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  2. I think POM was great from the start till the end. Of course there was some low moments because it was a very long run. But it was fun. I think as fans it's natural that we got bored of it after a few years because we were kinda seeing videos and pictures from every shows, that's a lot. Domination seemed very cool and Britney Spears seemed very happy to do the rehearsals. I loved what we saw in the video and with the costumes and props it could have been really cool. I just hope that she will go back to some more elaborate costumes like she used to have. POM was kind of all over the place because it has no solid theme. But Domination had that solid theme of dominating so probably the costumes would have been more thought out related to that. For Piece of me, she wore pieces of costumes (bad joke I know) There's a great chance that she sticks to residency now with a mini world tour sometimes, I think it's fine. And it won't go on for ever anyway, I guess people will get "bored" of the shows if it's on too much. The big needed break she's taking for her personnal life is actually great for her residency career. When or if she'll be back to it, it would have been a long time without her shows so people will be very excited to see her again. And all the drama that surrounds her right know will make us more excited to see her slay on stage. I'm confident she'll always bring good shows. Maybe not like the ones she used to do when she was very young, but it will never be bad. Even when she's not feeling it she delivers something. Just think about the 2007 VMA Gimme more performance -> she clearly wasn't into it and had a lot on her mind but the performance is really nice and I still enjoy watching it. It's the same now but better because she's feeling better than in 2007 I guess. I think we should stop expecting things that she doesn't want to do. It's not helping imo. Just wait and see, Britney has always been entertaining on stage, she has that something that always made her shows a pleasure to watch. I hope she will sort out what's happening in her life right now and then do what she wants to do. She gave so much to the public since she was 17, we can't be mad at her for anything.
  3. I don't think it's Jojo, she's great but I don't think she's globally known today and not an A-list right now. Selena Gomez was 14 in 2005, Demi Lovato too. From a foreign country I can only think of them both as globally known right now and being 14 in 2005, but A-list ? I don't know. Selena is more popular than Demi in my country. But I don't know why I have a gut feeling about Demi. (which is stupid because I don't know her lol) Not wanting to say something not true because I don't remember very well but didn't she had some drug related problems these past months ? It can happen to fall into these kind of addictions after dealing with something that traumatic. (Doesn't mean it's her or that it's related, just speculations of course.....) Selena Gomez had a lot of health problems, which can be some psychosomatic effects. (meaning her body is healthy but her mind "simulate" real pain to point to a psychological issue, it's a real thing and it's horrible to deal with). Again, I don't know the details about her health problems so I could be totally wrong. Anyway, I hope that the girl who has been assaulted will recover from this and I hope that she will get justice. I also hope that it will be kept private if it's what she wants. Going public on these kind of things should only be decided by the person who was assaulted. Going public when you don't want to in this kind of situation can make things a lot more complicated for healing.
  4. Because we were sick to death of it? The same songs/lazy choreo/awful hair and make up and costumes/twitching. I'm still glad it's done. But now I worry if she does decide to perform again - it'll be POM all over again. The same stuff but maybe with 2 songs changed. I really wanted to bury POM but I worry it'll never die Even though I wasn't wowed by the Domination rehearsals I was at least happy it was slightly different to POM.
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  6. I don't get the shade. People don't just suddenly get A list roles. He's starting at the bottom and working his way up which is respectable. Regardless of whether he's a lead or an extra, he should be allowed to be proud and excited to have landed any kind of work in a bigger film. He's doing more than all of y'all...
  7. Kuzco

    New movie?

    We love an independent D list actor when will K be Fed ?
  8. Hannah

    New movie?

    Sure jan He didnt even make the trailer. Im not sure what "gigs" youre talking about
  9. The thing that has been posted about the most is #freebritney stuff. Since Jordan is merging everything on that subject it a) looks like no one is posting anything and b) is annoying to a lot of fans who just stay away as a result. I noticed I started coming here less and less when all the merging started. It ruined this place for me.
  10. That's pretty cool! Here are my thoughts on it: "I Forgot That You Existed", and "Cruel Summer" sound like Tove Lo songs. "Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince", "Paper Rings", "Cornelia Street", and "London Boy" sound like Lana Del Rey songs. "False God" sounds like a Halsey song. "Death By A Thousand Cuts" sound like something you'd find on Lorde's Pure Heroine. A Dixie Chicks collab? Those are the girls that got cancelled after their comments on president Bush, right? The only listed producers + writers are T. Swift and Joel Little (and Brendon Urie for "ME!"). That's pretty cool, since when there are very little writers and producers, that generally means a record is gonna be more indie / personal. "It's Nice To Have A Friend" kinda sounds like it would be the opposite of "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things". The first two tracks, "Afterglow", and "Daylight" sound like bops! They're the ones I wanna hear the most.
  11. So we should celebrate because he gets a walk on role that would last probably 5 seconds?
  12. Niki

    XRAY is back!

    https://xray.britspears.net/ We already have 380.000 pics from 500.000. Some categories are a bit unsorted but everything will be fine soon. Keep checking back!
  13. MuchNeededBreakney <3 Britney: Refreshed, Renewed, Reborn
  14. I like Sam. He's such a cute little munchkin. Get it, you beautiful boi.
  15. Exhale is poorly moderated. I've called Jordan out before, and he just said "I can't tell people what to do or say" which is code for "I don't actually know what moderation means, and don't care". He has no trouble modding out anything that's critical of himself, but if it's about Britney he's happy to let toxic trolls hurl insults at her to generate page views. Even when the trolls make up 90% of the trash comments here. Also Britney is a genius queen who has figured out how to migrate her fans to her Instagram comments section vs. ad-filled forums full of toxic unmoderated trash.. people need to stop underestimating her power.
  16. Love her. Both song and video are amazing
  17. Hey everybody, it's been a while since I posted. I know there's not much going on at the moment, and it may even be a boring time to be a Britney fan, cause of Britney on her hiatus and all, and the whole #FreeBritney movement, from the last few months, but I've been lurking around here, despite me not really making threads and comments lately. In fact, some of ya'll probably don't even remember me. But.... I just wanted to share this video with my fellow Britney fans here, of Me and a friend doing our very first Britney track by track album review together. This friend of mine, from Kentucky, and I have started fairly recently doing album reviews on her channel. She's a small youtuber, and has 2 channels, one for breaking news videos, and one for live streaming, she usually streams a few nights a week, but every Thursday or Friday, and Sunday, we do album reviews for some of our favorite artists, no matter how old or new an album is. We enjoy doing these streams together. But long story short, I got her to agree to start doing Britney Spears album reviews, and we're planning on reviewing all of Britney's studio albums, over the next few months. As of right now, we plan on reviewing 2 Britney albums a month. She's more into country music, but loves some pop artists as well, like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for example, and she's not like a huge Britney fan like I am, but she really enjoyed listening to Britney's first album, and loved it! So I wanted to share our first Britney review with you guys, and let you all know, since there's not much going on at the moment, if you want something to watch and enjoy that's Britney related, since Britney's not doing much at the moment, besides posting cute things on Instagram, maybe you could check out my friend and I's videos up on her channel on YouTube. We plan on reviewing Britney's second album "Oops! I Did It Again!" on August 30th.
  18. 1. Britney hasnt been releasing anything new (music related). 2. As a user, since there isn't anything new to talk about we have to create or bring up topics I got bored to discuss for the 50th time such as "why britney doesn't sing live?" "whats your favorite album, single, pic, whatever....? Is she blonde here? 3. I stopped a little using exhale during the Free Britney movement because Jordan combined all of the comments into one single thread which I ended up getting lost through the endless comments 4. Tbh, I don't get these new features Jordan added to the site.
  19. It’s so terrifying knowing she literally dropped everyone because she didn’t trust them & now they control her finances and person
  20. The people closest to her were her biggest problem.. they drove her crazy but isolated her from us.
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