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  2. I don’t get How can so many people can be offended when Adele dresses up in Jamaican garb, but when a black man is reduced to his sexuality it’s okay? Saying stereotypes are okay if they’re good that means If the good ones are true than so are the bad ones are too. This one-dimentionalizing people puts races into boxes. They do the same thing with Spanish women where they put Sofia Vergara on a spinning podium like an object or a car at an award show. It’s disgusting. And SNL always tries to take the higher moral ground. They’re hypocrites. And most of the writers on that show are Jewish btw. So it’s a bunch of whites deciding what goes on air.
  3. She did seem very uncomfortable around Demi , and yet they could have connected and related. Demi was such a good Judge 😃
  4. When he wakes up from this lucid dream he's gonna be so embarrassed
  5. Shouldn't Britney be there for highest jump in Billboard for Womanizer jumping 84 positions up to #1?
  6. Can these idiot celebrities gtfo of America already. Put them all back on Epstein Island so they can go back to what they were doing before they were exposed. Being degenerates and prostitutes for billionaires.
  7. Lol "she" forgot to mention how talented he is and the best mua she ever had. I don't buy it. I feel that lately we are fed with a lot of lies. At least his are funny 😂
  8. Oh Russian interference just like last time? 🤣 Hunter’s *** tape leaked where he’s smoking crack. Did Russia hold the crackpipe to his face and force him to have *** on camera with his relative? This man is blackmailed by China. They’re the ones releasing it, not Russia. The good guys in China are releasing this stuff to expose the deepstate candidates in our country who are doing the evil work of the communist party in China that is Oppressing the good people in China. So the good people are foiling the communist’s plot to hold this blackmail over our leaders to control them. If they expose Biden, Communist China can’t use him as a puppet anymore.
  9. I meant if there was a part 2 released that followed up to GH:MP That's why I only included songs from Someday and up to Slumber Party.
  10. What cracks me up is that he tricked gays into celebrating going back to Civil Unions. 🤣 That wasn’t a nice trick to play on all you unsuspecting liberals starving for an SJW ally in power again. It’s not enough that we have gay married, equal rights for all races, and men and women are protected in the workforce equally under the law. Nope, liberals need undying attention publicly, and will not be ignored.
  11. For a meme to catch on it has to ring true. When something really resonates and reflects reality, no matter how janky it is, the meme will spread. And That’s why the left can’t meme. A Liberal’s flimsy relationship with reality tends to prop them up in a world so false, that the only way their world view can survive is through censorship of opposing views and violence against dissidents. So IDK how honest or true your meme is, but it definitely feels like there’s something missing to the story there.
  12. I'm so frustrated the song with the weeknd sounds like that..
  13. Her Yerde Sen. It's from last year but I discovered it last month while I was on hiatus.
  14. The poor and middle class also got tax cuts under Trump, and when he’s re-elected, he’s cutting them again. For everybody, yes that includes the rich. It’s how he got Apple and Amazon to invest in developing jobs in the US instead of overseas. If you look at California where they tax the rich up the ***, the billionaire and millionaires all just leave, leaving the poor and middle class to hold the bag. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is trying to stick bailouts for California’s mismanaged budgets that have nothing to do with Covid, into the Covid relief bill, holding up stimulus checks for the poor and middle class who are hurting right now. She’s an *******.
  15. I truly think he believes it’s her and hasn’t communicated with whoever it is beyond a text. Not to sound disrespectful but this guy is getting on a bit and all of this social media/ texting / cat fishers is probably way over his head. He showed that when he first started posting and had to ask @PokemonSpearswhat a troll was. The bopping and commentary to the songs was painful to watch.
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