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  1. Here's flashback to the legendary Britney covers provided by Nichole337. Which is your favorite?
  2. As the new year is approaching I thought it was about time I announced a new Megarate and the first of many to come in 2021! I officially announce the 'Oops!...I Did It Again' Megarate! Welcome! It is time to rate and review Britney's second album, 'Oops!...I Did It Again'. The aim of the game is to rate/review the songs on 'Oops!' out of 10 and see their overall ranking, where we will find out what YOU, Exhale has chosen as their favourite track off Oops! RULES: Rate each song from 1 to 10 - you are only allowed to give one song a score of an 11 (your favourite). Decimals are highly recommended in your ratings in order to avoid any ties, for example 8.8 etc. The lowest score you can give is a 1, I will not accept 0's. Please be fair with your ratings. Comments are welcome, but not necessary if you don't want to. If you want to give comments please limit them to 1-3 sentences. YOU MUST SEND THE RATES TO ME BY DM AND MUST NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD! DEADLINE: 6PM GMT - 22nd January 2021 CEREMONY: The results ceremony is on Sunday 24th January at 8pm GMT (same time as usual) TRACKLIST: The tracklist to rate, please send the rates in this song order. People who may be interested: Confirmed Participants: REMEMBER PLEASE COMMENT BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE! If you've never played the previous Megarates, please feel free to join in! I'll also be announcing the biggest fan of 'Oops!' and the biggest hater! I look forward to receiving your rates, have fun! - Slayer Previous megarates:
  3. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/the_new_york_times_presents/s01/e06
  4. Jamie Lynn Spears posted a video saying the Tesla electric car is a secret cat killer and that her family has lost many cats because the car is just too quiet for cats to hear and retreat. She's asking Elon Musk to fix it to avoid more kitty deaths. 'Elon Musk, let's figure this out. I mean, you owe me a couple cats.' 'Yes, I am fully aware that there's some user error involved in this, but I'm just saying, you know, let's collaborate to save some cats' lives,' she concluded. She does admit there's "user error" in follow up posts on her Instagram. JL also later backtracked and said they didn't actually lose any cats.
  5. Britney will forever be iconic and loved for her music, her performances and her personality! However, after seeing the interview where she was in talks to be part of a Bond movie, do some hip-hop collabs and some other movies (The Notebook), I feel like these roles could really bring her into movie history as well! Also, I feel like 2004 was the perfect time because she was going to take a break from her music and she probably wanted to do all of this at the time! Thoughts?
  6. ..? 3:50 The guy in the video basically says she got manipulated into thinking she got cheated on, and that this didn't actually happen. Thoughts? Does anyone have more concise proof of this?
  7. You guys omg Look what I found yesterday for only U$ 3 (yes, 3!) each I mean WTF!!!!!! i was going through them at a shop thinkin can you imagine if I find said cover and there they were one after the other. Blew my mind to find them together on the same day at the same place! The owner of the shop recently bought a magazines collection from someone with lots of NME, rolling stone and Q issues, and didnt have the time to go through all of them yet so he priced them all the same for me. I told him how these were iconic covers and heard him say to another guy after i left that he should have checked them before selling
  8. 'Britney bids for kids' - a favourite Britney moment of mine back then when she gave her support back to those who can not fully support their talented children.. In a video concerning her current state, i heard that Lou Tayloe got the sum of money of this organization to her strange chappel.. so sad, it is. https://gottahaverockandroll.com/britney-spears-signed--hand-prints-made-as-a-young-lot13102.aspx 'Britney Spear's hand prints made as a young child' https://www.google.gr/search?source=univ&tbm=isch&q=Britney+Spears+Online+Auction+2003&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjw8ef7mKHuAhUNwKQKHVejC-QQ7Al6BAgCECQ&biw=1440&bih=757#imgrc=KFEZDuqJvEFmlM a paper said https://www.ukbritney.tv/photogallery-appearances/nggallery/galleries/britney-spears-foundation-auction-press-conference-22nd-may-2003 it always strikes me that she wasn't interested to keep an archive
  9. Hey Exhale, there's a lot to absorb here so I'll be brief 🙏 I haven't written a formal story in more than a year, but I felt inspired to get my thoughts out about my experience covering Britney's conservatorship since day one. Once I started writing, the words came flowing out. I was a 19-years-old when the conservatorship was first was put into place. In the time since, I got a degree in journalism, worked in marketing, became an entrepreneur, a community leader and now an activist. I'm now 32. I published an article about my experience onto Medium, a self-publishing blogging platform. There's potential my story gets picked up by curators there and shown to thousands of new people (which is important because we want new people to know about what's going on). I filmed a video about writing this story (see above), so there's a lot of content for you to sink your teeth into. Read my article on Medium: Chapter I: You’re gonna have to see through my perspective Exhale, I could really use your support! Check out the video, check out the article, and please engage with both as much as possible. The more attention these items receive, the more they reach new people (gotta love the algorithms). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Medium article. I think it's the best thing I've ever written. 🙏 @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Twitter Team @Super Moderators
  10. Britney has 5 number 1 singles in the U.S. in three different decades, starting with her iconic debut single BOMT back in 1999. Her last número 1 in the U.S. is the remix version of “S&M” by Rihanna feat. Britney Spears from 2011. When it comes to the U.K., Miss Britney Spears have 6 number 1 singles in the country. Starting, again, from BOMT in 1999 to “Scream & Shout” by Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears from 2012. Here is a recap of all these hit singles from our Queen B in the States and overseas. U.S. #1’s: 1) “…Baby One More Time” (1999) 2) “Womanizer” (2008) 3) “3” (2009) 4) “Hold It Against Me” (2011) 5) “S&M (Remix)” by Rihanna feat. Britney Spears (2011) U.K. #1’s: 1) “…Baby One More Time” (1999) 2) “Born To Make You Happy” (1999), released as a single in the U.K. 3) “Oops…! I Did It Again” (2000) 4) “Toxic” (2004) 5) “Everytime” (2004) 6) “Scream & Shout” by Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears (2012) Which ones are your favorites and do the U.K. list is more logical in term of Britney’s impact in the music industry?
  11. I’m not sure if anyone is watching the new season of Drag Race, but the top two queens performed If U Seek Amy tonight! Legendary song tbh Be aware of spoilers:
  12. Hi guys, hope you're doing well... this edit is not done by me. But truly love it. Hope you enjoy it as I did. Sorry if it was posted before
  13. Britney was the 3rd most streamed pre-2000 female artist in the US last year. 1. Mariah Carey – 812.4 million 2. Shakira – 483.5 million 3. Britney Spears – 430.8 million 4. Whitney Houston – 407.3 million 5. The Chicks – 387.2 million 6. Enya – 382 million 7. Mary J. Blige – 324.5 million 8. Madonna – 296.1 million 9. Destiny’s Child – 294.1 million 10. Jennifer Lopez – 272.3 million https://www.rollingstone.com/charts/artists/year-end/
  14. If B10 exists and it happens, I have a request for Britney. Yes, it's a cover and I have mentioned it before and the more I think of it, the more I feel it's just so fitting for her lyric to lyric. Her next album should be very personal and I don't mean like "Britney Jean." I'm thinking songs like Stronger, Everytime, Piece of Me and Perfume. Going back to the cover idea, she should sing "You Don't Own Me." It should be either the first or last single from the album. I am telling you, it would be massive! I think it's a great way for Britney to say kindly to freak off!
  15. I know you are gonna say that I'm crazy but whenever I listen to What You Need, it reminds me of Rock Boy. These are the specific parts that sound similar to me: What You Need - 1:27 - 1:40 Rock Boy - 1:58 - 2:13 PS. And yeah, I LOVE Rock Boy! 🤣🤣🤣❤
  16. @remixedbynick You're amazing and we all LOVE you! I was just wondering if you ever released 'Burning Up' in lossless? I know you did some AMAZING remixes for it! If no, I mean it would be AMAZING if you did Again you're amazing and thank you for always treating us with something to spice up our lives, especially when there isnt much else atm
  17. Hey Exhale! Happy Monday! So earlier this month, two photos from the same photoshoot Britney did in 2003 with photographer Patrick Demarchelier - which resulted in the In The Zone album cover - hit the Internet. I made a new YouTube video where I re-created the In The Zone album cover with these new shots while answering questions people submitted on Instagram about In The Zone. It was a super cool experience to Photoshop while answering questions and making a YouTube video at the same time Would love it if you guys gave the video a watch! Let me know in the comments which new cover I made is your favorite.
  18. Britney blasted a bunch of content onto Instagram today. One of the new posts is her dancing to Chris Isaak's "Blue Spanish Sky." Christmas tree in the background so it's semi recent Related:
  19. Hey everyone Infinity101 here!! Just thought I would share my extended remixes for 2021 so here are my top 10 extended mixes so far.... please consider subscribing to me it means the world to me I have more Britney mixes coming soon! Let me know what you think of my mixes/channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEGRCFtSluVgmmr94tmvOWg 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. and here is a couple of my new mixes
  20. I haven't heard the song in a really long time and heard it again tonight and I was like, this is such a bop! Let's have some appreciation for the song! And her laugh is so cute!
  21. Not Baby, Oops or Britney. Her best choreography from In The Zone matches anything from her previous three eras and 'Everytime' is automatically above any artistic work she could have had before. Obviously Blackout is her strongest studio album but that period it came out was very tough and she could have benefited from starting her own label or at least re-signing a contract with Jive giving her more autonomy in her career (music, image and not being in the spotlight) You also can't really argue she needed a longer break before her In The Zone era because she already jumped that ship by releasing three albums in three straight years with three straight tours before that. If anything, 2004-2005 is when she should have made serious music changes. (label/contract)
  22. shes so full of ****. At this point I think shes trying to act funny - and always using Britney - just to "stay relevant". I mean, she thinks shes important and people care about her.
  23. Update: Lawyers for Britney seems to have deactivated their twitter account. Hmmm....wonder why... Let's always keep asking questions. Asking questions politely is not attacking or taking sides. It is called having discourse. By the way, I don't care about any of the LFB drama with any of the other movement groups. I care about the strange ideas they are trying to make fans digest for some reason. As a lawyer myself, I believe lawyers should know better than to state that someone in a conservatorship can just sign a declaration, and that we can take that as clear proof of what they 'want'. People in conservatorships can be easily pressured to do or say anything since conservators are so powerful. I have said it before and I will say it again, I think LFB was and can still be a big help to the movement. However, all the good they have done does not excuse them or anyone else for just being answerable to statements that are made, particularly if such statements are false or misleading. They are not and should not be immune to answering simple questions, especially as a group of lawyers that the fanbase seems to be significantly relying on . As a lawyer group in the movement with a huge following they have a special responsibility and should be held to a higher standard and to more scrutiny(even when not being paid or formally representing anyone in particular) But please don't use that as an excuse to harass or insult LFB. That is not helpful either. We are just asking questions here. Original post: Lawyers for Britney seems to be laying the foundations for one of the interested parties in Britney's case to say in the near future that Britney 'wants' to stay in a conservatorship of the estate (you know, where the $$$ is). That is the feeling I am getting anyway. If I had to guess, I would say that that will happen shortly after Britney's father is removed. Lawyers for Britney is acting super sketch bringing up ideas like these before Britney or anyone else has even mentioned them. And also super sketch since we know she is not really free at all to make decisions while still in a conservatorship. To top it off, the attempts of emotional manipulation in LFB's comments about Britney's 'happiness' are a bit suspicious. The Tweet was removed but it said this:
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