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  2. I think that M&Gs in EU are much cheaper. For Manchester it was £500.
  3. soooooo many pics this time!
  4. I believe Pitbull is always set to appear at 8PM, with Brit at 9:30 PM (apart of festivals)
  5. Glad you had a good experience! Was she slightly more approachable than what’s been reported last week or two? I’m not sold in that top she’s sporting. But I’m just thankful... it’s not ‘the jacket’
  6. I was watching a Mexican TV show, they were talking about exercise and they use Britney routine as an example with Work Bitch in the background.

  7. BritLOVER

    tour Britney’s latest Meet & Greet pics

    I;m going to Dublin too. All M&G's were sold out by the time i got to them. Luck you!!
  8. The audience is singing live... thats what you hear.
  9. He’s being all fun and cute and she’s just standing there. it was only $2,500.
  10. the shows start earlier and earlier each date for me
  11. btw @Niki, off topic, but why is there an Apple Pie album in the Music Videos section of Xray? https://xray.breatheheavy.com/index.php?cat=668
  12. the M&G set looks like it was taken in a dark alley behind the stadium or something
  13. I wish I appreciate the love for Pokémon, but I wouldn't waste a M&G picture with her by hiding my face though.
  14. PokemonSpears

    tour Britney singing with the track

    And I always say it, wait a couple of years and Exhale will praise what they used to hate. People always complained about Lucky and that black version of the Jane the Virgin dress, and here they are getting praised 2 years later Watch 2020 Exhale making Ponytail tour appreciation threads lol I always loved Lucky, and I'm so sad I didn't get the chance to see her perform it when I finally went to Vegas. I never thought she would perform that song again.
  15. There are sooo many HD videos from this show (which was the best so far along with the one in Sweden)
  16. Pit bull has an xtina backdrop lmao i had no idea
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