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  1. Hello b tches, welcome back Okay, so today really serious and controversial topic I think we should discuss at some point. Sam said in recent interview that he wants to be a ''young father'' and ''take next step in his relationship with Britney''. Britney said like hundred times that she wanted to have new kids. Everyone knows that Britney is under c-ship, she can't make decisions on her own - she has to have permission on a paper when it comes to marriage, pregnancy etc, am I right? And here's my question: What if Britney gets pregnant ''without permission''?
  2. I find this commentary so interesting about the beginning of Britney's career and the ***ualization of her. We Millenials were ***ualized so young and it's interesting commentary. She goes in on the Rolling Stone cover from the beginning of Britney's career. How do you feel about this topic, millenials?
  3. Hey Exhale, Britney Spears' former business manager, Lou Taylor, sent BreatheHeavy a legal letter demanding we retract a story that was featured on BreatheHeavy and apologize within 24 hours or face legal action. The article included quotes from Courtney Love who shared her experience with Taylor, alleging Taylor tried putting her in a conservatorship similar to the one Britney Spears is currently entangled in and can't seemingly get out of. The quotes did NOT originate on BreatheHeavy. It appears to have originated on Page Six/New York Post. They have also have taken their story down. Before I get to the nitty gritty, I want you to know that I don't personally feel this is right, but am complying because I don't want to fight Ms. Taylor in court. I want to continue focusing on BreatheHeavy and the Free Britney movement. In this particular instance, I don't think it's worth the energy. It's hard for me to write out all my thoughts regarding this situation, so I made a video that I'd like for you to watch. Ms. Taylor via her legal counsel refute the following featured in the original article: "1. My clients 'planned the conservatorship for Britney [Spears] with her father'" "2. My clients 'tried' 'to put [Courtney Love] in a conservatorship too.'" "3. My clients 'made an attempt to control [Kurt Cobain’s] name and likeness and all [N]irvana songs (96 percent). Then sell the publishing.'" "4. Ms. Love 'was successful at blocking [Lou Taylor]” and that “[Ms. Spears’] pack of wolves [referring to my client] almost killed [Courtney Love] and [her] only child [Frances Bean Cobain].'" Taylor refutes this and wants you to know the following: "All of these statements are false and defamatory." "The true facts are as follows:" "1. Lou Taylor and Tri Star never represented Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, their daughter, or any entity affiliated with them. Lou Taylor and Tri Star also never even had a single conversation or communication whatsoever relating to a possible conservatorship for Courtney Love. They also have never even spoken to or communicated with Courtney Love ever." "2. Lou Taylor and Tri Star also had nothing to do with the planning or creation of the conservatorship for Britney Spears. They were hired to be Ms. Spears’ financial manager a year after that conservatorship had already been put in place." I would like to take this opportunity to point out that per request we are retracting/amending this story and apologize for any distress they may have caused Ms. Taylor. It must be difficult to deal with thousands of people who adore Britney Spears and would go to great lengths to protect one of the most important, influential and iconic figures in pop culture. Exhale, if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, please comment below. Love you all. - Jordan Miller Owner, founder of BreatheHeavy/Exhale
  4. After doing some research from my previous post, I’ve came across some very rare info which I think you guys would love as we’re approaching the Oops!... I Did It Again album 20th Anniversary! The first information comes from late 1999 with the then rumoured new Britney album (currently called ‘Sunflower’) and this is the tracklist that was leaked. 1. Asking For Trouble 2. Walk On By ✅ 3. Cell Phone (Interlude)✅ 4. What U See Is What U Get✅ 5. Shock Your Mind 6. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know✅ 7. Do You Want It? 8. The End Of Us (Ft. J.C Chasez) 9. Under This Spell 10. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again 11. Mirror, Mirror✅ (Most likely GITM) 12. A Long Time Past 13. You Don’t Own Me 14. How can this be ^https://www.angelfire.com/ca3/allen316/sunflowerlist.html Now jumping forward to January 29, 2000. This info comes from someone who was in the same studios and the Oops sessions and had lots of (proved) information. https://victoriavm.tripod.com/britney/layout3/index2_jan.htm Hey, I received an e-mail from Aurora Lindell (probably you don't know her) who is signed on to Jive Records. He is in process of recording an album in Sweden (in the same exact studio as Britney) and she works with Max Martin and Mutt Lange, too. She told me that Britney's new album is called "Britney..." not "Sunflower" like the rumours say and actually none of the songs that she has seen posted on the internet are what is on the album. She has heard some of the final mixes and she was shock about how GREAT they were. "They are TONS different from her first album. It is more grown upand soulful. Really shows her singing ability. The first single off her CD is called "Me..." it is awesome and has this really cool beat. I am not sure if that is the final name but it is cool. I also know that Diane Warren, who writes tons of amazing songs, will contibute to the album and so will Babyface. William Orbit, who worked with Madonna on "Ray of Light" also contributes some amazing tunes. All in all I think there is like 15 songs so far, but I am sure some of those will not make the final cut." As we know, some of the rumoured songs way rumoured way back from 1999 did in fact make the album. This information though is true as the album went on to being named Britney, then Platinum 2000. The producers also are credited on the Oops Album, and this is way before any mention of the lead single was around! Now jumping forward to 27th February 2000. This is what I found the most interesting. + It is official Britney's new single is called "Opps! I Did it again..." it will hit radio airwaves March27th. The song was originally titled "Me..."! She is also doing a cover of an old Rolling Stones songcalled "(I Don't Need No) Satisfaction". She has notrecorded "Satisfaction" yet. I know she is going in after the Grammy's and recording and mixing it withRodney Jerkins. She also wrote a song herself entitled "Dear Diary". It is about a girl who is inlove with this guy and then comes in and writes about it in her diary. It is pretty amazing. I have listened to the entire finished album with the exception of a few that will be added, and it is GREAT! I swear. Even though Britney did not win any Grammy's this year I know she will next year! I am telling you this is awesome! But I would not consider it pop. More like R&B meets pop meets Hip-Hop. I heard this information when I was in Sweden working on my album, but you can also hear about some of the same stuff at Mtv.com and Brittney's official website Britney.com. I also heard that Britney is in talks to star in a movie called "The President's Daughter". All I know about this one is that it is about a naughty firstkid. She talks some about that in the issue of People magazine with her on the cover. She is also set tostar along side Ben Afleck if she gets the part. Now we learn that Oops! Was originally titled ‘Me...’ which sounds really odd as I couldn’t imagine oops as anything else lol, but also the information of Dear Diary, Satsifaction is really interesting. Idk what you will all think of this but me personally it’s so interesting how different Oops could’ve been. The name change from Me to Oops could be the reason the album had three previous names (Sunflower, Britney, Platinum 2000) and I wonder if the song was much different to the one released! Obviously Me... and Oops are the same song as confirmed by this source who had heard both songs but I just can’t imagine OIDIA being called Me that just makes no sense? Anyways thanks for reading all this if you stayed to the end lol, just some facts with details I doubt everyone knows!
  5. Only 4 acts has multiple videos from 3 different decades with videos above 200 million views on Youtube. Britney is the only female artist among them. Here is: Source:
  6. Ariana who runs pop is showing some love to Britney’s single, Stronger, by including it on her Apple playlist ‘Who Runs The World’ Are we surprised? Are we pressed? Are we grateful?
  7. Would be sooo amazing to get a high HD or additional footage cut or something of her HBO Special from that time. Then the GP and younger generation that never grew up with her really can witness her peak prime!!! That tour was a spectacle. It was my fave, Onyx is a close second, what do you think??
  8. What I liked about Framing Britney Spears is that it isn't just about the c-ship, but also about framing her whole life and how she got there. And a huge part of her deterioration came from yes the media scrunity, but also about part of the fanbase wanting her to please them at all costs. Britney always been criticized. Her ITZ performance that we all reever now were deemed too inapropriate, and a lot of the fans were already spilling their "I miss the old Britney bull****" by then, she was never really fully allowed to express and grow herself artistically and people always wanted to control her, hence her "rebellion" phase. Until now it's the same bull, you go to her recent performance videos, even ones she did great, like the 2016 VMA and BMA, and most of the comments are comparing her to her former self and being critical, with stuff like "she's robotic". Even Ali said that what put her down many times in 2007 was going online and reading negative press / comments. So yeah, if you dont like it, skip it, she's not here to please everybody, and she said that herself that trying to please was part of what led to her problems. Also, most of the people that criticize her performances have a hard time getting out of the tub, but want to come for a 40 years old mother of two doing choreo the 20s of today could never pull off. Gurl bye
  9. Happy Saturday, Exhale! I realized I've never seen the entire Dream Within a Dream tour before from start to finish. I've seen most of the clips, but never together or with the intros/outros/interludes. I looked up the HBO Live from Las Vegas 2001 special on Prime, Xfinity, etc, but couldn't find it available anywhere so I looked it up on YouTube, and found the full special uploaded in the below link. This was just uploaded January 2021 so this is a fairly new, and enhanced with AI software so the quality looks great, even on a TV. My first thoughts are that so much of the imagery in this tour seems oddly premonitory of what was to come in her life. Enjoy!
  10. SZA: Are you ready to be Britney Spears? Cause that’s where you’re headed. Do you know that? You’re going to be a ******* global, like, number one sensation. Cause there’s never been anybody like you. You’re literally about to be Britney Spears, and I can’t wait. DC: I just want to have the moment to say “It’s Doja, *****.” https://vmagazine.com/article/doja-cats-new-dimension/ Am I missing smt? Since Britney's debut almost 23 years ago, how many people were compared to her or said to be the next Britney? Christina, Jessica, Mandy, Shakira, Rihanna, Gaga, Miley, Selena, Taylor, Ariana, Billie, etc. No shade to these girls and I even like some of them, but there will never be another Britney and that's why since her debut no other artist surpassed her fame, star power, sales, impact, influence and phenomenon and pop culture moments but I disgress. I guess it's a compliment anyway that SZA compares being a global and number one sensation to Britney, so there's that.
  11. Britney receives so much unnecessary hate and worries about her insta gram videos of her dancing..this is her form of expression in the real world! This is her behind the fame goofy IDGAF attitude she's known for The problem is the GP are used to perfectly executed flawless dancing from her that in comparison this seems odd..its actually not.. During lockdown (usually after my son goes back to his mama's) there have been times where I've played music and watched myself in the mirror, dancing to songs like the weeknd- save your tears, after hours (moody stuff) anything to lily allen/britney spears moody songs..anything to let my mind be spontaneous and impulsive, sometimes some people need to escape, whether its a countryside walk, singing, dancing, anything that let's off that steam from being locked down..I honestly think britney is doing what britney does,and because its not work ***** choreography people worry.. If she wasn't famous no one would care, shes making the best of multiple horrible situations.. The thing is I do it too,we've lost that social aspect of showing ourselves and therfore look for ways to express ourselves..we are human after all, if she was just a backup dancer this would be fine, but she's a professional ,world class celebrity thats just trying to have fun..and that comes across as strange to people that don't know her situation The thing is I DO IT TOO "Sometimes you don't need to use words , its how you move and feel in a certain way, that makes you feel better" ..yes britney express yourself dont repress yourself Im a 27 year old man and I sometimes feel better during lockdown being spontaneous to music..dont think..just let the music guide you let it tell you how you feel, thats the beauty of music ..it helps us you might call me mad but ..like I said we are all human..stressed out, bored humans Britney deserves a break!! We all know she'll rock the stage when she's free
  12. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how f*king incredible Greatest Hits: My Prerogative is. I’ve been spinning this on vinyl all day which has made me rediscover just how good a Greatest Hits package it really is. It’s like 2004 all over again for me today! I just think it’s pretty incredible that it’s the culmination of only four studio albums. Your faves could only dream of a string of such iconic hits over such a short period of time. I’ve told this story before, but I remember forcing my mum to go into town the day of release while I was at school and instructing her to buy the album for me and ensuring it was the 2CD digipack edition! I remember literally running home from school at 3.15pm to listen to it (I was actually breathless by the time I got home). Legitimately the most excited I’ve ever been for an album release.
  13. A new article posted in The Guardian talking about the early 2000’s was toxic for women. Link: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2021/mar/06/why-the-00s-were-so-toxic-for-women
  14. Was this posted? just proves that lynne wanted Fe to do the documentary imo. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3810658445690070&id=100002378573328
  15. Her face ,her looks and her style were amazing in the first half of 2013..that was her peak...
  16. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLyU504JWtb/?igshid=1bf4mavz20dp4 Did anybody else see this..? about Britney inviting a “spiritual healer” to her old house and Britney had told her friends that she thought the person opened an evil portal in her house and the spirits were trying to hurt Britney? Wtf and I guess Britney moved and liked to live in a hotel after that and also I think Brittany Murphy moved into and died in that house along with her husband... the cause was black mold but many people believe the evil could have caused that..
  17. Which Britney songs that rely on Autotune/Vocoder/Melodyne for aesthetic are your favorites y'all? I really love the sound of extremely processed artificial, robotic voices, it's something i've always been drawn to, i used to be obsessed with the J-pop girlgroup Perfume back then cause they use lot of effets on their voices. Real talk. I love Autotune. Why use it to fix vocals when you can use it to make insane vocals haha. Blackout in general has a very tight vocal sound, she sounds like a **** humanoid , lot of pitch shifting, pitch bending, and unusual FXs.
  18. With only 12 million copies sold Fearless is diamond certified. Where as Britney sold 15 million copies and still not 5 times platinum...Isnt is Britney should be eligible to be diamond certified? Also does any one knows what Britney album and single sales. Wikipedia keep decreasing her sales number. Is there any source to find out her net single sales??
  19. Hey guys! Long time no talk. I’m putting together a video that I have been proposing to make for about two years. I’m not a professional by any means, but I’ve compiled about 20 years worth of footage which tells a narrative of Britney’s story in the most respectful way up to Domination. I want this video to also make mention and do a deep dive of what wasn’t included in the Framing Britney documentary. I have conversations with Courtney amongst others which I think would be of great use. Additionally I am going to be dedicating the latter half (approximately 10 minutes) to Exhale’s experiences when first hearing the phone call, and when realizing that people were lurking from the team. I think this is a great opportunity to show a fan perspective as well as our findings. for this reason I was wondering if anyone was willing to record some voice overs which I could anonymously upload to be part of the exhale part of the video. I am typically looking for people to talk about how they joined Exhale community, comment on how the culture here was impacted, and speak on any standout discussions or topics that were revelatory to the free Britney movement (for example, the thread on Lou’s by demand apology, or the general thoughts on the worrying phone call thread) the video is half way done and I’m anticipating an upload in about a weeks time. I will be doing this with the most sincerity and care possible and promise to not make exhale look like a joke. I am so passionate about this and if any of you want to see what I have so far with the video please feel free to message my exhale inbox! Prompts: as someone from exhale, how did you feel when you first were reading about the paralegal calling in. did you notice a change in exhale? Additionally, for the start in introducing exhale, why did you decide to join/how did you find out about the site and when? Not sure how to garner a discussion quite honestly so I’m going to tag some of you haha @GODNEY IS A QUEEN @Urbanney @Isla @PokemonSpears @C0CKy @ChromaticaGlory @Blackout2006 @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Jordan Miller
  20. What's this?! Sorry I didn't embed the original insta post the account is private and I just saw this screenshot Do we think it's real information or just the usual bs from Billy B and other sources? ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × × Imagine OK Magazine being the place where Britney broke her silence
  21. Kelly Rowland and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Garcelle Beauvais got asked about Britney and the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary and it may also explain why a lot of celebrities have yet to talk about the #FreeBritney movement. Basically, Kelly said that as long as Britney doesn't publicly speak about the whole situation, it's hard for her to take a stand.
  22. I didn't realize how amazing Gimme More, and Babylon sound together. Let me add this to my YouTube Music playlist.
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