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  2. Britney, is dat u? Of course I love to see any results, but my fav part of working out is how relaxed I feel after exercises. I literally sweat the stress out of my ***
  3. Unusual You. Because I’m Sad, But At The Same Time Living My Best Life.
  4. there's just so many songs that i really wanted her to perform again but here's my ultimate wishlist : Sometimes Born To Make You Happy Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know OVERPROTECTED My Prerogative Get Naked (not just a weird interlude like in POM, a full performance like Circus Tour plzzzz) Shattered Glass Unusual You Trouble For Me He About To Lose Me Passenger Alien and basically most of Glory
  5. I think it’s from “original doll” era.. as I remember it was leaked before “blackout”
  6. Okay, can I just say Kanye West isn’t actually going to be running for presidency! It’s all just self-promotion and publicity nonesense.
  7. That is a gorgeous performance and I am so glad it exists in a world where there is a real lack of Britney live vocal performances.
  8. It’s live.. And she looks angelic there <3 back vocalist are mess but she had the worst in “don’t let me the last to know”.. I watched it once and they hurt my ears.. I can never watch that again
  9. Mandy is totally right. How come someone who wants to make amends and move on goes public on an apology and not handle it privately as it is supposed to? She deserves the best and I'm so happy her career is on its way back on top. Btw, just a reminder she just released a new record after 10 years called Silver Landings. Fleetwood Mac, Wild Hope vibes. Let's support her and stream that s.hit.
  10. Thank you for promoting me and me's new music video @iAlwaysSingLive
  11. I don't think you're reading into it too much. Its true that lesbianism is heavily promoted in kpop lately, I mean just look at G-Idle's Oh My God, the song is literally about a girl fingering another girl and it's a ******* masterpiece. On the other hand, boybands don't do this on vids, however there were a lot of cases where the members would kiss for some eye candy, or borderline behave like they are a couple I feel like kpop is very homophobic in that sense, as in, not liking homosexuality but using it for promotional and moneymaking purposes. Disgusting if you ask me
  12. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a Fox News interview on Monday that the U.S. is “certainly looking at” restricting TikTok and other Chinese social media apps, reviving national security and privacy concerns about China's tech giants, and stoking one front in the Trump administration's trade war with Beijing. Pompeo said the administration has “worked on this issue for a very long time,” adding that Americans should only download the popular video-sharing app “if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/isabeltogoh/2020/07/07/trump-administration-certainly-looking-at-banning-tiktok-in-the-us-pompeo-says/
  13. It came out today. It's like... Borderline jerk off material even though I'm gay. However, don't you think that's a bit of an uncomfortable amount of queerbaiting? Like, if one of the members turned out to be gay, they would get blacklisted from the industry, but when faux lesbianism is used as a prop, it's totally fine and acceptable. Idk, maybe I'm just reading into this too much. The song is amazing, though. I love a good beat drop, but I think purely instrumental choruses are tired, so this is the best of both worlds. The dubstep elements are so cool.
  14. Unbothered because i'm blessed to have good metabolism. During my teens, I could eat all day and not get fat because I was also in dance school then. And da da da when i became a gamer, that all went away and gradually led to me becoming 122 lbs. And no, I don't think i'm fit tho. my knees are actually weak and bad. Years of wearing heels and a sedentary lifestyle. Like I would still dance and perform in front of a mirror and choreographies that require me kneeling or going low, chiiile... it's a struggle let's just say that. but yeah the breakup was definitely that one big push that made me want to lose all that 17 lbs which I didn't know that that was hard to lose. it was like 6 or 7 months just to get to that point. It was a mix of experimenting really. I tried crash dieting, working out but not cutting down on food intake, it was a looong learning process before I reached the mix of what I want to do and what I can do. Ultimately, it was really the food. I cringe thinking about the fact that I do 500 situps a day for months and losing almost nothing. it was such a flop first few months.
  15. Not sure if this demo is real or not but there was more recorded for the circus era than people know of
  16. I was actually doing the Chloe Ting workout challenge on YT
  17. that's unfortunate, I'm glad you're ok now. You can go bk to the gym soon and get those gainz back
  18. I was running up the stairs I had to wear a boot for a month since I couldn’t lift it. I can lift my toes now, at least
  19. I love how you always hit me with some flawless kpop bops on my threads, thank you
  20. You have an official invitation to join us for some Rupaul's and bailey smoothies, we'll be expecting you
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