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Found 12 results

  1. Thx to a former category called Best female rap performance, Missy Elliot with 4 wins in this very short lived category, just 4 years, is the female rapper with the most Grammy wins. Many of hip hop bloggers definitely discontinuing this category and putting both male and females was asking for trouble, cos ever since the discontinuation. Nicki has lost to every male that won whether performance, or album And if she was nominated for best rap/Sung category, whoever had Rihanna or Beyoncé was a sure fire to win. Even with 5 wins in the best rap/Sung category. Rihanna won more rap grammies than Nicki. And the fact that Cardi B won best rap Album, was probably the final straw. Rumors are Nicki basically stopped submitting music, realizing she's never going to win or be seen as one of the greatest ever, it's revealed it's all due for refusing to cancel her religious themed performance the weekend that Whitney died caused the blacklist.
  2. Anitta is coming with fire in her eyes for the international market! After 5 Latin GRAMMYs nominations and being praised by Madonna, Snoop Dogg and J Balvin for her work on pop, urban and latin music, the "Girl From Rio" is preparing her first album with a new label, Warner Records, and it promises to be her biggest move till the date. Since she signed with Brandon Silverstein and S10 (Normani and Bazzi's managers), the Brazilian supreme star is taking all of the steps for a U.S debut, including a big project produced by Ryan Tedder (yes, that Ryan Tedder) and a solo concert at Coachella's main stage, that was delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. But she's here to serve and it didn't stop her, as her lead single, the feminist anthem "Me Gusta", is confirmed for August. Let's check what else she has on hands for us: - The lead-single, "Me Gusta": Registered in the beginning of the year and with its music video recorded in February in Salvador, the same Brazilian city that Michael Jackson recorded the iconic "They Don't Care About Us", this bop will bring a mix of two genres (Brazilian funk+Pagodão baiano) in spanglish, being her most risky single ever. The song talks about female empowerment and already has a snippet going on the internet. The music video will bring a fashion show produced by Nicola Formichetti, who worked on Lady Gaga's Haus Labs. She also confirmed that her team is waiting the pandemic to set down for recording the music videos for the next singles. - The album, "Girl From Rio": Anitta teased this name as a song confirmed on the album (in reference to the iconic Brazilian 60s smash "The Girl From Ipanema") and her favorite possible title, matching with the theme she wants for it, female empowerment and her childhood's stories. She promises to bring all the Carnival vibes for a pop record, with tons of Brazilian tastes, as baile funk, samba and bossa nova, defining it as her best work ever and the one she has more proud of. You must have seen some rumors about some artists like Miley Cyrus, ROSALÍA and Nicki Minaj joining her for it, but, in fact, she said that probably there will be only 2 collabs, "Me Gusta" and "Tócame". The good news are that she confirmed a song ready to be released with Cardi B and others with "huge female singers". Besides that, she has an A+ List team working with her for the LP. We already have names like Ryan Tedder, Pharrell Williams, Sam Smith, The Monsters and Strangerz, Stargate, Sky Rompiendo and The Stereotypes. The Brazilian flavor is in the hands of Papatinho, ÀTTØØXXÁ and Tropkillaz. If you want to get to know more about the Brazilian icon, watch her doc series on Netflix, "Vai Anitta" and keep your eyes on her next songs!
  3. i really don't get why stans care so much about fkn grammy awards or whatever, it's such bull**** The Grammys are a worthless joke and nothing but a promotional circle jerk for “the business” and always have been. They always give awards to the most basic albums, Megan Trainor literally has a grammy while Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Bjork, Freddy, Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and a tons of other talented artists never won any. Why don't people realize how ridiculous those award shows are? You don't need awards to make a cultural impact lol Stop reducing the value of an artist to the number of awards they've bought won. Award shows are literally just a promotional tool for record labels to promote their artists, they brag about celebrating "artistic excellence" but they act like good music is limited to the mainstream landscape, there are a tons of artists who make better music than the people who get nominated. What's the purpose of grammys? You really think people in real life care about this stuff? You really think before listening to a certain artist people will be like "This ***** has no grammys, let me skip" ? Everyone thinks their favorite genre or area of music is the best and deserves AOTY. It's impossible for everyone to agree that one album, from one artist is better than all the rest. **** THE GRAMMYS. Because not only do they judge and award one of the most highly subjective areas of art, but it’s done in an even more disrespectful way because people make it out to be like the most accurate, god-like accolade you can receive when they constantly **** up and only reward the artists that are popular, will bring in money, and aren’t too dangerous. It’s honestly aggravating af.
  4. Ahh, the good ol' days... when I used to complain about how irrelevant awards shows were. I still feel that way , but it's nice to recall a time when the world was less volatile. Billboard announced their predictions of who/what will be nominated in the four biggest categories at the 2021 #Grammys. Yesss, come through Dua Lipa and Harry Styles. Though I feel like The Weeknd will sweep. Best new artist imo will be Doja Cat, though I want Megan Thee Stallion. Who do YOU think is going to win? It'll be fun to come back to this topic next year and see who was right (and wrong ) Album Of The Year: Post Malone, Hollywood’s Bleeding The Weeknd, After Hours Fiona Apple, Fetch the Bolt Cutters Harry Styles, Fine Line Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia Luke Combs, What You See Is What You Get Roddy Ricch, Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial The Highwomen, The Highwomen Record Of The Year: The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” Post Malone, “Circles” Billie Eilish, “everything i wanted” Maren Morris, “The Bones” Harry Styles, “Adore You” Roddy Ricch, “The Box” Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyoncé, “Savage Remix” Dua Lipa, “Don’t Start Now” Song Of The Year: Post Malone, “Circles” Billie Eilish, “everything i wanted” Maren Morris, “The Bones” Harry Styles, “Adore You” The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” Selena Gomez, “Lose You To Love Me” Alicia Keys, “Underdog” Dixie Chicks, “Gaslighter” Best New Artist: Megan Thee Stallion Summer Walker Doja Cat Tones and I Ingrid Andress Gabby Barrett Rex Orange County Conan Gray
  5. Urban Albums are now viewed as Best Progressive R&B Album or Songs. Best Rap Sung Collaboration is now changed to Best Melodic Pap Song. Given now most rappers are also singers and don't require artists like Rihanna or a Beyonce to sing the hook... Latin albums changed To Best Latin Pop or Latin Urban. Also, Latin Rock Albums basically give the Latin music acts a more fair competition and not mashing it into one category. As for Best New Artist... you don't need a full length album to be eligible and you can have an unlimited amount of songs. Harvey Mason commented that. Nobody really makes albums anymore. And to adjust to modern times, it's only fair to remove that rule as several acts Like Ava Max and countless others just prefer releasing singles and not albums. Plus the album format is a dying breed. Eventually album of the year will become Artist of the Year in the next few years. Source: That Grape Juice
  6. I always say this. But no one believes it. But it needs to Be addressed. When an album has the bearing Parental Advisory: Explicit Content. While it might be nominated for album of the year at any Grammy telecast and win it's respective genre specfic category. The odds of winning Album of the year is very slim. It only happened once in 2004 when Outkast won album of the year for Speakerboxx/ The love below. I guarantee you if Lana, Beyoncé, Ariana will win one if the album isn't marked Explicit. The title of Lana's album last year. I said yep. She lost her Grammy. Call Me crazy. But every other act outside of Billie was labeled Explicit in this year's album of the year category. And she won.
  7. Forbes published their predictions as to who may receive Record of the Year at the 2021 Grammys, even though we're only a third of the way into 2020 . ROTY is considered one of the most prestigious honors in the music biz. Also considering what's going on in the world, part of me is asking 'WHO CARES?' But, I also found the list interesting, so I guess it's me. It's me that cares. We love cognitive dissonance. Most likely: Possible: There’s A Shot: Thoughts? Are they missing anyone/anything? Save us Rihanna / Adele / Gaga
  8. February 23rd, 2000, 18 year-old Britney performed live at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California.
  9. It was iconic and way better than the other **** they've been performing... AKA hello TAYlOR SWIFT ! Did Britney get banned from the grammys from performing after this performance ? Or whats the deal with this one and only grammy performance.
  10. I know is not perfect or the best, it kinda looks weird but i'm feeling sad so i needed a distraction, and also honestly i didn't really liked her looks in the ''CLIVE DAVIS PRE GRAMMY AWARDS PARTY''. Hope this doesn't offend anyone too. BEFORE: AFTER:
  11. YAAAS standing up for our queen and promoting the importance of mental health awareness. I love her take no **** attitude - I had no idea she was a Britney fan at all!
  12. . Glory is actually a great work of art and deserves some recognition http://popcrush.com/who-was-snubbed-2017-grammys-nominations-poll/ The Selenators will be voting a lot because they're mad about Demi's first Grammys nom while Selena's remain at 0 edit: WE WENT FROM 47 to 41%! Selana Gomez at second place with 32 from 29% Sidenote - why is nick Jonas at 0% I actually loved last year was complicated
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