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  1. Ariana who runs pop is showing some love to Britney’s single, Stronger, by including it on her Apple playlist ‘Who Runs The World’ Are we surprised? Are we pressed? Are we grateful?
  2. Which dance-pop song do you like more? Don't get me wrong I love Rain On Me, I think it's one of the best collaborations ever, everything about it is iconic, the song and the music video are great, their voices mixed together perfectly BUT I think Rain Over Me sounds better - I just love early 2010s dance pop songs What about you?
  3. i love 34+35 if you double it how much does it equal with? thats right 138 did you peek or didi you calculate it through rahter ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-fast
  4. Songs are out now Ariana Grande readies a music video for the "34+35" remix with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion on Feb. 12th. Positions Deluxe drops Feb. 19th. The new songs include: Someone Like U (interlude) Test Drive 34+35 (remix) Worst Behavior Main Thing Listen to a preview below. You ready, Exhale?!
  5. Ariana Grande teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat for a remix of 34+35. The video is out now! Thoughts, Exhale?
  6. Beyonce still slaying She is def serving Ariana teas here. I know everyone's going to go all Thiefonce on her, but whatevs she looks awesome here. Thoughts, Exhale? Inspo
  7. Song of the new year is already made Exhale, what do you think these two are up to? I highly doubt it's just cause.
  8. 2020's collab queens unite. Sort of. Lady Gaga posted a story on Instagram jamming out to Ariana Grande's "six thirty" off Positions. Justice for "obvious."
  9. Legends only Any of these or the other surprise you, Exhale? Thumbnail cred Related:
  10. Ariana Grande announced her Sweetener Tour is coming to a theater near you... err, Netflix. It's coming to Netflix. On December 21st. The way she keeps feeding us. Exhale, are you going to tune in? Related:
  11. Ariana Grande announced a Sweetener Tour special titled "excuse me, i love you" is coming to Netflix on December 21st. In her post announcing it, Ariana says her heart is looking forward to a change of pace. Is she going to dip out of the scene for the next few years? Do you think Ari is going to take an extended break, Exhale? Will this be good for her career? Sound off.
  12. Ariana Grande has announced the documentary for her incredibly successful world tour “the sweetener thank u next tour”. Will you be watching?
  13. So much for the theory of it debuting at #1. "Oh Santa!" Is expected to debut at #92. There was excitement on all ends cause of musical mother and daughter Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande on the same track. But Spotify isn't pushing the track on it's normal playlists and it's all due to the soundtrack being an Apple Music exclusive for one week. Spotify in 2016 said they don't do exclusives as they feel it hurts the fans and music lovers in general, but it's up to the label. Slowly they caved kinda to a two week exclusive album premium deal thanks to Taylor Swift returning to the platform in 2017 the day Witness by Katy Perry came out, of all days to make her return to Spotify. Well, Mariah Carey cut a deal with Apple Music to be the exclusive home of the soundtrack to her Christmas special, but that probably led to a retaliation on Spotify's part. You would think Spotify's biggest act Ariana Grande who became the first women ever to cross 70 million monthly listeners, would be enough to secure all cross promotion on playlists that usually mixes both pop and Christmas music to make it through all forms. Spotify is pretty mad that the song is coming next Friday, and a retaliation is definitely happening as Spotify is punishing the track due to the exclusive rights to Apple. So for future reference, don't do deals that Spotify considers competition in markets.. Apple is Spotify's biggest competition in the US. Related:
  14. Record labels are fundamentally in business to make money for itself, rather than for the best interests of the musician. Should Major Artists who have a big fan base or the money to promote themselves go Independent?
  15. Madison Beer showered Ariana Grande with praise when reacting to being called a "wannabe Ariana Grande" on the Internet. “I don’t think we’re to be compared, I think we’re our own people… She’s definitely inspired me because she’s one of my idols, I love her so much… If she does something that inspires, I think that’s her goal.” "I've openly supported and loved and been a fan of Ariana's for years and years and years," Madison began. "I think she would say, and I would say, that I think she makes things and does things to inspire and that's what an artist is all about." "I think that it's a little sad and hurtful when I see so many people like, really bullying and harassing me in a lot of ways and like, taking away the legitness of anything I do," she added. "I just don’t think we're to be compared and I think that we're our own people." "She's definitely inspired me because she's one of my idols," she explained. "I love her so much, and so it makes me sad when I see people pitting us against each other when it's nothing but love." "I adore her and think that she's a ******* icon," she went on. "It's just kinda mean, and I'm my own person, and if she does something that inspires, I think that's her goal. That's what she's always said she's all about, so I don't know why there would ever be a problem with her positively impacting me or anyone else." "I think people should just stop comparing women and let them all do their thing on their own," Madison concluded. "They don't need to all be grouped in together." Thoughts, Exhale? Does Madison Beer remind you of Ariana? Stream "Dead" for clear skin.
  16. Ariana Grande released a new music video for the next single Positions single: the bedroom banger, "34+35." In case you're wondering why the numbers... they add up to 69. It's directed by Director X. Watch below. Thoughts? Related:
  17. Update 6: While mid-week predictions for Positions are for it to stay atop of the UK charts for a additional 4th week, Positions is planning already to surrender the top positions in the Billboard 200, predicted to fall to #4 due to competition in this week. Update 5: MediaTraffic Charts (The worldwide charts) has posted sales for Ariana Grande's new album, "Positions" and the numbers aren't so great.. The album debuted at #2 selling 257k copies WW, but if we were to subtract US sales, the album has sold 98k copies WW. This is a steep decline from her last years studio effort which sold 225k copies; and 585k copies in total in its first week. Meanwhile, Positons is staying second week at #1 in the US selling over 80k units with a 36% decrease in sales from its first week numbers. However, Positions has dropped to #3 in the UK Charts. Overall, Positions has so far sold 339k copies WW and does have a possibility of climbing to #1 in its second week in the Global Album Charts Top 10. Update 4: Wow...Not only did Positions fall for the 4th time below its predicted standards but dipped below everyone's interest. Positions debuted at #1 selling over 172k units in its first week. This has become Ariana's FIRST album not to outsell its predecessor, and is Ariana's third-lowest first week sales to date, selling lower than her 2016 effort Dangerous Woman which sold 178k in its first week Here are the highest debut sales of this year: Top Debuts of 2020 (SPS) Folklore by Taylor Swift - 846k Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD - 497k After Hours by The Weeknd - 444k MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 by BTS - 422k Eternal Atake by Lil Uzi Vert - 288k Music to Be Murdered By by Eminem - 279k Chromatica by Lady Gaga - 274k Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon by Pop Smoke - 251k Manic by Halsey - 239k Here and Now by Kenny Chesney - 233k Changes by Justin Bieber - 231k Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake - 223k No Pressure by Logic - 221k My Turn by Lil Baby - 197k YHLQMDLG by Bad Bunny - 179k Positions by Ariana Grande - 174k Positions lands in the #16 spot, nearly missing even the Top 15. Thank you, next had the 4th highest first week sales of 2019, so this is more than just a steep fall for Ariana. Artist who are not even half as popular as Ariana, such as Bad Bunny, Lil Baby, Logic, Kenny and Pop Smoke outsold Ariana Update 3: Ouch....after Thank U, Next debuted at #1 selling over 65k units, Positions tops the chart selling only 27k units in stock first week in the UK. This is a 38,000 decrease in sales from her last effort and thankfully she did not release Positions this week or else it would have debuted at #3 under Little Mix and Kylie Minougue Update 2: Its sales are just getting worser and worser. Chart data has updated it and it seems it is predicted to sell 182k. Update 1: Just when the stans thought sales would be predicted much higher Seems that Ariana Grande's new album "Positions" is still on track to debut at #1, but with 195K (versus the 240-260K prediction previously). Earlier: It has been 2-days since Ariana has released her 6th Studio effort "Positions" welcoming favorable reviews from the critics and general public, not only has it been an underwhelming listen for many fans, but is also going to welcome...quite fine sales for someone of a status of Ariana who along with Billie are the biggest popstars in the world right now... According to Hits Daily Double, the new record will be predicted to (obviously since she is Ariana) debut at #1 with only 240k-260k. Now it has just dipped to only 195k sales. These are...pretty underwhelming numbers Not only did it fall below everyone's predictions whom predicted it to sell over 300k-500k but is Ariana's first album not too outsell its predecessor in its first week. Now the sales have just reduced in prediction, only predicted to sell 195k with a #1. Gurl, even ARTPOP outsold ya. Positions is Ariana's fourth lowest first week sales. This is a 54% drop from Ariana's monstrous Thank U, Next debut which topped the charts selling a staggering 360k in the US alone. Positions is now one of the lowest selling commercial albums by a pop star in its first week. Here's a chart for reference: Here is the possible consequences for sales for an album that was highly anticipated upon release:- Overexposure:- Due to the release of Sweetener, this era and album catapulted Ariana into Main Pop-Girl Phenomena who would later release Thank U, Next...6 months after the release of her critically-acclaimed record and thus, the Thank U, Next became the peak of Ariana Grande's career, becoming the 3rd Best-Selling Album of 2019. So for a star with such immense success and fame, it is quite important to take 1-year breaks to conjure your fans and the GP to miss you, so when you release your next record, you are not over-saturated in the market. However, Ariana was still as active as she was in 2019, this year. She released more singles in which 2 were #1 Hits with JB and LG. So to release an album after such immense stardom might have started to cause people to lose interest in Ariana. Leaking:- There have been MANY albums in the past that could have been much huger if it weren't for people who could leak and share music of an album about to be release which destroys hype for ones record. And it seems Positions has become a severe victim of that. The album was leaked 3-4 days prior to its official release and spreaded like wild fire through the internet, due to everyone wanting to hear the new album. As many people too disliked the album in its first leak listen, this caused people to lose interest in the album. So what do you guys think? Disappointed? Shocked? Surprised? Lemme know Related:
  18. Hi everyone, Marges here To those who may not know me, I joined Exhale yesterday and I am also a huge Ariana stan hence why I started this megarate I also plan to do all her albums in the near future. Rules: 1. Rate each track from 1 to 10, decimals are highly encouraged. You can rate one track with an 11, to represent your love for it and a 0 for your least favorite track. 2. The deadline for voting will be on the 9th of November, 2020. (can be extended if needed) 3. Please don't troll. 4. Send me your submissions through PMs (@Marges) until the deadline. Please don't post them here in the thread! 5. The date for the results ceremony is yet unknown. When I know the date, I'll tag all the people who participated. 6. Have fun and get you fair share of Ariana gifs ready for the ceremony! Tracklist: YouTube with Bonus Tracks + Spotify: People who might be interested: Participants:
  19. Ariana Grande's next single off Positions is "34+35," but it appears she's got another song up her sleeve. Apple added "pov" to their Today’s Top Hits and Apple Music’s Future Hits playlists. This is one of my favorite songs off Positions, so I'm super here for this. A winter chart topper?! We love to see it. Exhale, thoughts on "pov" getting some love? Would you prefer a different song instead? Sound off! Related:
  20. Ariana Grande doesn't think artists are going on tour until at least 2022. In a new interview, Ariana was asked whether touring is on her mind right now or not. "I don't see it as a possibility. I wouldn’t feel safe, and I don’t want to put my fans in danger," she said. "No one knows what they're doing. The way this pandemic is being handled... who knows. I don't see it in the cards." She adds she just got off tour last year, and liked doing two albums in a row then touring. But a Positions followup won't be soon. "It's not as a safe time... It's not realistic. I don't know why people are pretending their tours are going to happen right now. They're like, ~delaying till the summer~ and I'm like, 'yeah, good luck.' Check it out below. I actually think this is super wise and am excited for another new album
  21. Doja Cat rapped what appears to be her scrapped verse on Ariana Grande's next single, "34+35." Doja Cat appears on "Motive" instead. Fans suspect maybe it has something to do with the Tekashi lyric? This kinda slaps. Thoughts, Exhale? Photo cred
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