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    15 June 2020

    Okay it's been a dramatic few days  BUT #JusticeForBlackout is now happening June 15th!
    We are streaming the Standard Version on Spotify and US iTunes 
    Some say Blackout doesn't need a justice campaign but if there's a chance it will make Britney happy and even hit the #1 spot it was robbed of originally, what harm is there in doing it 

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    15 June 2020 07:00 AM

    This event repeats every year until 06/16/2020

    29 years ago Paula Abdul topped the Billboard hot 100 with Rush, Rush.
    The first single from 1991's Spellbound was a very big caculated Risk.
    Paula was originally known for her dance pop hits. Such as straight up, Cold hearted,etc. However Forever your Girl housed only one Ballad Next to You..
    However Spellbound was a more mature and sophisticated album. 
    She also jettsoned every producer on Forever your girl. 
    Saying it was the wisest decision. I could've played it safe and Made Forever your Girl, Pt. 2. 
    But that would be playing safe.  Nobody likes a safe artist. Especially credit to Madonna who made it known change your producers and sound and image each time a new album is out. 
    The track was huge and defined the summer of 91 as the summer of Love and Romance.
    As the biggest hits of that Sumner was Paula Abdul's Rush, Rush and Bryan Adams Everything I do (I do it for you).
    Also at that Rush, Rush was the biggest female hot 100 #1 since Madonna's Like A Virgin which led a six week reign on top. 
    Stream the classic 1991 album to hear her work with the family stand, Prince and a few others. Plus even the legendary Stevie wonder on will you marry me?. 
    Which Paula Abdul herself is updating a video by including her LGBT fans since that's her biggest fan base. 

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