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Britney uploads edited version of the announcement on YouTube

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2 hours ago, Koda100 said:

Exactly, and if they didn't over hype it on Ellen, then the GP/ Media would have used this, but every1 went for the 30 minute mediocre live stream, giving the GP more fuel to dis our queen. Its not entirely her fault though, cuz its known that she's pretty hands-off when it comes to a lot of stuff relating to her.

Then it’s her fault due to negligence :jj: 

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Her team is trying to fix the mess by heavily editing the live stream footage  Oh team brit were not stupid and clearly they know that because they disabled comments  

at the end of the video I thought they will show her enter in the car and leaving  

The whole time leading up to the "announcement" was amazing.the little parade but especislly the part of showing the building.  The visuals were incredible.the production surprised me considering her

1 hour ago, studlygeorge said:

You guys would have dragged her regardless. “I’m back! I’m so excited for my next show. It’s a huge labor of love and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.” Even if she said something along those lines yall still would be pissed, stop trying to pretend you wouldn’t be. I swear, the negativity here is so annoying.

im giving them the benefit of the doubt that there was technical difficulties. The broadcast was delayed, the reporter was a bit confused, Mario Lopez was there but his role seemed cut short, and it looked like the men she was with were rushing her out. Something seemed off.


whatever. It’s done and it’s over. Excited for the show.

Lmao she just didn’t give a **** about the audience, no technical difficulties. This behavior is constant and not just a “first time kind” of thing. She abd her team constantly lie to us :mhmnod:

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3 hours ago, Koda100 said:

I agree, everything was good and exciting, but the roll out was poor. The camera angles were wrong, filming the building a million times, filming an empty street, the Ellen dude... the direction was not there, which sucks because they really applied effort. A for effort, C- for execution. 

I agree, it was like they had all the right pieces so technically the whole live stream event should’ve been fierce. The location and the hotel itself looked spectacular with the lighting. But the whole thing felt  very uncoordinated watching it from the live steam. The timing felt off, especially when the host like, stuttered the intro? That felt so cringey, and then saying her last name as “Spear?!” I cant. Also, I felt like the time between her emergence from the stage and when WB starts could’ve been shortened a bit. The cringe was really real when Britney just stood there for a bit looking kind of uneasy. I got second hand anxiety mixed in with confusion trying to make sense of what was going on. 

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2 hours ago, jennyj said:

LOL somehow they made ti look good!  Though I wish they showed a quick closeup of her face when she was popping up from the toaster stage.  She looked so good when she was smiling before all the confusion/awkwardness started lol.

What's with that slowed down "KIT....TEN" at the beginning though? lol

Haha “toaster stage” :tifflmao:

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6 hours ago, balmainxcx said:

Does she not realise that if she did her hair-makeup and outfit properly, did a performance of ONE SONG and made an announcement then it would have been 1000000x better. It ain't rocket science, Britney... :airpls:

She is not a performer, she an entertainer that perform when she’s in the mood! :hiii:

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A few days late, and not near the damage control it should have been. (Simple explanations are hard these days, y'all.) Am I surprised? Of course not. 

But I will give it to Nappytabs as much as I can-- they tried to set up a very nice announcement. Things just went wrong. (As they always do with Britney.)

10 hours ago, Britman512 said:


Oh team brit were not stupid and clearly they know that because they disabled comments


:beylaugh: Of course they did.

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i think her team should stay away from live streams, because every single one they have done has been a mess :pieceofwhat:

i think they should of just posted this video after the event to 'promote'/announce it, as it makes it look decent

he used to sing me sweet melodies ♫

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1 hour ago, abbiesbanned. said:

i think her team should stay away from live streams, because every single one they have done has been a mess :pieceofwhat:

i think they should of just posted this video after the event to 'promote'/announce it, as it makes it look decent

How many live streams have they done

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16 hours ago, Winter _90 said:

She should use more her Youtube channel .Unfortunately many fans can not see it and the Youtube Channel would perfect(release singles,videos,announce important dates)She still has power and should use it, but she should not use anyone's Youtube Channel.I would also like her to use her Tumblr and she will tell us what she would like(I do not care, if she writes, she painted, she tells us movies or she talk about their  children)We need to know real  things about her ,to be connected with her again.I hope she does.Please do not tell me that for that she already has Instagram.

She should’ve just done like a commercial kinda like prerogative to do the announcement and it would have been fine. 

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