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Britney pun for my WiFi name

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On 4/6/2018 at 10:33 AM, ifuseekari said:

Haha idk why but every time I think about Britney and the Internet, this comes to mind:




But then it's too long for a Wifi name loool 

Sometimes she’s too precious 


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On 06/04/2018 at 5:53 PM, The Greatest Show said:
  • Wifi was Born to make me happy
  • Me against the Wifi
  • Wifi better Work *****
  • Wifi Drives me Crazy
  • Im a Slave 4 the Internet
  • I guess I need you Baby
  • Baby Give Me it
  • Piece Of my Wifi
  • Hold it against the Internet
  • Big Fat Wifi

I am dead. :ohreallylol:

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"Perfect Wifi"

"From the bottom of my broken wifi"

"I Love Rock'n Wifi"

"If U Seek Wifi"

"Wifi didn't work"

"Scrapped Wifi"

"Wifi Fantasy"

"He bout to lose wifi"




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Artsy Fartsy WiFi

I love My WiFi Fans

WiFi is cool and faded

I'm going Through WiFi Like a Karate Kid



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Wifi Jean


1. "Wifilien

2. "Wifi *****"

3. "Wifume"

4. "It Should Be Wifi" 

5. "Wi Fi Boom" 

6. "Wifi Ache"

7. "Til Wifi Gone"

8. "Wifingger"

9. "Chillin' With Wifi" 

10. "Don't Wifi"

Deluxe Edition:

11. "Brightest Morning Wifi"

12. "Hold on Wifi'

13. "Now That I Wifi You"

14. "Perfume (The Wifi Mix)"

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- Steaming like a pot full of TP-LINKS

- I'm gonna mark my wireless modem

- Un moment avec WiFi, dans le Router (if you're in France :queenflopga:)






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