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Thoughts on what Britney should do next (career wise)

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Work on getting out of her Cship and once she is out, take time off to write her autobiography. Figure out her next sound (possible rock since she has always wanted to be a rock chick) Work with vocal and dance couches. Paint. Pray. Write. Dance. Sing. Rediscover her passions and why she does this for a living.  Go to places other than Hawaii for inspiration. Do some charity work, some awards show  presenting. Then come back and launch the new era with the album, book, new skills. 

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I sincerely hope that Britney does not head back to Vegas again. I know she probably will, but I really hope not. She needs a fresh new album with a brand new era and she needs to do a full tour.

I want a proper era while she’s still pretty young tbh. go hard or go home. an era or retire at this point. I’m getting bored. Don’t drag out my pain 

I`m gonna tell you what FANS should do next NOT SUPPORT HER WITH HER MESSINESS!! I

13 hours ago, MTL899 said:


I think she owes us devoted fans who have stuck by her through everything a brand new fresh era  giving it her all (which we all know she can do) before going back to Vegas.

See that pisses me off right there.

Britney Spears owes us nothing.

For every dollar you have spent you got something in return.

You bought a single: you got that single

You bought and album: you got that album

You bought a ticket: you got that ticket

You bought something with her face on it: you got that item

Just bc you buy her stuff doesn't entitle you to her producing additional stuff in the future.

Britney Spears owes it to Britney Spears to do exactly the **** she wants to do 


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Take a long break. She needs to find out what she is passionate about again because clearly it’s not performing anymore.


Maybe she could write that book she mentioned writing on FTR. Or maybe a new documentary so we can see inside the life of Brit currently.


I don’t want any new music unless she’s passionate and willing to talk about it... like express what the music means to her instead of just saying it’s ‘cool and interesting’

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She can do Vegas again but please make a new show with an actual choreographer, make up artist, and stylist. I'm sure the production of the stage, props, and the band's performance will be excellent like always. Also, please pre record vocals for all songs and sing 2 ballads live (Everytime and DLMBTLTK). You better add HIAM and Overprotected. Also, Circus deserves a lengedary performance. Change the Crazy and Stronger "breakdown", the remixes are so well done, but the choreo is a letdown. Go back to the old break the ice choreo and piece of me and baby one more time (i hate that she changed the choreo here too.)

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Retire. It's her best option for her legacy at this point.

She does cheap half-assed shows and charges her fans a lot.

She's not singing live.

She's not even dancing anymore (and no, I'm not asking for Primeney but what she's doing now it's not dancing).

She's not doing good music videos. Less than half of the videos released since 2013 are good (Work ***** and Slumber Party).

She didn't sing on numerous songs from Britney Jean.


So, what's left? Nothing. Her lingerie line is nowhere to be found and her fragances are done without her input. I doubt she knows about all the varieties made for Fantasy (Sunset Fantasy, Maui Fantasy, Fantasy in Bloom, Fantasy: Intimate Edition, Fantasy Twist, Island Fantasy).


The problem here is that she doesn't care anymore.

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If she cares about her legacy, retire. Honestly. I think she has had her peak (actually, I think she had multiple peaks - her debut, Toxic and then Blackout) and at this point, I highly doubt she'll make an important contribution to music again (unless we hope for some sort of Cher - Believe happening in her career).  If she doesn't care, however, I think she'll do what she does right now: Make enough of an effort so she can legally call it performance, stick with Vegas 'till the end of time because it's easy, put out another great album but not enough promo (we'll never have a true proper era again) and probably something like that. :wontcry:

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I want her to do an era to slay us all. Just one more.

Looking perfect, dancing greatly, serving a show, good photoshoots, lots of interviews and most importantly? Many singles and not just f**king 2!

I want her to slay us once more while she's still young, cause in like 10 years, I can see it coming, she'll be like "I'm almost 50 so obviously I won't work as hard as I did in my 20s and 30s. At this point I connect with my fans a different way, I can't believe how supportive they still are even though I'm in the 9th year of my second Vegas residency. It's crazy, I know!" :ririshade2:

Also her kids will be grown up and I doubt they'll give her advice about what sounds fresh and I'm scared for her sound then since she has already lost her touch artistically

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On 7/19/2018 at 6:20 AM, billyjb26 said:

Britney's career is no longer her number one priority. Her children come first, her boyfriend comes second, then her vanilla candles and Starbucks, and THEN her career. Accept it or move on... :sendinglove:

it's so sad to think that "..her vanilla candles and Starbucks" are more important than her fans.. :crying3:

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An album full of revelations :smokney2:

Her view on:

Her decline in craft

Her status 

Her coming of age just like brandy did with "should I go"

(Song based on not being forced out of music)

Her losing herself 

I also want her to reinvent preferably indie a la Kylie impossible princess or Madonna Ray of light :howiroll:

Change her marketing team 

Do some acting and take a break 

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On 7/19/2018 at 12:24 AM, Kartofelek said:

A re-invention... she's heading towards 40 and she doesn't dance like J.Lo nor does she sing like Mariah. She can't be sluttying it up on stage forever. Look how ridiculed Madonna is for it.

Perhaps trying a different musical style, Sheryl Crow kinda? The thing she wanted to do before Jive created her pop persona?

Maybe a country album? Something more organic? Something closer to her southern country true-self? More frumpy and sloppy?

Agree with every single word:bigtime: (Sheryl Crow yesss)

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