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Jamie Lynn Spears Postponed New Music Due To "A Few Unexpected Family Health Concerns"

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4 hours ago, generation glory said:

I mean it’s just basic common sense at this point. Gosh are fans still that blind?

They're bliiiiind from the tears that faaaall like-RAIN 
So lost every since she weeeent aWAY
Sometimes our lives foreeeever-CHANGE
Exhale's always gonna beeeee the sa-a-ame



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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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Jamie Lynn will take over as Britney's conservator.

“**** Jamie Lynn”  what is this site? 

Are you suggesting we all should go on a hiatus?  

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What really worries me is that we haven’t see one picture of her for nearly 2 months. She Britney f**king Spears and people take pictures of her all the time. Maybe I’m wrong but the last time it was like this was around 2010 and 2007 when she was in rehab and 2008. She was having a lot of problems then and maybe she’s going through something again now. No shade or anything, but what if something happened and she was seriously injured or possibly died. It’s crazy to think about. 

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If you can't say I LOVE YOU, then say nothing at all...

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2 hours ago, Isla. said:

Pretty sure she's only referring to their dad. Some of you are reading into this way too much.


When Domination was about to star everybody was like. Oh I wish she would take a break. She needs it. And now its like everybody is going crazy and posting things like: This is how amazing Domination would have been...



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I think it's still the same health woes Jamie is dealing with. And we don't know how old this interview/Q&A is. Publications do interviews weeks in advance (magazines do interviews months in advance) and hold it for a while before actually publishing it.

So her saying that what appears to be now, doesn't mean anything new came up or that anyone else is ill.

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2 hours ago, Breathe on me u toxicbitch said:


When Domination was about to star everybody was like. Oh I wish she would take a break. She needs it. And now its like everybody is going crazy and posting things like: This is how amazing Domination would have been...



Okay true haha. Exhalers can never be pleased sometimes :tbh: 

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7 hours ago, joanhs said:

Uhm you guys, her husband has got a family too lol. Maybe her mother-in-law is ill or whatever

Her mother in law is a flight attendant 


23 hours ago, generation glory said:

I mean it’s just basic common sense at this point. Gosh are fans still that blind? :britoverit:

As for Jamie Lynn. She’s talking about Maddie’s accident, Jamie’s recent illness and maybe her last pregnancy. Not saying she had a hard pregnancy/delivery but pregnancy is health related so that pushed back her music a bit.

But LBR Jamie Lynn isn’t that serious about her career. Why should she be? She has enough money from her teen years to get by. Besides she can always fall back on her mom at the serenity mansion and she has a husband now who can take care of the household. She could’ve been more successful as a singer-songwriter if she’d remained in Nashville. You have to go and stay where the music is. Instead she got homesick. Moved back in with her mom in Louisiana claiming she’s still a serious aspiring country singer but she never tours, she doesn’t open up for any artist, she doesn’t play festivals or casinos throughout the year like all the other up & coming (or even the dominant country artist do.) She is not singing at songwriters round session on Music Row 4/5 nights a week. She’s never pulled her own weight.

 In that business, in that town you, gotta literally be there. You have to network, write, sing and hustle (publicly) everyday. Jamie Lynn is living comfortably in Louisiana now. Yes she’s dabbling here and there in music but here main interest is in being a mom. Nothing wrong with that at all! However flying into Nashville one or twice a year and going to Florida to come up with a bland song or two with Liz Rose isn’t gonna cut it. Jamie Lynn is no more interested in her music career than Britney.

This! but she left Nashville to live with her boyfriend who she had been with briefly in 2010 for a while, and he is now her husband, he’s is from a rich family that own a transporting company. I don’t think she needs to work.

In the time she lived in Nashville I think she spent a HUGE amount of money booking studio time with songwriters, she wrote over 100 songs with people like Pam Tillis, Michael Busbee, Connie Harrington, Jennifer Schott, Liz Rose. Lots of well known Grammy winners., She sang at the bluebird cafe, she has toured some festivals but she hasn’t been consistent enough of it. 

the producer of Jamie Lynn’s ep album is a friend of lou Taylor from the church that britney made donations to. 

I think the main problem was that jamie didn’t land a record deal. Who knows why

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On 3/20/2019 at 9:43 AM, Mantequilla said:

And now amphetamines? Omg. :juggingu:

i was just answering the question of why people would speculate and i was just saying that her appearance (and backtracking now even her appearance on the night of the announcement) looks like someone who has been doing amphetamines/**** and whether you're someone who believes her past drug use is also speculation or not i am experienced enough to know what it looks like and old enough to remember the paparazzi photos of britney with a mountain of provigil boxes in her bag. look at the pictures of her face from diddys party in 2007 and her birthday. shes wearing white. has a white hat. britney is high as a kite those nights. she looks the exact same on the night of the announcement for the residency. when people do drugs like that once they get past a certain level of high they have a distinct look in their eye. my speculation isnt unwarranted. 


the photo i was thinking of was from neither of those nights. 





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  • Exhale+

I can't believe people are going to spread the "she's not well" thing right when there are rumors she wants to take back her life and have the c-ship ended. Like, seriously? Let our girl breathe. She's on a hiatus and clearly Jamie Lynn is talking about their father or her daughter or in-laws.

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