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Have you guys seen this video of Sam?

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Aww he talks so proudly of her  as long as they make each other happy, thats all that matters. 

I think he handled that very well. 

Is it me or he actually thought he was on Vogue’s 73 questions?  

He's shy when it comes to talking, just like Britney.  That pap was annoying and so nosey and even that sleazy voice gross.  Sam sounded humble and a little nervous because he probably was not put in that situation before, plus they are very private (which I'm glad).  I"m big a Samney fan regardless of some judgmental Exhellers here saying things without knowing them personally.


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4 hours ago, Marlean said:

Well looking down is a common sign that you don't want to disclose something that you're covering up (aka lying about) 

This notion has actually been thoroughly debunked, but continues to be perpetuated in movies, TV shows, pop psychology, etc., so I understand why you’d think that. But just in case you’re interested, here’s a very simplistic summary of the research:

“A study of people across 58 countries found that gaze aversion was the behavior that most people associated with deception. But is there any truth to this?

Researchers say no.

Science shows that liars do not avoid eye contact any more frequently than those telling the truth. The key thing to look for in eye movement is deviation from their baseline.”


And this is a summary of a very interesting two-part study:

“We’ve all heard the claim: Watching a person’s eyes as they speak can help us figure out if they’re lying or telling the truth. Supposedly, if a right-handed person looks to the right, they are unwittingly revealing activity in the right hemisphere—the creative half of their brain—indicating they’re manufacturing a lie. On the other hand, eyes pointed to the left suggest activity in the rational, left hemisphere, showing that the speaker is telling the truth.

This idea has become so entrenched in conventional wisdom that it’s reportedly been used to train police conducting interrogations and can be found all over the web. But a new study by researchers in the United Kingdom and Canada, published yesterday in the journal PLoS ONE, indicates that there’s absolutely no evidence for it at all. ‘It’s madness,’ says Richard Wiseman, the lead author of the study. ‘You might as well just toss a coin, and if it comes up heads, you’re going up against a liar.’

Wiseman, who holds a Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, frequently speaks on the psychology of lying and illusion, and says that running into this myth over and over again finally convinced him to test it scientifically. ‘Whenever I talk about lying publicly, this thing about eye movements always comes up,’ he says. ‘It doesn’t at all match with the psychological literature, so I thought it’d be good to put it to the test.’”


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Lol "Do you think it's time for Kevin to get a job?" As if anyone other than Kevin wouldn't say yes it's time for this 40 year old man to get a job. 

I don't really know what to think of Sam. He's cute though and more likeable while speaking and smiling than he is posing for pictures and looking like he takes himself too seriously. 

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5 hours ago, vinay said:

when was the last time Britney spoke to the paps?, I remember her talking to them during the x factor days, was that the most recent?

I think when that actress passed away and she didn't understand the question and just answered "that's cool" or something like that

 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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He did handle it really well. If he'd answered the questions about Kevin, regardless of what he said, it would have reflected on Britney: and he knew that. Very well done. (Dammit, Sam, stop making me give things to you.)

Also, I... actually liked his answer for his favorite Britney song to work out to. Thank you for not choosing WB.

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Sam is a model/actor. His actions may reflect on Britney too, but he also has to  be civil and respectful to maintain his own reputation. He has got to smile and be diplomatic in every on-camera situation because there’s always gonna be someone waiting to try and use his attitude against him. (Perfect example being some of you in the Exhell crew...)

so he is essentially representing himself AND Britney and he did it exceptionally well. 

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