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  2. i asked about the SB first and he just said THANKS.. and after that he only saw the message but didn't confirm or deny? WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN!
  3. Because this makes me think it was for her team .I do not understand Larry,I promise!.
  4. he raps like he's missing a chromosome
  5. Britneyarmy8

    exhale The Most Beautiful She's Ever Looked Post Breakdown

    theres been way better
  6. imo. Like that scene of her strutting at the beginning is actually primeney
  7. I need somethin like this this in DOMINATION
  8. Brat2017

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    You’rr right
  9. I’m not like a huge fan of hers, I like her and have some of her music. But she looks adorable in this video!
  10. i.love.trouble

    exhale Anybody remember this faux-teaser of HIAM?

    omfg you guys all these years it was erika jayne
  11. She a little too angsty for me. Her fans are crazier than Britney’s?
  12. jordeezy

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    Weird does not equate to "artistic"...
  13. Khoazie

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    Toxic is like one of my favorite if not favorite, and this isn’t a put-down, it’s not artistic artistic, if you know what I mean. It’s flawless, but HIAM has all those symbolism and creative hidden meanings...
  14. Today
  15. Khoazie

    music Compliment a song you dislike

    Showdown is a amazing. It’s so different from the other ITZ songs.
  16. ExhaleBitch

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    I totally agree... Well... "Toxic" was great too, a good concept too... "Break the Ice" may have been a great concept if it wasn't an animated video.
  17. Khoazie

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    I almost feel like this was the only Britney music video that is truly artistic. Her other videos like Slave is artistic in the way it was shot and styled, but HIAM is conceptual!
  18. Tbh some of the songs are good. I love Alien and HOT. Tik Tik Book is a bop and I listened to Til it's Gone the other night for the first time in a while and it's actually pretty damn good. Doesnt overshadow the fact that the album was a complete mess as a whole, but I'd give it another go. It's got some decent tracks
  19. She looks like Britney if you’re not watching closely. But yeah, the look is very Britney though!
  20. ExhaleBitch

    exhale The HIAM creepy smile theory.

    This whole thing was an idea by Jonas Akerlund, the whole concept of this video was carefully designed by him... I think this was the last Britney video with a great director and a good concept.
  21. puppylo16

    video Britney Has Always had Wild Style

    I never saw the last part and it made me really think maybe she was when she said “okay, I’ll think about it” sounds like she’s trolling them lol
  22. Chaoscontrol

    music Compliment a song you dislike

    I agree 100%, I like the song but I feel it's very overrated on here. It really never takes off and goes anywhere
  23. Khoazie

    music Shattered Glass (Extended Version) *NEW*

    Wow, you’re talented! This sounds so polished.
  24. they have to check the frames
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