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  2. I understand what you’re saying, but she cannot drive alone or even speak on the phone without being controlled. No, I do not know her personally, but there are people and celebs that act FAR worse than she ever has or will and they are not controlled like this. I’m simply saying Britney deserves complete freedom and happiness!!!
  3. That's okay. The fans know what's up now. It'll never be the same and they know it. I just hope they back off before we have to fully destroy them.
  4. WOW! I would love to hear an extended version of I've been loving you too long <3
  5. I wonder if since they are under investigation they are not allowed to have contact with Britney and that's why she's been going out so much? I don't understand what their game plan is right now tbh...Which I think this is exactly what they wanted to create: Confusion.
  6. that's to f**ked up, they are adding fuel to the fire, crazy how stupid they can be
  7. I’m fuming that you would even make a thread about this, sweets
  8. they are being investigated , they can not be busy thinking about a "comeback" , based on what was said even her contracts are going to be investigated and they talked about Domination, this happened after Britney talked about trade secrets, they better keep it on the low .
  9. I suspect that Robin was brought in to replace Jamie after Britney started to balk at being followed by Jamie every moment of every day.
  10. but was it really up to B's team to cancel it? I understand she was getting paid a fixed amount per night, no matter how many tickets were sold. MGM should've been the one worried about it, I believe.
  11. You're right. And they definitely didn't consider how invested fans are in her personal life.
  12. although it wasn’t the main reason ticket sales were concerning. I checked the following two weeks after opening night and less than 20 tickets were booked some nights. You can’t blame a show that’s had no promotion though.
  13. had a lecture in "International Human Rights" about the rights of the disabled and we were talking about how a lot of disabled people don't even apply for the status of a disabled person for a multitude of reasons (either they don't want people to know that they're mentally disabled or they don't even realise themselves that they're disabled).. regarding situations where someone doesn't apply because they aren't even aware of their own disability, someone brought up a question: "but wouldn't these people have legal guardians that would do the application for them??" and the lecturer replied with: "conservatorships / guardianships are a rare case and even if you have pretty crippling mental issues a conservatorship still might not be justified or necessary".. she also pointed out how f*cked up guardianships are because it's so easy to put one in place compared to how almost impossible it is to get out of one.. it used to be even more awful because more often than not the potential conservatee wasn't even present in court and the hearings would often only take like 15 minutes which is ridiculous considering how life changing of a decision that is.. in her opinion: they should only be put in place in absolutely DIRE situations where someone has the potential to destroy their own life / estate / etc. as well as can't provide for themselves in any way they should only be considered if there are no other options left (meaning that other options should be looked into before even entertaining the thought of a conservatorship) full blown conservatorships that take away all rights should be even more rare.. in her opinion in most cases only a specific type of rights should be taken away (only financial decisions, etc.) this isn't necessarily anything new but I thought I'd still share due to how relevant it is..
  14. Today
  15. Well, among the million narratives, there is the one about they cancelling Domination as a punishment to Britney, or that Britney cancelled it herself because they weren't listening to her and then they checked her into that facility. Other narratives including Larry's talked about she being in danger because she stopped taking the medicines, but none of them, even the rumors, have talked about ticket sales. I mean, if they went as far as to sign this new residency, I don't think they would've stopped with the idea just because the shows weren't sold out. She was still getting paid independently of how many tickets were sold. If any, it would've been MGM who cancelled mid-residency if sales didn't increase. I think the last thing they (team cship) wanted was to create all this controversy by cancelling the show. It would've been ideal for them to just keep at the same pace as POM the previous years without anyone questioning anything.
  16. Okay new outfit, I’m going to finish up the suggested outfits soon but I wanted to get this one out
  17. Yes. On britneys Birthday in 2016 there are photos from her getting a cake and having a tea party at her home and Robin is in all the pictures. Also when she was on tour in Europe last year and she’s seen going to a car with Sam. Robin runs over and opens the door for Britney and takes a gift from a fan. For someone that works for her accountant it’s f’in weird to say the least.
  18. Conservatorsgips are for elder people or people who can't work or function. And honestly what crazy thing has she ever done? Shaving her head? Having messy hair? She was never a candidate for a conservatorship. If that was the case half of the celebrities would be conservatees
  19. It's hard to tell whats true. I don't really believe the medication story about it being cancelled because she didnt want to take medicine. Especially if those issues were occurring months prior to Domination.... why even take the chance at starting a new residency all if was starting to be out of control? I really don't believe they would take the chance of being sued by MGM. I doubt there was anything in the contract about being able to cancel it due to mental health or the conservators health. I'm sure never even openly admitted to anything about Britneys health besides insurance for possible injury. It's hard to keep up with whats true, what was openly admitted and what was exposed by other sources. Aren't they still saying it was cancelled because of Jamies colon surgery?
  20. Great job! Wish Exhale had more content like this.
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