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I Got That Boom Boom and Outrageous are Britney’s best songs.

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On 1/11/2019 at 2:38 AM, DignifiedLove said:

Gimme More most overrated Britney song in history. A former tabloid starlet, a talentless, repetitious, washed up, medicated plant. A joke who is respected only by white gays.200w.gif


18 minutes ago, DignifiedLove said:

:deadbanana::deadbanana: :deadbanana:

Care to explain? :chrissy:

🥀 𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 🥀

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1 hour ago, Towelney said:

Care to explain? :chrissy:

this was my problematic era omg i have repented my sins now and FULLY appreciate 'Godme More' in all its glory chrissy.gif 

1 hour ago, JP9101 said:

They aged like milk huney sorraaaayyyy

Most pop songs do :chrissy:

1 hour ago, Makemeooh said:

Even Circus’s non singles are better, sorry 

who gon tell ha BYRv.gif 

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not her best songs.. BUT

outrageous is a bop and one of the best on ITZ imo, and a *** anthem for sure! Boom Boom is HIGHLY UNDERRATED. the choreo>> i wish she wouldve performed it during vegas or something:( honestly should have been a single. even if the feature was a little annoying, still added something to the album and was so fun

both songs are something she does best: urban r&b. 

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