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Found 9 results

  1. I’m just wondering... is this all? And no I don’t care about 3 seconds snippet in low quality & ofc just songs that we know it’s her voice In no particular order Telephone (Demo) Unbroken This Kiss Pleasure You Look Who’s Talking Now (Demo) Strangest Love Love 2 Love You Everyday Abroad Dangerous Rock Star 911 When I Say So (Tell Me) Am I A Sinner Mad Love It Feels Nice (The Sin City Rap) Hooked On Quilty Instant Deja Vu Love The Hurt Away (Love Is) A State Of Grace Dramatic Kiss You All Over Pull Out (When U Gon’ Pull It?) Baby Boy (Untitled Lullaby) Tell Me (What Your Sippin’ On) All That She Wants To Love (Let Go) She’ll Never Be Me Get It Money Love & Happiness Ouch Welcome To Me (Love) Conscious Take Off Peep Show (Snippet) Just Yesterday / Little Me (Snippet) Rebellion (Snippet)
  2. Like the title says !!!! Can someone please make up a second verse for Rebellion? I’m going to attempt to make a cover. I know I used to have the full lyrics before but I can’t remember how it went. I’d be grateful if someone could help me thank you
  3. The full Rebellion track may have some more clues as to what's going on. Isn't it the right time for it to leak in full? Some people do have it and are holding on to it when they know how much we want to hear it in full. Some of them may say "it's not their place to leak it", but come on... How many Britney Spears songs did leak in full? 20 or even more? Most of the leaks were illegal, right? So why would leaking that one track be more "illegal"'? Doesn't make much sense. Also, I think Britney should just apply to have the c-ship (both personal & financial) dissolved once and for all. According to her court-appointed lawyer, she can do so. I understand the strategy of removing Jamie first, but it's dragging way too long. February 2021, six more months (exactly 13 years after the c-ship was put in place) just for it to be endlessly extended? Right now, does Britney Spears need the c-ship? Yes or no? If not, then why not just seek its termination now and make a compelling case w/ a team of doctors that would argue it needs to end?
  4. Hi gurls, I have a message for the army from a guy that has "Rebellion." He's 100% sure we're not getting it and he wanted me to share this with you so you can finally be free and give up. Related:
  5. The half of this story you already know so I decided to share the full one. story behind the rebellion (story of the rebel of Britney Spears): it all started in the evening of cold night. Britney found out that Kevin betrayed her. Kevins album flopped too hard and he couldn't stand himself. He was ashamed and angry. People behind the scenes(lets call them hidden people) reach out to Kevin and he showed interest. And when Britney found it out she immediately decided divorce. Kevin decided to go against Britney in full force. Hidden people improved their antiBritney PR in media and recruited all Britneys surroundings to give her some meds. recruited people done everything to show how bad mom she was (they were taking her to parties, saying she needs to go out at night while boys are sleeping, she should show the world that they can't dictate how she should behave etc), they gave her drugs to have more control (as usual they poisoned her food then of course her mind). Britney wrote "rebellion" in that period.. she gave us to listen it and not only us she wanted to show to Hidden People that she knew about them. After several month she found out that Hidden people recruited all of her "friends" and "relatives" but it was too late. Thats why she didn't released it (even that she knew that there were Hidden People - her Rebel was their plan). She fell into the trap and there was no way out. She even lost her children. She lost trust of the world. People wanted her to make suicide. The biggest fan bases were vanishing (WOB for example), the whole world was against her. Once a guy from Hidden People came to her and said that she should surrender. She was controlled before (from the start but she didn't knew that) and now they wanted her full control so if she wanted her life back she should gone under C-ship. After some rough (still poisoned but not always) months she agreed. She should obey them and take her meds. As long as she doing some things that they want (record songs, choose tracks that they want, people to work with who they want, tours, residencies, promote artists, build songwriters careers etc) they will leave her other life part alone.. But they usually demand some private life behavior too. (and her appearance and plastic surgeries decision aren't full hers. She isn't allowed to have a phone - non of the doctors will make plastic surgery to a person who is under C-ship ) . P.S. Don't PM me for other stories of her life cause you are not ready for them yet.
  6. It's confirmed Rebellion's final version was indeed produced by Scott Storch. It's a remix more hiphopney but unfortunately he lost the file. So the only one known to still have it is Sam.
  7. I know this is super old, but I thought it was very interesting seeing her listen to her own songs. And as shes skipping through the songs you can hear a beat of a song that was never released, also rebellion begins to play at the end of the video and then she speeds off. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that CD
  8. This was during the Hurricane we had here in Houston...(H-Town Baby!!) I was smoking weed and I like to listen to music and get new meanings out of them sometimes... So I'm listening to "Sugarfall" and I've always wondered WHO the songs was referencing, all these years I kinda figured it was about Kevin after they broke up. But when I was high it just hit me that it's about Britney & Kevin BEFORE they officially got together. My mind was BLOOOOWN! So then I was thinking about the time between ITZ and Blackout and how basically there could of been an era to fit maybe a small EP for Britney to take her career to a different level. So heres my breakdown of it: The songs on this EP are going to feature Britney's natural voice. Mostly simplistic production so that way they have a possibility to be performed live. I was thinking about how Mariah did that 'Through The Rain' Special for MTV and thought a small selection of songs for Britney to perform live wouldve been amazing. Sugarfall has a very dreamy, other worldy sound and we have a good amount of tracks that were produced either DURING or between BO and ITZ that could be used. Tracklist: 1. Rebellion: (I know a lot of you are sick of this song but just follow me) How does it fit? -Controversial, this era would be the first path to Britney shedding the blonde pop archetype she was Pre-Blackout. 2. Dramatic- How does it fit? - Ifyou have the version with the "Castlevania" intro then it might make sense to you. A song MAYBE about Justin, being over him and being so DRAH-MA-TIC! Maybe the track to get a music video. Very Dark, kinda vampy vibes...Black Hair that we love so much. 3. Welcome To Me- How does it fit? - A very mellow, ****** song. Sounds like you're cruising at midnight on the highway with Brit. Exploring sexuality, new relationships etc...Simple production, can be sung live, so it fits IMO... 4. Over To You Know- How does it fit? - Another dreamy, Outerworld sound...fits in with the THEME although the production is heavy on synths, its more upbeat than other tracks but Britneys not doing too many vocal gymnastics here. 5. Sugarfall- How does it fit? - Okay the whole reason I'm writing this long *** post. The beginning of Britney and Kevin: kevin has a baby mama but he and brit can't let go of the connection they have with each other. All the rumors of who he really is and being a scumbag all addressed in this song. 6. Outta This World- How does it fit? - A nice love song. Two lovers finding each other. For the sake of the theme and mood we could say its about how she felt about Kevin OR even Justin at the height of her relationships with each. Afterall after all Justin and Kevin are the two relationships that probably carry the most significance in Brits life. 7. Why Should I Be Sad? - How does it fit? - The aftermath of the entire Kevin era. It speaks for its self as far as the message. The production fits in with the other tracks that wouldve come with this album/EP. Disclaimer: I didn't heavily research any of the songs I mentioned as far as when they were produced. I just went off of what I've seen here and random memory. Its just an idea I had of a Britney era before Blackout, where she could sing live and be a little more in depth and personal. Just a timeline between Justin and Kevin. If you have anything to add, or find any plot holes in this please do share!!!
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