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So, how are Britney's albums ranked for you right now?

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In The Zone Britney Blackout Oops BOMT Glory Femme Fatale Circus  My Prerogative  B in the mix B in the mix 2 Blackouts lea

0. Original Doll : It would have been her most legendary album HOW DARE they scrap it    1. Blackout: Me trynna find a flaw on the standard edition of this album:  . ALL of the standard tracks ar

1. Oops 2. Britney 3. ITZ 4. Blackout 5. Circus 6. BOMT 7. Glory 8. Femme Fatale 9. BJ only thing that's changed over the last couple years is that FF used to be at #5 but I've co

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Bumping this thread cause I wanna add my list, it was the first result to come up on Google :weusay:



1 and 2. In the Zone and  Blackout (both masterpieces and  I cant decide which I like better)

3. Oops 

4. Glory

5. Britney

6. Circus

7. Femme Fatale

8. Baby One More Time

9. Myah Jean 

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1. Oops
2. Britney
3. ITZ
4. Blackout
5. Circus
7. Glory
8. Femme Fatale
9. BJ

only thing that's changed over the last couple years is that FF used to be at #5 but I've come to realization that while it is still a great electropop album, it's too one-dimensional and gets boring quick. 

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1 In The Zone (her masterpiece. From teenage popstar to goddess of pop music. Very experimental and organic)
2 Blackout (great dance urban album, ahead of his time)
3 Femme Fatale (one of the greatest pop/dance album i have ever heard, very cohesive sonically speaking)
4 Glory (nice album, not her signature sound but some tracks are more mature for her. You can tell she had fun  recording this one)
5 Circus (nice collection of songs, a few fillers though and not very cohesive or memorable. Sounds like a Greatest hits kind of compilation as a whole)
6 Britney (her transition album from bubblegum pop to a sexier/more mature sound)
7 Oops I did It Again (great collection of bubblegum pop songs, the only complain i would have : some songs pretty much sound the same, maybe too many tracks too)
8 Baby One More Time (nice debut album. Hits and fillers are pretty much equal in numbers)
9 Britney Jean (terrible album production wise, some tracks are lyrically interesting though. Could have been a great album if they stripped most of the songs of all these unnecessary noises)

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I Guess Were Doing This: 

1.) In The Zone (1000/10, It’s Simply The Best Pop-R&B Album Of Time.)   
2.) Femme Fatale (20/10, Cohesive And Amazing Production.  Legendary Bops.). 
3.) Circus (9.5/10, Sonic Bops, Solid Album With Classic Britney Pop Hits.)    
4.) Britney (9/10, Perfect Pop Record, We Have To Stan.)       
5.) Glory (8.5/10, Has Great Songs And Production Thats Out Of This World, It Lacks A ‘Britney’ Esc Vibe.
6.) Oops!... I Did It Again (8/10, Sweet Britney Is So Iconic, Her Vocal Peak.)                                   7.) Blackout (7/10, I Don’t Get The Hype.)     
8.) ... Baby One More Time (6.5/10, It’s Cute, Just Not My Fav.)    
9.) Britney Jean (5/10, I Have Nothing Nice About This Album.)

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  • Exhale+

Now that this thread has revived, heres my take:

  1. Blackout (legendary album)
  2. In the zone (Hip-hop infused pop masterpiece. Still sounds so fresh)
  3. Britney (An amazing album and experience)
  4. Circus (Underrated classic-britney pop masterpiece)
  5. Femme fatale (Britneys best album of the 2010s)
  6. Glory (Overrated in the fandom, but is a fun and great album)
  7. OIDIA (Classic-britney)
  8. BOMT (a decent cheesy debut album)
  9. Myah marie jean (Who?)
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:beynah_beyonce_talking_telling_preaching: MATM (Bhangra Remix) is the best remix of Britney’s career :beynah_beyonce_talking_telling_preaching:

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1. OIDIA: the most ICONIC

2. BOMT: the classic

3. Blackout: the legendary Bi***, this album made the new Pop

4. Circus: Breakdown? Failed VMA? Who?

5. Britney: The second classic. It’s Britney.

6. Femme Fatale: That futuristic sounds, the best of the decade.

7. In The Zone: The best mix of pop and other styles of musics, wanted to put in a higher place but it’s soooo difficult omg

8. Britney Jean: Work *****, Perfume and Alien are bop!

9. Glory: no comment.

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  • Exhale+

1: ITZ or Blackout (depends on my mood) ~ 11 
3: Glory ~ 9.7 
4: OIDIA ~ 9.4 
5: Circus ~ 9.2 
6: Britney ~9 
7: FF (love it but it’s very monotone) ~ 8.9 
8: BOMT ~ 7.5 
9: BJ ~ 4

My rankings change often lol :useeinthis:

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🥀 𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 🥀

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49 minutes ago, Iconic 4 U said:

Not Glory coming last after Britney Jean :gloriascary::gloria:



Glory is my least favorite album, the two songs that save Glory are Do You Wanna Come Over and If I'm Dancing, no more. :ehidk:

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Now that Glory has had 4 years to settle, here’s my current ranking:

1) Glory - I have loved everything about this album since day one and it has not changed even 4 years later. Make Me remains my favourite Britney song of all time and also one of my favourite songs EVER. I only skip one song, Just Like Me. I personally never understood all the love this song gets and all the hate that Private Show/What you Neyde gets. I wish for her next album to be a mix of Glory and Blackout. That would sound like heaven (on earth ;)  )

2) Blackout. No explanation is necessary.

3) In the Zone. This entire era is untouchable and all pop stars from today and the future should take notes. This era is the reason that I turned into a Stan, along with My Prerogative which came out at around the same time.  

4) Circus

5) Femme Fatale 

6) Britney

7) Oops

8) Britney Jean

8) Baby one more time 




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9(Glory) Just not my cup of Tea
8(Britney Jean) It Just Was A Promotion For Vegas
7(Baby One More Time) Too Immiture For Me. But There Are Great Songs On There Though

6(Femme Fatel) Britney Was Really Not The Best In This Era so it just makes me sad listining to this Album, But again some Fab Songs

5(Oops I Did It Again) This Album is a weird one. its still "Child Britney" But she feels more Grown up than when She was in Baby. 

And i STAN Cant make you love me

4(Circus) For me not as good as my number one Pick But Still a Good Album. she Sounds So Angelic on My Baby. And Manniquin Should have been a Single

3(In The Zone) Thi Album Screams GROWN UP. From Songs like Breath on me and touch of my hand you can really see Britney Trasitioning, its amazing

2(Britney) I Feel in love with this album as soon as i listend to it.  she sounds like a literal GOD, But its not my number 1




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