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  1. I'll start: When You Put Your Hands On Me - Christina Aguilera So Real / I Wanna Be with You - Mandy Moore Baby Come On Over - Samantha Mumba I Believe - Bosson Red Blooded Woman - Kylie Minogue Turn It Up - Paris Hilton Apologize - OneRepublic When I Grow Up - *****cat Dolls (awful song, but I would have preferred it as a comeback single over Womanizer) Telephone - Lady Gaga La La La - Naughty Boy Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Oh, and a cover of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and an official studio version of Open Arms by Journey/Mariah Carey with 1998ney vocals. Imagine how fire those would have been. What songs would you have liked for Britney to release? Feel free to include unreleased / unrecorded demos as well.
  2. I thought that making a thread like this will be a good idea, as I've never made one like this before Hi!!! I'm a creator of the I Am Brinty Joan Show on YouTube, which is a Britney(Brinty) centered version of The Nekci Menij show. Update: Here's the new episode!
  3. this is just for fun so dont get pissed or anything. Baby One More Time (Feminists would loose their **** over " Hit me, baby, one more time") Born To Make You Happy (Feminists would loose their **** over her singing that she was born to make a guy happy) Sometimes (Feminists would loose their **** over "Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you" Im a Slave 4 U (White people mentioning being a slave is nagl these days) any other songs you can think of?
  4. Hey Exhale! First off, I just want to say thank you so much for being a part of this amazing community. You are appreciated in my heart more than you know! As Exhale continues to grow, we're beginning to see a little bit of a shift towards negativity again #Exhell. Positive comments still far outweigh the mean-spirited ones, but in the last week or two, I've noticed a decline. A lot of new users might not understand how the community functions, so I want to remind you all that by joining Exhale, you've agreed to the terms and rules. You can review them here. In a nutshell it says: BE KIND. I also want to point out that I've seen a lot of disrespect towards the @Super Moderators team. Please keep in mind that they are helping moderate this forum out of the kindness of their hearts. While no one here is "above" anyone else, they are owed the utmost respect. If you have a particular issue, please direct message me privately. Do NOT post rude/mean comments aimed at any of them (or any member, really). I know that forums aren't rainbows and sprinkles. I'm not asking you to be fake. I'm asking for you to go the extra mile and be kind. When you hit that submit button, make sure your words are chosen carefully. If I continue to see hate flung at other members, I will be issuing a suspension. If it happens to you, your account will not be able to post and in some cases I may decide you can't view as a guest either (IP ban). Let's not take it there :] Now, let's all go for a little swim in the stars tonight, shall we? - Jordan @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Twitter Team
  5. Rising singer-songwriter Devin Rodriguez delivers a time-bending video with "Baby," the first official release from his forthcoming album Wake Me Up When It's Over. It's an Exhale premiere y'all In the Juan Roque-directed clip, Devin steps into a Back To The Future-esque automobile where he time travels to the year 1975. When he arrives, Devin isn't completely aware he's warped into the past. Instead, he embraces the supernatural experience by dancing the night away with his friends. It's only until the end he realizes something's truly gone awry. Check out the "Baby" music video below, then drop a line in the comments 🙏 Be warned: issa bop.
  6. Hi Exhalers! So i'm just a new member here and my 3rd month as an Exhaler is coming up in May. I'm also not very aware with a lot of popular memes on the internet. Exhale just had a revival in 2020 and we have a lot of new members that are becoming active and becoming mainstream Exhalers. Now, i'm not sure if i'm the only one feeling clueless about a lot of our emotes. But I would really like to know some of them. I took inspiration because I've learned some of the origins of our emotes by reading the threads. I know all the Britney emotes. I think we all do. But what about the non-Britney emotes? Example, I learned about this because @iAlwaysSingLive posted a video where this was taken. He also once shared to me in another thread a video about this emote. And then he just recently posted in another thread about this girl who we have a lot of emotes of. @PokemonSpears also shared to me a video about who this girl was and where this emote was taken from. @Hungry Hun also shared to me a video once about this woman. What about the other emotes? Share the videos where they were taken from! Share their origins through videos or memes (whichever is available) for the basic biches like me! TEEHEE 🧡 And for the new Britney fans, you may also ask for videos of the Britney emotes!
  7. According to this source, Britney's Tours (excluding the L'Oreal Hair Zone Mall Tour, M+M's Tour and POM Asia Tour, which grossed +30 million) grossed a total of $572,684,456 I'm surprised how many tickets were sold for the OIDIA and DWAD tour
  8. The time of year has come! What did Exhale inhale in 2020? What is your 'Favorite 2020 Albums/EPs from a Female/Non-Binary/Non-Male artist'? AND What do you think was the BEST 2020 Album/EP from a Female/Non-Binary/Non-Male artist? Please participate because not only do I not want this edit to flop, but I plan on taking the results on Exhale to Twitter! FULL LIST FROM THE PICTURE ABOVE: Also here is the collage of singles by @Isla @PokemonSpears @Jordan Miller @Blackout2006 Also check out:
  9. Hey Exhale, I would like to add one new emote today. It needs to be iconic. The winner will have their username included in it. Please drop your selections in the comments.
  10. So today, MTV showed the craziest TRL moments, and it included a clip of the host asking Xtina about her shading Britney in blender magazine. I had never heard this before, but the quote is: “Well, I feel I’ve grown a lot this year, and we did used to be friends once, after all. She seems to me like a lost little girl, someone who desperately needs guidance. But who knows? maybe I’m not the right person to offer it. We’re very different people, aren’t we? In our world, there are different types of entertainers. You have your artists and you have your regular performers. I’m an artist, and, well…” Christina Aguilera aka the FLOP OF POP should’ve been cancelled immediately following this. And to think I just made a thread a couple of weeks ago saying they need to collaborate. Heres the full article if you want to read it. She also says Britney refused to kiss her (yeah, in 2002/2003 Xtina was pretty raunchy, had nasty unwashed hair, pencil thin eyebrows, was touring with Justin Timberlake, and was hooking up with Carson Daly, etc. so I’m glad Britney didn’t kiss her) https://www.madonnatribe.com/decade/2003/xtina-on-madonna-britney-and-the-kiss-in-blender-magazine/
  11. Overall, we've been trying to figure out her true sales are. So from a reliable source I found in like 2012 which is now deleted unfortunately but these sales are from Riaa, BMI, World Charts and I have been calculating all week since I've been off from work after an operation. So enjoy I don't include chartmaster cause they don't include club album sales, plus some countries they couldn't be asked to get sales info from. *NOTE NOT INCLUDING TEA (TRACK EQUIVALENT SALES) Album Sales Baby One More Time - 31,800,000 (PURE) 32,600,000 (Including Streams) Oops!...I Did It Again - 25,700,000 (PURE) 26,130,000 (Including Streams) Britney - 17,500,000 (PURE) 17,780,000 (Including Streams) In The Zone - 11,500,000 (PURE) 12,730,000 (Including Streams) My Prerogative - 6,500,000 (PURE) 7,500,000 (Including Streams) Chaotic (EP) - 80,000 (PURE) 84,300 (Including Streams) B In The Mix (Vol.1) - 1,550,000 (also the 6th best selling remix album of all time) (PURE) 1,570,000 (Including Streams) Blackout - 3,700,000 (PURE) 4,300,000 (Including Streams) Circus - 5,100,000 (PURE) 6,400,000 (Including Streams) The Singles Collection - 1,620,000 (PURE) 2,070,000 (Including Streams) Femme Fatale - 2,500,000 (PURE) 3,530,000 (Including Streams) Britney Jean - 920,000 (PURE) 1,100,000 (Including Streams) Glory - 650,000 (PURE) 1,000,000 (Including Sales) Orphan Albums - 1,000,000 Total Pure Album Sales - 110,870,000 + Total Album Units Sales - 117,150,000 + Doing Single Sales soon.
  12. ngl, ever since I heard that the producer of the song died, as well as taking into consideration all the lingering illumanti rumors circulating the track, I stopped listening to it all together, but only because I'm genuinely scared to. do any of you still listen to "Rebellion" and what are your thoughts on the song?
  13. Hey Exhale! We recently upgraded our forum software, and as a result there have been some bugs. I personally don't see any of them, however I have been told in private messages from other Exhalers that there are some strange things happening during their browsing experience. For example, reactions don't work, embeds don't work, things like that. I wanted to create a dedicated thread about the bugs so I can begin knocking them out and get Exhale functioning seamlessly for all! If you are seeing something weird, please write it down in this topic so I can start taking some action. I may invite some of you to a private chat so we can knock this out faster as well. Thank you!
  14. Never have I heard a Christmas song so bubbly, festive and CLIMATIC - all in one. To this day, I don't know a better Christmas song and I'm hoping there will be a day where 'My Only Wish' surpasses 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in streams/popularity because she is THAT underrated *****. Rise My Only Wish This Year, rise.
  15. So I would venture to say Britney is the most photographed person ever. This source (don't even bother reading it) mentions Queen Elizabeth as the most photographed person but I really find that hard to believe. Like yeah, she's old but for 20 years Britney has been hounded by paparazzi, done countless photoshoots and did hundreds upon hundreds of concerts with millions of fans seeing them, and all of them taking pictures. I would say the top 5 are probably; 1. Britney Spears 2. Michael Jackson 3. One of the old rockers like Mick Jagger/Paul McCartney 4. Princess Diana 5. Gaga? I mean there's no way to really calculate it but what do you think? I'm bored
  16. Let's look at the facts: - Out of all her nine studio albums, "Oops" has a Metacritic score of 72, which is her highest to date. - Grammy nominated. Not everybody has that to their credit. - It was also the better album than both "No Strings Attached" and "Black and Blue", both contemporaries released under the hit-factory of Max Martin and Rami. - Aside from Max Martin/Rami, it features producers and lyricists only an artist could dream of: Darkchild, Eric Foster White, Mick Jagger, Shania Twain, Mutt Lange, Diane Warren - to name a few. Mind you, she was only 18 and not even two years into her career and yet she had this a-list team of songwriting and production excellence. - Did I mention VOCALS. - Every single song on the album could have been a single in 2000 and had the potential to smash. - It's her most cohesive, consistent album with hardly any filler, unlike the rest of her studio albums which have at least 1 or more disposable songs. - Despite what many bandwagon and believe that "Blackout" is her most 'influential' album, it's actually "Oops" which further shaped the landscape of female pop music in the 2000's. - 'Oops!', the song is also her strongest lead to date, alongside 'BOMT'. So, what do we think? Is "Oops!.. I Did It Again" the real winner here? Discuss.
  17. Hey Exhale! I put out my first official YouTube video I'd be honored if you'd watch it when you have a few minutes to spare. Running BreatheHeavy, my online community, since 2004 has taught me SO many valuable lessons in marketing, business & entrepreneurship. I want to share them with you all. This YouTube channel is designed to fire you up to pursue your goals NO MATTER HOW unattainable they may seem. With BreatheHeavy, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but it's my burning desire to get back up, dust myself off, use my failures as motivation and push forward. It's not easy, but I can share with you what I've done and inspire you to do the same. In this video, I open up about a few successes and failures with BreatheHeavy, the "Free Britney" movement and a few career highlights to help paint a picture of where hard work, grit and determination can take you. Let me know what you think and if you haven't already... please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell! Enjoyyyy:
  18. Hey #Exhale, Social media has given us the ability to share our thoughts, photos and videos in an instant. Exhale is so special is because we can not only do that here, too, but ALSO create engaging and ongoing discussions. However, one powerful tool that social media across the board adopted are the use of hashtags. I wanted to harness that power into Exhale. Long story short, I collaborated with a developer to create the ability for you guys to use hashtags now. This functionality does not exist on other forums with the same software currently. We are the first! Why did I feel like this was important? Hashtags act as a central hub. If you use the hashtag #JusticeForBlackout, you can click on it and be taken to a page that shows every instance an Exhaler used it. Similar to a search page, but only for hashtags. The #BlackLivesMatter movement made it apparent to me that there needs to be a way to search all topics pertaining to it. We can arrange Exhale events, like other #JusticeFor campaigns, much easier now. They amplify your voice Promote trending hashtags Exhale Trending Hashtags On the homepage, you'll notice a list of the 5 most-used hashtags within the last 8 hours. If you're on mobile, they'll appear after the 30 Featured Topics. On desktop, they are located on the top right of the page. We are working on adding more abilities / options. I am considering rearranging some things on the homepage to make the trending hashtags more prominent. If you use #BritneySpears, the search result page for that hashtag will ALSO include any time the words "Britney Spears" was used. Another example, you use #Blackout, it will also show any time an Exhaler typed the word Blackout. Go ahead and give it a try! Feel free to create #JusticeFor campaigns, trend an artist's name. Whatever you want. The more people use it, the longer it'll appear on the homepage. Let me know what you think. Do you plan on using them? Is this lame? #SoundOff
  19. Am I the only one that sees little white dots falling ? It's so cute it got me in the Holiday spirit.
  20. Exhale, is our home, is a place where we can interact and share our opinions. We all are a big family. Exhale has had countless of users, situations, discussions, topics throughout these years We have had hard times and we have had good times. Like every other family. For me one of the most Iconic Exhale moments was the Britmas served by the legendary "BRITFAN505" user. (Still waiting for his promised comeback ) Do you rememeber any other iconic Exhale moments?
  21. Hey Exhale! Jordan here. You may recall I worked on a navy blue face mask design earlier this summer with my bestie. I kept procrastinating on putting it out because ultimately I didn't LOVE the design. It was alright, and I found myself not wearing it all that often. So I scarped it. ~It just didn't work~ I spent a few weeks working on a different design with an entirely different kind of mask/material, and it's MILES better. This I'm super proud of and wear it all the time. Super breathable soft and high quality (it'll handle the wear and tear - I've been working out in it for a few weeks and it's in great shape). Here are some of the deets: 100% supersoft polyester microfiber Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators Adjustable nose wire Pocket for a filter or napkin Washable and reusable (please hand wash) Also, for the first time ever, it says EXHALE on it (versus BreatheHeavy). What a perfect name for a face mask eh? Plus it's pretty cool to wear a brand with 16 years of iconic herstory like this site has. I know we are in a pandemic and every penny counts, so no worries if you can't invest in a great mask right now. However, if any of you would like to order you may do so by clicking below: Get an Exhale face mask! HUGE thank you to those that have already ordered (I shared it on Instagram earlier this week). Do you guys like the design? Are you interested even 1% in getting one? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks and love y'all. Jordan Related:
  22. Happy Friday, Exhale! I just wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation and love for Exhale's Super Moderators team as well as the newly-formed Twitter team. With each passing day, Exhale is becoming a brighter place on the Internet. Exhalers like you can continue to create exciting and engaging content on the daily thanks to these awesome people who volunteer time out of their busy lives to foster this community because they, too, believe Exhale is an awesome place. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Everyone, please kick off your weekend by showing some much-deserved gratitude to these fine people! Super Moderators @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears @Puppy @Roxxy @Slayer @Urbanney Twitter Team @IAmJustAKnee @Isla @OnlyBeyonce @RATCHET❤ @SlaymeMore @TakeYourHand Huge thank you to the team above! And thank YOU as well for being a member. If you're a guest, I encourage you to join Exhale. Registration takes about a minute and gives you unlimited access to the forum :] Love y'all! Jordan PS - Interested in helping curate the homepage by featuring yours and other members' topics on the homepage? Please PM me. 💜
  23. My Britney collection isn't anything special so far: I only have 6 CDs (Oops!, Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean, and Glory) and nothing else. I'm also not planning to expand that collection until the c-ship is dissolved. But I had a thought: I know that other people have been fans for a long time, so their collection must be much bigger than mine! I know that things like the The Singles Collection boxset, Glory: Japan Tour Edition, and others are pretty rare-to-find or very expensive now, but maybe they have something like that... So, as the title says: what's the rarest or currently hardest-to-find item you have in your Britney collection?
  24. I just got my first one after the Taylor thread sold 23,000,000 units over here So to celebrate it I wanted to ask everyone, do u guys have a diamond thread or not? If yes, then how many and which threads? Have u outsold me Just if you guys don’t know, if your thread has 10k+ views, that translates into 10.000.000 sales making it diamond Also if you don’t know how the sales game works:- 1-99 views- A thousand sales (Ex- 1 view= 1,000 sales; 20 views= 20,000 sales) 100-999 views: A hundred thousand sales (Ex- 120 views= 120,000 sales; 890 views= 890,000 sales) 1k+ views: A million sales (Ex- 1,450 views= 1,450,000; 10,000 views= 10,000,000 sales) In terms of pages however, you will need 50+ pages for one thread, and i dont have one in terms of pages So in terms of views, i have 2 diamond threads and in terms of pages, i have no diamond thread
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