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  2. Yes Nikki is pretty much over and like GAGA is the one of the most dedicated towards the gays i think! so it would be a mistake considering Minaj's homophobic past.
  3. I hate birthdays ever since I turned 23 lmao
  4. Me too. I wish this never happened. It makes me wonder if im gonna be able to celebrate my 27th bday this year, I guess not
  5. I feel like my expectations for SZA's sophomore album is even higher than Rihanna's next one
  6. there is this legendary singer from Spain, Miguel Bosé, who's been censored on Twitter as well. He has started this campaign about how the COVID-19 is all a lie, DESPITE HIS OWN MOTHER DYING DUE TO THAT DISEASE He supports that conspiracy theory about Bill Gates wanting to implant nanochips on us through the vaccines I think he's gone crazy after that event about his mom or something, because I can't comprehend how he's being serious with this
  7. The song is “Just one look”
  8. It’s not really a misheard lyric, but in Dean Martin’s That’s Amore, I thought Amore was a type of spaghetti.
  9. Yup And I am feeling like I am losing a year of my 20s due to this ****ty *** pandemic
  10. By the time RiRi finishes this said “album,” the Coronavirus AND the next pandemic from the Swine Flu are gonna be done and over with and in your kid’s history books. I’m still a part of the Navy, and I love me some RiRi but GURL. You weighing on my patience at this point... We don’t need you gettin’ all ANTI on us... just give 👏🏻 us 👏🏻 some 👏🏻 bops 👏🏻 already.
  11. I LOVE THIS. Excited to hear the rest of the album
  12. ^ where is the number @puppylo16
  13. Yep , she definitely delivered good material , and OMG she's so gorgeous
  14. Same here. Im the same age as u and its crazy to think that in 4 years, I'll be 30! And its crazy how Britney and Christina and all of the teen idols from the late 90s and early 00s are gonna be in their 40s. It's scary how time has gone by SO quickly
  15. She deserves so much more recognition. I saw her live when she opened for Nicki, and she was dancing hard and working her *** off... I was like girl
  16. It's too late for that now. You hurt my feelings.
  17. It's one of the albums I feel I could listen front to back in the upcoming years... Like SZA's CTRL, Kacy Musgrave's Golden Hour... I wish she'll get a nom
  18. No I had to check tho. I can’t believe it. But it does indeed look like it’s Move un easy ofc I never doubt your intelligence Roxxane
  19. I used to really love this shoot ! She seemed to have so much fun that day ! So cool to see more pictures from it ! Thank you britneyonline !! Now we need the same with unphotoshopped pictures from the circus album shoot !
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