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  2. The only « good » pop artist these days are Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. They’re making efforts at least
  3. Someone who's put under a conservatorship can't tour, give coherent interviews or make important, public appearances in the way that she had not only shortly after the conservatorship was put into place, but long after as well, so we know for sure that she doesn't have any mental illness that would usually warrant a conservatorship. Most mental illnesses have a terrible stigma. They're seen as character defining traits, when they're really just labels that doctors use to be able to treat patients better, so it's really no wonder that fans don't want to acknowledge something that isn't shown direct, reliable proof of. Britney has never shown any of the defining traits from the things she's supposedly been diagnosed with. She's never personally talked about them. Not to mention Britney has been falsely accused on legal records for having dementia, so being able to see what is the truth is getting harder and harder. It's important to read in between the lines. I really feel like I've made my point. Her having possibly something like bipolar disorder didn't warrant any of this, and it's so far beyond the point that I really don't even see why you would want acknowledgment for that. As for her doing weird stuff, she was a celebrity tormented by the world who wasn't being allowed to release her music and was partying all the time. She obviously didn't know what to do with herself.
  4. Single/Non single (You Drive Me) Crazy/Deep In My Heart Oops...! I Did It Again/Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door Overprotected/Lonely Toxic/The Hook Up Piece of Me/Hot as Ice Womanizer/Unusual You Hold It Against Me/Seal It With a Kiss Work *****/Alien Slumber Party/Better
  5. This was fun! I always think of her songs in the context of which one has the best sound or the most success, but when it comes down to it those songs aren't always the ones I'm playing over and over again. BOMT Oops Overprotected The Hook Up Hot as Ice Mannequin Inside Out Work ***** -- what else are we even repeating from BJ Change Your Mind
  6. He's not saying you can't use the hashtag. He saying if you use it for profit, you can be sued.
  7. We are eternal. We just go back home after we die... Maybe to go out again?
  8. This was actually good lol. It obviously needs some improvements especially acting/script wise. And I hope it gets second season treatment. Also too many to name. Series that left the biggest impression on me was The Good Place.
  9. Well in my opinion Shadow is kinda boring. Strangest Love is so much better.
  10. I wish Daydreamriah performed a medley of the entire Daydream album. It might be much too challenging today. If not, I’d love a Caution medley. And from Britney, a medley of Breathe On Me, Touch of my Hand and And Then We Kiss.
  11. I've cried my eyes out with "When they see us" and gave up logic with Dark. I highly recommend them
  12. And I think the Black Cat and Nasty performances are vocally very good
  13. Also the Black Cat and Nasty covers, her taste >>
  14. God that toxic performance gets so good when she hits the chorus before the bridge
  15. Sorry for meddling... I don't know if did she abuse drugs or not. But the sources of these statements are very dubious, they are known for their venality... like TMZ, dailymail... As well as Lutfi and Adnan, they pursued their own goals, and it is unlikely that 'helping Britney' was among these goals. Plus, the more respected sources did not speak about it in such an affirmative manner. And since I think there were many players and most of them tried to set her up for quite some time, so I really have strong doubts in the veracity of the statements of drug abuse. P.S. I'm new here, nice to meet everyone!
  16. I agree. It’s my favorite unreleased song of hers, hands down. I never understood why it got scrapped
  17. Today
  18. ily too ig= i guess! at least i use it like that lol barley tea is popular in east asia, its basically barley thats infused like tea, but u have to drink it cold cuz warm it kinda tastes like burnt water or something lol
  19. I'm obviously not a mod nor a long time member (and there's no shame in it) I like members from both sides and although i might not agree with many mods on certain issues, I've never attacked them (if you think otherwise, feel free to quote me) Basically from my perspective exhale is in trouble and that's what happens when big egos are put against each other. It's like a messy divorce. Because i believe that both sides tend to believe that they see it the right way. For the sake of this forum i think that a compromise must be met, even if that means changing the rules and what can be discussed or not, because it's only certain issues that set this place on fire and the mods having the last word before locking a thread is unflattering for many. Lastly, I'd like to say that i respect all the mods efforts managing this forum and I understand both mods' and members' frustration, that's why i suggest that a solution must be found ASAP.
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