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  2. DISGUSTING don't give them TV audience guys, watch it on YouTube.
  3. Is anyone nervous that something will come out as unflattering for Britney? What if this lady says something that might hurt the movement even by planting a seed of doubt against Britney's capabilities? Britney deserves her freedom, so if we have to fight extra hard for Britney tomorrow to support the movement, we should be ready with our facts for sure.
  4. I hope so. Her album rare had so many good singles. Why did it flop and not get radio play like revival did?!
  5. GODERELLA really is her best song like wow she really did that
  6. It makes me anxious and nervous like some people/media talk how she is dead or smt. I fear for her life.
  7. I’ll be interested to see what she has to say, but more importantly the questions asked. She’s a lawyer so she knows what she can say and how to spin the questions. I hope the reporter is quick and keeps her cornered. I’m already prepped to make a meme with her side by side to the actress who starred in the new Netflix movie I Care A Lot. The caption will read “The real life Marla Grayson” Even though I should save that for Lou Taylor 🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. You nailed every point, I wish the world gets to know all of this, it's already late, but at least there's is something we can do, instead of cry for her or make tributes after she passes just like they did with MJ and Whitney (also victims of fame, and corrupted family)
  9. It’s on there! A MUST listen-to track while working out for sure!
  10. The most obvious choice!!! Work B.itch is a must! Definitely add Work B.itch to your workout playlist. Its the perfect song to workout to. The energy boost of that song is incredible. Plus the lyrics are a great motivation factor.
  11. The director of the upcoming Netflix documentary follows @SurpriseWitnes on Twitter. Vivian doesn’t know what’s coming
  12. Her race has nothing to do with her personality so keeping it respectful is an understatement...that was racist. Not cool.
  13. I've stated before my lack of interest in her project in spanish, specially with the two boring songs she's released. But I really hope she releases a solid pop album in english.
  14. Britney is afraid of her father. Britney is afraid of her father. Britney is afraid of her father. Britney is afraid of her father. Britney is afraid of her father. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/celebrity/britney-spears-is-afraid-of-father-jamie-lawyer-says-judge-declines-to-rule-on-conservatorship/ar-BB1aT0ag No one is trying to make a villain out of James. Britney is afraid of him. It’s like when she expresses how she feels people hear her, they just don’t listen.
  15. good on her to expose genetically modified asparagus, its an issue not enough ppl talk about jokes aside it stinks like damage control, anyone else?
  16. It caught me from the very first episode. The way they started throwing some subtle hints from the beginning and the evolution of the story, just brilliant. It has made a lot of people very interested in the Marvel universe, so people are revisiting the old movies too. It's very interesting how all the stories are somehow related.
  17. For those of you asking why Britney can’t speak, she has an NDA on herself of course. It makes perfect sense. “You don’t own me?” They clearly do, sweetie.
  18. I would like to give him a benefit of the doubt. I'm gonna watch the docu..
  19. well u cant force ppl to feel a certain way and imo its better he says what he thinks rather than a half hearted pr apology
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