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Reality check, in case we're too harsh on Britney

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3 hours ago, glitterfalls said:

I doubt I'll ever know who I might've been/what I might've been like if I hadn't had to deal with so much bullshit. I see the changes it made in me...I don't really like or trust people anymore. There's very few people I care about/care to be around. So yeah, I do acknowledge it ***** a person up. Point of the matter is that this is the woman's business. I realize I might sound two faced or in attack mode from what I've said in other posts (ball is in the fan's court for what they want to support in a celebrity's career). I'm just saying it doesn't take much to really take a LONG look at a career and see what needs improving. If there's something that needs improving, take the time to do it. 

I think it just lines up with the attitude of 'no longer having anything to prove'. I'm sorry, I just have the biggest hang up about that line because it bugs the **** out of me. Goodness knows I've ranted about that on other threads to the point of probably sounding like a broken record. It seems like a damn stubborn attitude to have when you're an entertainer because it sounds like you're not challenging yourself or you're gonna go backwards, whether you intend to or not. And tbh I could also see a lot of people being offended by the line from another point of view. "I'm Britney Spears, I could put out an album filled with snapping my fingers, burping and farting and my fans would buy it. They'd say how this album's iconic, it's slaying left and right, etc.  Instead of the reaction being: ":grimace: What the **** is THIS?" You had a thread filled with people excited that a singer sung "Happy Birthday" live. It's just bizarre to me. 

I never want to come across as being bitchy about my opinions. I just want to be honest if there's something I love, something I like, something I hate, something that annoys me, etc. I will absolutely give credit where it's due, I'm not going to be harsh or hateful about the stuff that doesn't seem right.

Errrr..  the other reality can also be that some of you confuse not to be delusional with takes your ''no delusional opinions'' to the limit that can be considered like bash (but this topic is called being realistic, right?) but anyway this is not going to change in this place.

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Yes therea is a noticeable difference that person  probably was bulled by her social circle what leaves sequel in your self-esteem and personal confidence,  britney was bulled in a global scale mocked

this.   ikr? wtf is OP on 

2 hours ago, nels64 said:

Look do I think the criticism is meritted. Sure! But I also think this place has fallen into a blackhole of hatred and contempt for Britney. 

This place only ever focuses on the negative and the positive is ALWAYS disregarded. Everyone is stuck in the past and expects a 21 year old Britney to come back and anything short of her prime is a huge disappointment here. 

People ask for one thing and when it happens they want something different. Yes we should be allowed to criticize Brit. But when all someone has to say about someone is only negative, I dont think those people actually like Britney anymore. 

2001-2004ney is gone. Should we want more? Sure. But I regularly see her give us what we “want” and negativity quickly ensue. And let me not even get into the subject of charts and popularity. 

Call me a britard I guess?


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