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  2. These kind of videos make me sooooo anxious but Queen B is looking so cute lately.
  3. She looks really beautiful and it looks like her “super hot body” is making a comeback again??!! I love her, I can’t help it lol 😍
  4. Well no wonder shes been performing this with Daisies but I am wondering why she hasn’t released the name of the album like why is it such a secret is it a title track? She mentioned in her Coke Studio Sessions that the album will have a Circus theme. Guess Britney has inspired her
  5. I feel like a complete The only ones I can think of on top of my head is BTMYH, I used to think it was ‘All my life’ not ‘Oh My Love’
  6. I love that the flowers only actually feature for around 2 seconds and it’s just her walking from left to right for a solid minute Hahaa! Also... ‘today’ ... sure Jan.
  7. Well..... The album is really good and after that mess of an album called "joyride" , she finally delivered.
  8. In Boys I thought she was saying “what would it take for you to just sleep with me” 😂 I was always like “I mean, nothing. It would take nothing at all”
  9. She really needs to stop filming above her head not flattering at all. You can see it the best in this video. Whenever the camera is normal position she looks so much better. With that being said no further comments for now.
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