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  1. It was released in June 2013 and video was released in July 2013. Anyone know when she recorded it? And when she filmed the music video? Thanks!!
  2. Today the BoA & Britney Spears Christmas Special on SBS took place! Britney was in South Korea promoting In The Zone and BoA (thankfully) coincidentally was promoting her single "Rock With You". Throughout the special, the two took turns performing, interview, and interacted with other onstage. It was a missed opportunity they didn't perform together though (imagine a 'Look Who’s Talking' performance together)! (TVXQ also debuted at the end that night too!) Also just like Britney Sunbaenim (Spears) at the 2011 VMAs and 2017 RDMA, at the MAMA Awards earlier this month, BoA had other artists tributing her despite her having a comeback less than a week from it. Just like Britney at those awards, BoA could have performed her own songs herself (but thankfully she eventually did)! Following from https://boa-video.blogspot.com/2013/01/boa-kwon-britney-spears-special.html: Part 1 Summary: Song - I Got That Boom Boom (Britney Spears) Song - Rock With U (BoA Kwon) BoA & Britney say hi to each other (BoA gives Britney a present!) Part 2 Summary: Song - a Atlantis Princess (BoA Kwon) Song - Me against the Music (Britney Spears) Interview with Britney Spears Song - Boys (Britney Spears) Song - I'm a slave for U (Britney Spears) Part 3 Summary: Song - Shine We Are (BoA Kwon) Interview with BoA Kwon followed by a look at some of the stuff she's done Part 4 Summary: Song -Valenti (BoA Kwon) Song -No. 1 (BoA Kwon) A video diary by Britney Spears of her first trip to South Korea followed by an interview with her Part 5 Summary: Song - Toxic (Britney Spears) Song - O Holy Night (by TVXQ/DBSK and BoA Kwon) Song - Hug (by TVXQ/DBSK) I also really recommend everyone give BoA discography a go! Her discography and trajectory is extremely similar to Britney's, she debuted at 15 years old and still going strong! Just like @Hooked-On-Knee said, "BoA stans love Britney. A lot of them stan Britney (2001), Blackout, and In The Zone because of the similarities in that album to BoA's discography." Please stream her new 10th album (just released this month) celebrating her 20 years of career 'BETTER'! Here's the title track: Also for those not familiar with her, you might be familiar with her Western/English debut from 2008!
  3. Update: The event is now over. Thank you to everyone who came! I'll host another movie night soon! ---------------------------------------- Hey y'all! Since our first Exhale Britney movie night was such a success, I thought it'd be good to schedule the next one much more ahead of time so you have more awareness and time to plan ahead! For those of you that are new to Exhale Britney movie night, I will update this post with a link to our movie room 15 minutes before the event starts. All you will have to do is click the link, enter a nickname, and you will be able to watch the video while chatting live with other Exhalers! It's anonymous and no account is required. Here are the details: What we're watching: "Britney: For the Record" Date: Saturday, January 9th (January 10th for Australians) Time: 2pm PST (California) 5pm EST (New York) 10pm GMT (London) 9am AEDT (Sydney) Link: redacted Will you be watching the movie with us? Original post (The night we watched Stages: 3 Days in Mexico):
  4. I’ve been getting into Britney Spears’s unreleased songs and fanmade albums. I’ve found two made recently that I’ve enjoyed https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/106YMYzRVsZpckZG1IEU8xsnuinleWm0a?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IbX6JoVbH1R8Fx3ecgp85UbgNzibszgq?usp=sharing Are there any others that are worth listening to?
  5. I don’t post on here often, but I thought it would be cool if shared my Britney “pop art” on here. Let me know what y’all think.
  6. We love a positive thread that time of the year. Discuss.
  7. In this 2003 ABC interview with Matt Lauer, Matt asks Madonna if she wants to appeal to teens the way current Pop Princesses (at the time) were. Madonna responded with, "I'm not claiming that I'm gonna appeal to the same people that you know, Christina Aguilera and BRITNEY PIERS are going to appeal to..." Brit's own idol and collaborator fudged her name, and Britney took the same suit and did the same to Tinashe. Maybe this will give Tinashe the push, it once gave Britney Jean, to make her name and presence known, just like Madonna inspired in Brit Brit! #BrittanyPiers
  8. Britney Spears, should be able to have her freedom given back to her. She should’t be abused to constant monitoring and be able to do/talk to however she wants whenever freely. She’s bright, using Mental Health against her in a agenda of control is obscene. Now that the truth is out what are we gonna do? https://soundcloud.com/user-253221785? god bless you i hope you are okay.
  9. On January 08, 2008 (allegedly) Britney Spears released Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix) featuring Lil' Kim. The track appears on Kim's debut mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. (as Kimmy More ) which came out in June of that year. It was on November 2007 when she announced in an interview for MTV that she was readying the record
  10. So am I the only Britney Stan who loves I run away because idk the lyrics and the song is so **** good
  11. this thread could be about anything .at this point 1)blackmailing britney through her sons ADVERTISING Skip × Skip × Skip × 2)being the ACTUAL REASON why she can't spend much time now..cause of him 3)for continuing the cship even though he knows she's fine to manage her everyday life..he financially gains and even asks for pay rises..sick..sick man 4) how is an alcoholic who went through a divorce himself and attacked britneys son at all qualified? He isn't...CSHIP ABUSE 5) he went behind britneys back so many time's..the man is cunning and selfish which leads me to my main point.. Jamie cancelled domination..not britney Britney went on Ellen and couldn't even announce domination because her dad pulled it...she went to the bloody vegas event KNOWING her dad was going to cancel it.. he's a spiteful prick Anyway. With POM, britney set up the nevada children's charity..getting 1 dollar from each ticket earnings..such a sweet, generous thing to do..something many people overlooked BUT JAMIE ****ING SPEARS SAID SHE CAN ONLY DO THE VEGAS RESIDENCY IF HE (SEEEELLFIIIISHHH CUUUUUUUUUNT) IF HE GETS 1.5 PERCENT OF ALL VEGAS PROFITS...the man needs to be shot dead Absolutely vile creep.. he needs a restraining order from britney and the boys..forever.. There is no redeeming his disgusting behaviour and selfish choices..I would swing for him if I met him..shame the coward probably carries a gun... Hes her guardian???? WDF IS WRONG WITH AMERICAN LAW? HOW IS THIS LEGAL? HE DESERVES TO BE HANGED.. GROSS VILE LITTLE MAN
  12. Does anybody know what she said? Is there a transcript? I'm personally not very knowledgeable on law and how the court works, at all, especially in the USA (from the UK here) but I completely forgot that she went to court to speak, I believe to testify for the whole Amanda Bynes case? Unsure, but this was after years of not seeing him. Is there a transcript for this? Do we know anything? I find it all very intriguing.
  13. Can we create a thread where we have all the available rehearsals from Domination? Let's go! I'm a Slave 4 U/Break The Ice/Do You Wanna Come Over?/Coupure Électrique: Britney: Domination - Rehearsals (December 2018) - YouTube Work ***** (without Britney): Britney Spears - Work ***** (Domination Rehearsal] - YouTube Gimme More (without Britney): Britney Spears - Gimme More (Domination Stand-in Rehearsal) - YouTube Scream & Shout (possibly for Domination too): Britney Spears - Scream & Shout (Remix) [Domination Rehearsal] - YouTube Break The Ice (without Britney): Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Domination Rehearsal) - YouTube Break The Ice/Piece of Me (without Britney): Britney Spears - Break The Ice/Piece Of Me (Britney: Piece Of Me Original Dance Concept Rehearsal) - YouTube Lucky/Break The Ice/Gimme More (without Britney): Britney: Domination - Rehearsals (Lucky/Break the Ice/Gimme More) - YouTube Do we have anything more?
  14. On January 08, 2001, the 28th American Music Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. They were hosted by Britney Spears and LL Cool J. Britney herself was one of the performers of the night, along with Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, Pink, Jessica Simpson, Ricky Martin, Marilyn Manson, among others. Faith Hill was the biggest winner of the night with 3 awards. Britney Spears got several nominations, but didn't take any of the awards: Artist of the Year - lost to *NSync Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist - lost to Faith Hill Favorite Pop/Rock Album (Oops!... I Did It Again) - lost to Creed's Human Clay Here you can watch the performance, courtesy of Britney Online @CJMCH And the full show This is also the night of the iconic denim dress. In 2013, during a Britney Jean / Vegas promo interview for MTV, she revealed the denim outfits were her idea and that she still has the dress. In August 2020, she posted about it on her Instagram account
  15. I remember someone talking about it a few weeks back when Glory 2020 was announced that there was a 2018/19 album in works before Free Britney happened and Domination got pulled. Is there any information known about it other than Danja being on board? I thought I read that she was starting to put a team of producers together herself (I think Justin Tranter was on it as well?) Just thought I would ask if anyone else has any idea what I'm talking about
  16. On January 08, 2014, the 40th People's Choice Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Britney Spears was voted Favorite Pop Artist, beating Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. There were two other categories that she didn't win though: Favorite Pop Artist - won Favorite Female Artist - lost to Demi Lovato Favorite Music Fan Following (Britney Army) - lost to Demi Lovato's Lovatics
  17. Britney's ballads have not charted very well, except for “Everytime”. But I consider that the ballads in her catalogue are very good, and, she has written a lot of the them from her discography. In general, this are a few of the best Britney ballads based on their chart position and/or their impact with the fanbase. The Ballads: 1) “Everytime” 2) “From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart” 3) “Criminal” 4) “Shadow” 5) “Perfume” 6) “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” 7) “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know” 8) “Someday (I Will Understand)” 09) “Out From Under” 10) “Where Are You Now” 11) “Mood Ring (By Demand)” 12) “I Run Away” 13) “Invitation” 14) “Just Luv Me” 15) “Don’t Cry” 16) “When Your Eyes Say It” 17) “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” 18) “One Kiss From You” 19) “Heart” 20) "Unusual You"* 21) "E-mail My Heart"* For me, the best Britney ballad released as a single is “Everytime”, followed by “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”. From the catalogue, I will choose “Shadow” and “Out From Under”.
  18. Freedom is coming and she’s about to dance again 🙏🏼 (i don’t believe in retirement for now, i believe in sorting things out to a fresh start... at least to fulfill her contracts so 💡)
  19. i dont know if this is true or not but apparently this song was passed to Britney After Dani Recorded it. again i dont know if its true. this was like 10 years ago.
  20. For those who don't know, Diet Prada (@diet_prada or dietprada) is a huge account for calling out problems within the fashion industry (so watchdogs), and has a following of 2.1 MILLION on Instagram. Today they posted on their stories of Jason Alexander saying he should be jailed and #FreeBritney! EDIT: I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE IT GOT DELETED DID ANYONE SCREENSHOT?! Also related @Tetris: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/forums/topic/781392-dietprada-shares-viral-post-about-conservatorship/&tab=comments#comment-16776260
  21. Let’s try and keep this more specific rather than ‘y’all have no clue as to how huge Britney really was’. Let’s do more of tiny news articles or interesting interviews or records she’d broken then. Information that isn’t really discussed today!
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