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  2. Maybe they are just screen caps but not from an actual video idk
  3. I've always suspected JLo is closet Bi. When someone protests anything Lesbian too much it makes me question them lol. Then dating some closet gay men on top of it. Very sus...
  4. This is as unlikely as Brit & Xtina or Madonna & Gaga collaborating.
  5. Whatever gives the king dem coins #Jordantheunbotheredbuisnessmanqueen
  6. It's so annoying that people are harping on this. It was literally one rush released album almost 20 years ago. People need to effing let it go already. Go attack artists who've done it more recently and didn't credit...
  7. Honestly, I was just thinking that this morning. I was reading a FB post where it said that Mariah briefly talks of the "feud" in her book without mentioning JLo's name... and well people were trashing Mariah in the FB comments for still bringing it up.... I think its great that she's bringing up what caused this "feud" so that she can clear the air once and for all... then I thought that a collabo would be iconic.... but of course not a song with both of them singing, because I don't know what that would sound like... I mean their "things" ate completely different.... anyways, I was thinking that Mariah could release a bop.... and JLo can do a cameo in the video sorda like Katy did in Taylor's video... and it could possibly break the internet like Kylies cameo in Cardi's video... it would equate to many many streams... and exposure to the song... they could even do a funny skit... like meeting for the "first time" or something.... just an idea.... 😃
  8. I'm only interested in Love Again at this point....
  9. Alanis Morissette admits she's a huge Janet Jackson fan. In a new interview with ET Canada, Alanis says: “I have been obsessed with Janet Jackson for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I remember having gone to see her perform when I was 15 in Toronto, and there was something about having watched her perform that day that just kind of put a spell on me, and I think I was with my manager at the time.” “I remember turning to him and saying… basically said something along the lines of, ‘I now am very clear about what I want to do with my life,'” she added. Imagine if they collaborated This warms my heart idk. Thoughts?!
  10. girl, just release a video for the original.
  11. He’s so calculated with the photos he posts so as to not include Britney. Just another leech living his best life at her expense. Living the life of the rich and famous while she pays for his “career”
  12. I’m not one to be negative usually, but this tweet about sums up how I feel:
  13. The person who owns this and don’t share deserves the jail with Lou
  14. I agree 100% the song is dull, the video is dull, the vocals are mumbled, the instrumental is definitely a copy of something or maybe multiple previous songs. The melody even feels similar... Awful comeback. Try again later Zayn.
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