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  2. The poor and middle class also got tax cuts under Trump, and when he’s re-elected, he’s cutting them again. For everybody, yes that includes the rich. It’s how he got Apple and Amazon to invest in developing jobs in the US instead of overseas. If you look at California where they tax the rich up the ***, the billionaire and millionaires all just leave, leaving the poor and middle class to hold the bag. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is trying to stick bailouts for California’s mismanaged budgets that have nothing to do with Covid, into the Covid relief bill, holding up stimulus checks for the poor and middle class who are hurting right now. She’s an *******.
  3. I truly think he believes it’s her and hasn’t communicated with whoever it is beyond a text. Not to sound disrespectful but this guy is getting on a bit and all of this social media/ texting / cat fishers is probably way over his head. He showed that when he first started posting and had to ask @PokemonSpearswhat a troll was. The bopping and commentary to the songs was painful to watch.
  4. https://streamable.com/jml04u This is how the fake news operates. They edited the interview with Trump like a reality show. If you watch the entire side by side, you catch all their dirty little tricks into how they attempt to depict Trump as erratic and angrily storming off the interview. When in reality, they cut everything out that mentions joe Biden’s laptop and then cut out parts of the audio at the end where producers agree to take a 2 minute break. This woman is not a journalist, she works for the deepstate.
  5. Those legs are heavily botched and edited Britney has the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen on a woman
  6. Oh my little gay heart Steps have returned to save 2020! It’s like old school Steps and ABBA teamed up to create the perfect Eurovision song This is the second official single from their upcoming album What The Future Holds
  7. 1. Gimme More 2. Womanizer 3. Work Bit c h 4. I Wanna Go 5. Slumber Party (Solo) 6. Freakshow 7. Breathe On Me 8. Circus 9. Till The World Ends 10. Piece Of Me 11. Make Me 12. If You Seek Amy 13. Break The Ice 14. Criminal 15. Change Your Mind 16. Shattered Glass 17. Do You Wanna Come Over 18. Scream & Shout 19. S&M 20. Criminal (Remix) 21. Circus (Remix) 22. Gimme more (Remix) 23. Liar
  8. Hiiiii Maybe for the hundreth time on this topic, can everyone send me the link on DM? thank uuu guys
  9. Break the ice Stronger Work Bub MATM Gimme More Overprotected Womanizer Dont let me be the last to know Piece of Me Crazy Slave Make Me Unusual you Born to make you happy Toxic 3 Boys Do Somethin Slumber Party Circus
  10. @SpicechinodivaYou can’t win without campaigning. He’s back in his basement again hiding out so he doesn’t have to answer for Hunters weirdo *** tapes with his niece. Joe is owned by China. They’re the ones releasing all these texts and emails from him to show he’s their *****. Why hasn’t hunter come out and denied the allegations that he’s boning his underaged niece? There’s emails texts within the family and video evidence. Anyway, I heard Hunter already “killed himself” like Epstein, so he doesn’t have to testify against Obama, Clinton, and Biden for their corruption.
  11. I messaged Neca (Facebook page) and asked if we’ll be getting any prototypes or photos of the doll since they’re expected in the coming months.. All they said is they have no images right now (duh?) and that any images released will be through loot crate. Which weird since Loot crate aren’t the ones making the dolls, just selling them.. but whatever. Hope to see something soon/ from someone..
  12. The judge asked why Britney had not filed a declaration about her career intent -- and Ingham said that's because she lacks the mental capacity to do so ... like a person in a coma. ermmm I don't think that's what he said or meant at all Jamie disagrees and seemingly wants to know where Britney personally stands on the issue. Something a lot of other people want to know as well. Is that not blatantly obvious Apparently Britney does have the right to vote as well https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/26/britney-spears-father-jamie-conservatoriship-decisions-vote-coma/
  13. So...based on the comments it’s her flop album? Gonna wait till Thursday Midnight to skim listen....
  14. Breathe On Me Someday Mona Lisa (Original Version) Chaotic And Then We Kiss Remix Gimme More Get Back Piece Of Me Break The Ice Womanizer Circus Out From Under TTWE Remix feat.Ke$ha and Nicky Minaj S&M feat.Rihanna 3 Pretty Girls Tom´s Diner Oh Lala Scream And Shout Work ***** Alien Perfume Make Me Slumber Party Mood Ring Pride Remix Hey Ma I Feel So Free With You
  15. Me waiting for BOMT to become the 6th 90s video to cross 1 billion views
  16. Today
  17. It gets censored when you tag me I am deeply sorry for incluencing Exhale in a bad way by putting aşşhole on my name
  18. My first meltdown? When Britney doesn't have an appearance at Buffy, The Vampire Slayer after they confirmed it. I´m still pissed.
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