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  2. Don’t worry y’all. It’s just pre-order. I bet they’ll have more after release date. Same happened with the Oops vinyl in September.
  3. Yes, and its no wonder that leeches like that random restaurant couple end up trying to take advantage of the situation. I wouldn't be surprised if Lou wormed her way in a similar fashion. I can guarantee you everyone he meets in his drunken state laughs behind his back and are disgusted. She does seem to play both sides but to be honest I wouldn't want to be in her position right now. From the outside we can tell what would seem to be the right move. But for her it must be stressful that her family is so torn on what to do. At the very least she has been trying to help Britney the past year. But yes my trust in her has been dwindling for a while, particularly from that one leaked snapchat of her *****ing about the free britney people. I don't even think she really understands the movement or why everyone is upset. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that the Spears family is ignorant. They lack the education to deal with someone with struggles like Britney was having so instead of trying to help her rebuild her life they decided to be dismissive to her needs and situation and put her in a situation in which she'd have as little autonomy as possible. You saw how Bryan Spears spoke about women and how they shouldn't have a place at the decision table in the first place. We are seeing ablism, ***ism/misogyny on *********. Unfortunately the entire family is complicit. I do believe Britney's father deserves jail time. Particularly for how easily he transferred 350k to Lou's bank account without thinking twice about it. And his abuse of Britney's kid. Imagine everything that has gone down that we DON'T know. Lou also needs to be jailed for life, imo. She is a **** stain on humanity and I really cannot stand the fact that she continues to be a free woman. She deserves none of her "success." Its people like these that make me better. How they can be rolling in millions and constantly be excused for their horrible actions. Meanwhile, I try to be as good of a person as possible and can't seem to catch a break. lol
  4. Britney’s chart domination literally lasted 14 years to Scream and Shout, 15 if you count WB (Which was a hit lbr). Joanne and Artpop had steep declines and Chromatica hasn’t propelled her back into the limelight like it should have. gaga 2008-2012 Britney 1998 - 2013
  5. Mine just got cancelled too. I'm gutted. " Please forgive us. We're just a small, UK record shop and we've never seen anything like this. We sold over a thousand copies in just a few hours, only to receive this email from our representative at the record label this morning: -------- Please remove all online listings for this title. Unfortunately this rush release that I was told about after the announce time yesterday has proved more popular than expected. Demand has outstripped supply and will now necessitates very limited allocations. I am personally very sorry but don’t imagine any of the orders that I keyed for you all yesterday as instructed will be honoured. --------"
  6. Isn't the track co-written by Jade? Anyway, yay for new music.
  7. It’s insane how this release is popular ! Britney is still on top doing the bare minimum I love it !!!
  8. Why? Don't ya remember how willingly Kim lied while accusing Taylor of lying? They both are trash. Everything that has happened to them to this date is just karma.
  9. Not Kanye showing off that Gaga single-handedly killed his ego. He's insane. Let him flop into an oblivion.
  10. Today
  11. I have seen her content. My question is... Why? She is not even pretty.
  12. He (allegedly) wasn’t allowed to any dream within a dream shows because he made such a scene at the show on Britney’s birthday. I remember a dj for z100 confirming it bc they were covering the concert.
  13. Oh wow! This is beautiful. She's real. She's a fan! If I'd be Britney, I'd be crying right now
  14. Yeah, I understand why fans might want to buy it. I'm not going to criticize anyone for their actions because we all have our own reasons. One thing's for sure: We're stronger than yesterday!
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