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This may already be a topic (I did a quick search and didn't see anything substantial) but I just have so many questions about Myah Marie and her involvement with Britney's albums, specifically Britney Jean. I'm relatively new to Exhale but I have been a Britney fan for as long as I can remember... which is why it took be two seconds to realize that someone else was singing for Britney on her songs. For example-  I actually really enjoy the song Passenger but I can't get through it without becoming enraged at the fact that it isn't even Britney singing. So... why? Like, why did Britney and/or her team (because I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Britney had no clue about how much her vocals are on the final albums) think that it would be ok or go unnoticed that it wasn't her singing? Do they really think that people who have been listening to her music since 1999 wouldn't recognize a different voice? Was Britney just going into the booth and breathing at the microphone? What possible reason could they have for using Myah at all? Was it strict deadlines or something? If anyone could shed any light on this subject I would be very grateful.

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So... I have a theory, its based in absolutely no facts at all but anyway, here i come:   I think Britney wanted to go on a totally different direction with Britneu Jean, I believe she had s

they started cloning Britney after the FF era because she was way too medicated.. they hadn't perfected the vocal hardware for the clones yet so they hired an impersonator.. thank god they managed to

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4 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

they started cloning Britney after the FF era because she was way too medicated.. they hadn't perfected the vocal hardware for the clones yet so they hired an impersonator.. thank god they managed to update the hardware in time for "Glory".. 


They really over tweaked the vocal chords in clone #144,  her glory clone sounds way more experienced than the bj :janet:

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Just let me give you one last test, is that a sin? https://soundcloud.com/jacod

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20 minutes ago, tsss said:

the popular version is that she was busy with vegas rehearsals...but idk why wouldn't they delay the album then 

:tifflmao: that sounds even more unbelievable than the Milli Vanilli theories.


I genuinely just think they over-edited her voice. Myah is obviously there in some backgrounds, but from there to say that she sang 100% of it and Britney didn't sing a word is a reach, but it's useless trying to convince otherwise anyone on Exhale.


It's funny though, because I always read in here stuff like "the only proof I need is my ears", because the most benevolent ones say Britney IS there but Myah's vocals were brought to the front, as if she was the main singer. Well, I bought new earphones, but they're the bluetooth ones, without any wires, and ever since I got them all of the songs that I have sound different. Like, little noises in the instrumentals or background vocals I didn't used to listen to before, are now audible, and some of the sounds I used to hear are gone or barely audible.

Talking about Britney Spears, Work *****, the "hold your head high, fingers to the sky..." part sounds totally different now, as if, what do you know, the background vocals were brought to the front and Britney's vocals were pushed to the back, and I was like whaat :surprisedney:

And that happens to other songs as well, like in Oops, the final chorus the background vocals are very loud and Britney's voice disappears. But I swear to Godney that with my old headphones, Britney's voice is louder in these songs, in those specific parts. 



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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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The long and short of it is Britney was preparing an album, writing songs and working with urban producers up until summer 2013, then Will.I.Am was made the Executive producer of the album, after Scream and Shout did well. A number of producers suddenly came out and said their songs were scrapped because Will and his team wanted a final say on the tracks. This set them back to the start and meant they had to rush produce tracks, but at this point, Britney (being completely uninterested in this project at this point) didn't have the time to do it (Between family duties and Vegas, which became the main purpose of this era). Britney did minimal takes, regardless of quality, and then myah was brought in to fill in the blanks. 

They were in too deep with the 'personal' thing, and tried to brand it as such....

Some people refuse to believe Myah is on the majority of tracks (lets be honest, it is embarressing) but we have no footage of her singing in a documentary that was filmed between july through to december 2013, producers and writers on the album wiped their hands of their songs on the album, there's too many inconsistencies in the credits, and for the love of god, there are stems labelled myah that are singing lead vocals.

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Honestly I have no idea why it happened. Will was brought on board early in the year, there was plenty of time for Brit to lay vocals for 12 songs. Whether her vocals weren’t good enough or it was a stupid production choice, I don’t know.


What I do know is Britney’s team and Britney herself signing off on this album and then going forward to promote is as personal, saying she wrote on every track etc is one of the major nails in the coffin for Britney’s career. She lost a lot of fans after that, and rightfully so. It’s actually incredible the media didn’t rip her apart and it stayed largely within the fandom.

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7 minutes ago, mauureee said:

both sound like myah to me:jlostare:

the first one (give it 3 seconds, my bad) is Britney's take of BMS: Singing falsetto, you can hear a frailty to her voice, partly because the song doesn't suit her voice, but the airiness and characteristics are there. The second is myah's take....that sounds completely different; different tone, different register, different pronunciation and timbre etc. etc. 

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