuse, years before it was common knowledge. She clearly has a passion for survivors of abuse. Not saying that’s means she’s right, but to not believe CL “for a second” is harsh.

This is actually the first I’m hearing of the CL allegations, and I’m sure she wasn’t lying for attention rn. But she could have received bad info. I feel like the rest of the family wouldn’t be so close with Jamie if he molested Britney, but stranger things have happened.

also it’s interesting that these molestation rumors follow the Spears girls. Britney with her dad (and creepy execs during her prime) and Jamie Lynn with Dan Schneider. Maybe this is a pattern of behavior in the Spears family. Or it merely could be internet lies concocted for drama.

Courtney was full of ****. She became friends with Sam Lutfi and then all of a sudden claimed she knew all this info about Britney. It was obviously Sam's doing, and it took Courtney years to realize he was a disgusting piece of **** but she finally did and is like the 7th person to get a restraining order on him. 


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9 hours ago, zxcvb said:

I can understand the Circus era.  A LOT of people were depending on that era, she had more lawyers fees.  Fine.  TMZ pointed out her worth back then:

"TMZ has obtained legal documents in the conservatorship case, showing that in December 2008, the assets controlled by Britney's conservators totaled $2,826,362.68. Now get this ...TMZ has learned ... exactly one year later -- in December, 2009 -- the assets controlled by the conservators swelled to $27,500,000 ... almost a 10 fold increase in 1 year. Most of the gains came from Britney's wildly successful Circus Tour...

Now the figures are deceiving. The conservators only control a portion of Britney's total estate. She has a lot of money and property in various trusts and other business entitites, which the conservators do not control."


Nobody has really paid attention, but they've been pretty consistent in reporting her finances every year since at least 2011.  

But to me, the Femme Fatale era was her 'second downfall'.  This is when 'she aged', she was even less interested as a performer than Circus and was obviously drugged.  There were rumors Jive forced an early release of the album to 'milk her one last time' before they went under.... Which makes sense.


She wasn't ready to go out in early 2011 but her father, Larry etc... forced her.

But again, if she has a lot of money outside of her conservatorship, why has she been so worked the last decade???   Signing up for a new residency so soon after the last??? The fact that her father and Lou tried to renege on their deal with Elizabeth ARden/Brand Sense means claims about her welfare mean their top priority have no credibility.  It's money.  They had to obviously settle because they were totally wrong for that.

(Then she gets all that plastic surgery, arguably a response to Xfactor; but then why the hell wasn't she professionally styled/make-up 100% of the time to look great?   That's her damn job.)

They make millions off of her when she tours and performs in Vegas.


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1 hour ago, G-unit said:

Omg I can’t at some of y’all saying Britney doesn’t like to be **** and was pushed into it.  She grew up wanting to have a career like MADONNA.  She pushed to naughty up the school girl outfit.  Toxic, where she is NUDE, was HER idea.  SHE co-wrote a song about ************.  You can’t convincingly pull off ****...otherwise it LOOKS forced and awkward.  Britney dominated the stage being ****...see BOM promotional performances.  This fanbase has gone completely down the *******. 

Rahn Stahp :demi:

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1 hour ago, nels64 said:

I’m saying I don’t believe that she knew what was going on with Britney and her father. She didn’t know Britney or Jamie...how would she know that info??? 

Also I wouldn’t put it passed a southern family like theirs to “look past it”. It happens all the time. Especially if they don’t necessarily believe the victim. 

How would she know about about Weinstein then? Ppl in the industry talk.

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6 hours ago, BKSTYL3 said:

Not really. She didn't seem well during FF Era, but she's seemed fine since 2016.

She even went to testify at court in 2016 for that Sam Lutfi lawsuit, that was a sign she was doing so much better

 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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On 4/4/2019 at 1:52 AM, chizwhiz said:

It was she that implemented the conservatorship. But she is a tax accountant so some might say she was just doing her job at first.

since 08 her and her team have been closely entwined with Britney’s management. Lou’s best friend / employee Robin became Britney’s PA after 2011 - today or so. 

Her team also tried to build a music career for JL who lived next door to her in Nashville for 3 years. Even tho she isn’t a music manager, her team aren’t suited to managing artists. 

Whilst in nashville she introduced JL to her own church, Calvary chapel, which oddly enough Britney began making large donations to after. It was all a little bit Bieber/Hilsong. 

her company Tristar Nashville has really bad reviews on glassdoor. It’s all a bit shady. 

For a tax accountant to the rich she is certainly grandious about her wealth and status

Some poor intern at her company is probably having to scrub her Instagram as we speak. 

Omg I didn’t know any of this! We need to free britney!! Omg 

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42 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:
2 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

That's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying they make more than her. I'm just saying they still make millions more than they would if she didn't tour.

It's very odd.  She's supposed to have millions and millions of dollars in trusts et al., continues to be very successful globally with her fragrances (which means one way or another, she gets a steady form of income even without working) but the way she's performed in the last decade, one would think she is desperately struggling to pay her bills.

She's been criticized a lot for her performing the last decade, but she still had a confidence in 2016; in her demeanor on stage, that changed in 2017, 2018 (with her appearance changing more at the end of the year; she looked great at the VMAs 2016, nobody complained then)


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