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Britney Spears And Tinashe Are **** Seductresses In The "Slumber Party" Music Video

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No HD?

At 1:54, there's a scene of them on the couch, Tinashe is up and Britney is down on the right side of her and that happens. This is still her best video since If U Seek Amy IMO, maybe even Womanizer,

What's the concept of this video? It could have been so much better. Why is Tinashe so irrelevant in this video?  It looks like Boys 2.0 except it's not as good. Britney looks hot though. The cho

She didn't serve as much face in WB and you could tell she didn't feel the "****" scenes 

I don't dislike it but it doesn't compare to IUSA in which she served attitude and that **** black outfit and especially not the sexiest *** video ever created, SP 


1 hour ago, No Seas Cortés said:

Nah, Slumber party is the best video since Do Somethin'... :truthtea:

Yeah all her videos post-breakdown have been solid (minus a couple).

But Slumber Party is just.... It's just... Well, it's the return of Prime-ney.

It's like Boys meets My Prerogative and she looks so engaged, so controversial. SO FREAKING ****. :FOH:

This is the video, the attitude, the **** we have been waiting for since 2007 folks.


I don't wanna sound cliché but I've never really felt this way before and I've never said it (unlike a lot of other people who overuse it) - but I believe it's THE COMEBACK.

FINALLY. :cooltshirt:


I'm shook.

IA its the first video that does her untouchable legacy justice 

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57 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

It's the first video since the breakdown that comes across to me as "authentic Britney". The video - like Glory - feels like a natural progression from the artist who released In The Zone and Blackout, whereas Circus, FF and BJ do not (even though Circus and FF are great).

Agreed.  Was thinking about the same thing earlier

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Just now, nels64 said:

Oh I don't hate the leaked one at all. I would have still rather had that than the one we got. Just saying it looked from what we saw like the storyline or whatever kind of was getting lost in the editing like it did in Work *****. 


I liked the pool kill but it was strange. Lol

I always say WB and HIAM are siblings. I feel like they both went wrong with quick editing and too much going on. 

I like both a lot for different reasons, I just think both could have been so much better. 

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1 minute ago, nels64 said:

I agree. Except with HIAM I feel like everything was much more metaphorical. I think where WB went wrong was that it was being too literal. When you have a video like that that's just a bunch of random images and scenes, if you're just literal about everything it doesn't really hold any meaning. Like okay there's a maserati when she said maserati. Oh there she is looking hot in a bikini when she asks if you wanna look hot in a bikini. 

HIAM was random too but most scenes meant something. It wasn't like the lyrics said "gimme something good, don't wanna wait I want it now" and then she was seen looking at the time and being impatient. 

Yeah there could have been a better concept for WB but it's the only good thing from BJ era. I try not to hate on it too much. Lol

There wasn't a whole lot of creativity happening during that time.


That whole era was a mess. 

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10 hours ago, Rico. said:

This video is just perfect

I seriously can't pick a flaw

From the looks, the set, the editing which allows a right amount of everything: sexney, danceney, cinematography, etc. ... Idk everything is perfect

she looks so hot and the table scene gives me Flaunt's mag teas 

the only flaw I could see is the weird edit on her lips starting the video, Colin's attempt try to make britney's mouth normal :weirdmeout:

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Like, listen.... I get the excitement from WB y'all are talking about, we did think Danceney was back... but she really wasn't, was she? There's no real plot line to the video, so on.... SP's concept may be simple, but it's there and it works, and we know she's dancing again as compared to the BJ era.

Not sorry.

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