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  2. He (allegedly) wasn’t allowed to any dream within a dream shows because he made such a scene at the show on Britney’s birthday. I remember a dj for z100 confirming it bc they were covering the concert.
  3. Oh wow! This is beautiful. She's real. She's a fan! If I'd be Britney, I'd be crying right now
  4. Yeah, I understand why fans might want to buy it. I'm not going to criticize anyone for their actions because we all have our own reasons. One thing's for sure: We're stronger than yesterday!
  5. Britney must have been so embarrassed Glad people are exposing Jamie, we need to prove to the world what kind of person he really is. This whole thing breaks my heart because at the end of the day it’s Britney’s family we’re talking about and it’s just failure after failure.
  6. I know she gets a lot of hate but this is a bop
  7. Today
  8. Thank you Gen Z for Billie! Best current pop girl and the rest will have to deal
  9. First of all, Britney was the biggest popstar on the planet. She basically owned 1998-2004. All of her albums in that period (except BOMT) debuted with sales of over 500,000. BOMT and Oops are both Diamond certified. As for Gaga, she was huge during BTW era. Besides that, her album sales have never been that strong. She’s never had an album selling over 500,000 copies in its first week (except for BTW but that was due to the album being sold for freaking $0.99). in other words, her stans are being wayyy too delusional to think that Gaga will ever come close to Britney’s relevance
  10. The only reason Gaga stans think Gaga's peak was bigger, is because they compare Gaga's peak to Britney's comeback. The funny thing is that Britney's comeback was as big as Gaga's peak. They were competing, scoring huge hits and their touring numbers were huge. If Gaga's peak was as big as Britney's comeback, then I think that answers your question. Also Gaga stans 'forget' how big Britney's peak was, because most of them were 4 or 5 years old and the adult ones are just being plain delusional. But I have to say that's only a small group, because I know a lot of Gaga stans who acknowledge that Britney has always been the bigger artist and respect her legacy rather than being delusional.
  11. Surely this just be kids discussing this who don't remember / weren't alive for Britney's beginnings. Pop culture today (and in Gaga's peak) is just not what it was during Britney's peak – I don't think anyone before or after has really been as famous as Britney was in her heyday. It's kind of just a product of the right cultural forces at the perfect time and it will never happen again and that's just a fact 🤷‍♀️
  12. they’re both iconic women in music but these people need to understand the importance of Britney’s peak. There has been no other pop phenomenon ever since. Sure, Gaga was huge in 2010-2011, but so were Katy Perry and Rihanna. Britney had no competition during those years, she was HUGE. I’m not only talking about sales it was her star power that made her so special. I feel like Britney’s legacy is very underrated , she’s pop royalty and remains up there with MJ and Madonna. Gaga is up next, she’s great and iconic, but not as big as those three.
  13. Not impressed on first listen... But... Im starting to like it (without justin's verse) Justin ruined the song. His verse and vocals dont match with shawn. Shawn needs to release his full version to make this song a real mood. (Sorry jB, as much as i love your voice but this aint it)
  14. Quite pathetic move imo . Cuz why spend time on re-recording five old albums that will never possess the same fairy dust as the originals when she could record three new albums in that time . Money 💰 talks; invention, creativity and imagination do not .
  15. why was rebellion removed and why wasnt it leaked in full are two of my biggest questions in life tbh
  16. She sweared when she was 17? So this DOES show that even in the beginning, in terms of image, Britney has always been in control and charge of it since Day 1.
  17. She’s just not interesting anymore . Prism was her encore . #longblackhairmatters
  18. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtYeXzwgquDvdqsrwJX19uA
  19. My personal opinion (not bias as I have a lot of time for Gaga) is that Britney was bigger. The main difference was that although Gaga may have been 'most searched' etc... it was because she was so 'out there'. No doubt about it- her songs were great. However her performances/ videos etc were perceived rather 'odd'. So people were more intrigued by the 'persona' and what she was going to do next/ how she was going to turn up to next award show etc. Britney was a household name, known for just her music (then the performances etc built on that). So to summarise- Britney was a bigger popstar overall. Gaga was just smart in getting people talking about her/wondering what oddball move she was going to do next. However Britney was a polished pop star thrown out to the world with no gimmicks and weeeeeeeeee loved it!
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